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Erich Bloodaxe BSN

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1. Persecution by 'default'?
Tue Mar 25, 2014, 11:09 AM
Mar 2014

I don't get egged. I don't have people parading around in front of my house.

But if I make were to run for office, the fact that I've made my religious beliefs known would be used to keep me from getting elected, since polls suggest that pretty much nobody is willing to vote for atheists.

And when you're out job searching, you likewise want to keep your atheism 'in the closet', and when potential employers make some 'offhand comment', to make the requisite 'faithy' replies to sound like you're Christian enough.

So it's not blatant, but being an atheist is sort of like having a contagious disease to people who don't already know you and are friendly. Thankfully, newer generations seem to be less and less anti-atheist, but they're generally still not yet the ones doing the hiring.

Persecution by 'default'? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2014 #1
That's my observation as well el_bryanto Mar 2014 #2
Better never say sending out good vibes HockeyMom Mar 2014 #5
I live in NY so I don't se it here but I am sure in many rural areas Atheists get discriminated hrmjustin Mar 2014 #3
I think it is more anyone who does not identify as "Christian". redstatebluegirl Mar 2014 #4
Your religion, or lack of one, HockeyMom Mar 2014 #8
Years ago, no one asked because it was ASSUMED everyone believed. cleanhippie Mar 2014 #30
Not in how I would define edhopper Mar 2014 #6
Good point. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2014 #7
I think "persecution" edhopper Mar 2014 #10
To me, it also implies conscious intent. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2014 #14
The issue is that when you start parsing it that bad el_bryanto Mar 2014 #9
True edhopper Mar 2014 #12
That was the other way I considered structuring it el_bryanto Mar 2014 #17
In all fairness LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #24
In all fairness, okasha Mar 2014 #40
No disagreement there (nt) LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #41
I was hesitant to Dorian Gray Mar 2014 #32
So where did the phrase "persecuted minority" come from? skepticscott Mar 2014 #11
Fundy Christians edhopper Mar 2014 #13
Well I don't want to say that I made it up, as I have heard it said elsewhere el_bryanto Mar 2014 #16
In other words, you can't point to any American atheists skepticscott Mar 2014 #18
Perhaps I should make it clear - I think that Atheists are a Persecuted Minority el_bryanto Mar 2014 #19
Unless you have a very bizarre definition skepticscott Mar 2014 #22
OK I apologize for not phrasing my poll exactly as you would like me to. nt el_bryanto Mar 2014 #23
You religionists just never get tired of putting words in people's mouths, do you? skepticscott Mar 2014 #43
Why do you want to fight so much? Do I anger you up so much el_bryanto Mar 2014 #44
If you're wishing for a more congenial atmosphere skepticscott Mar 2014 #45
Which way did I vote? That's easy enough to check. I've also expressed my opinion el_bryanto Mar 2014 #46
The fact that you say skepticscott Mar 2014 #47
Some disagreed with my wording, and we discussed it. Some didn't. el_bryanto Mar 2014 #48
27 did. Pesky facts. rug Mar 2014 #49
Persecuted? No. Subject to prejudice? Yes. cbayer Mar 2014 #15
More of your invented falsehoods about atheists skepticscott Mar 2014 #21
Well of course they are. TygrBright Mar 2014 #20
The privileged rarely persecute their own, let alone for disagreeing on religious beliefs. rug Mar 2014 #25
Speaking as an atheist, I can't think of a single time in my life when I've been persecuted for Jgarrick Mar 2014 #26
I wouldn't go so far as to say "persecuted" Prophet 451 Mar 2014 #27
Villified is a good word. Mariana Mar 2014 #29
I wouldn't say Atheists are persecuted. stage left Mar 2014 #28
As others have pointed out, persecuted isn't really the right word. temporary311 Mar 2014 #31
Not American, so didn't vote LeftishBrit Mar 2014 #33
Do atheists represent a political constituency with a discernable political agenda? struggle4progress Mar 2014 #35
No more than women, Jews, Muslims, African-Americans, etc.... LeftishBrit Mar 2014 #36
Admitting to atheism doesn't automatically lead to ineligibility for office struggle4progress Mar 2014 #37
Certainly great progress... LeftishBrit Mar 2014 #38
More precisely, the poll shows nearly half would not vote for an atheist for president struggle4progress Mar 2014 #39
I believe there is an open atheist in Congress. The choice of pronoun is deliberate, however. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Mar 2014 #50
Imagine, for a moment, in a discussion about ANY other minority... trotsky Mar 2014 #52
Those laws were overturned okasha Mar 2014 #42
Ergo, discrimination against atheists doesn't exist. trotsky Mar 2014 #53
Reactions to different views probably vary according to where one lives struggle4progress Mar 2014 #34
I wouldn't use the word persecuted Niceguy1 Mar 2014 #51
I wouldn't say we're persecuted in America at all. JoeyT Mar 2014 #54
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