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Persecution by 'default'? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2014 #1
That's my observation as well el_bryanto Mar 2014 #2
Better never say sending out good vibes HockeyMom Mar 2014 #5
I live in NY so I don't se it here but I am sure in many rural areas Atheists get discriminated hrmjustin Mar 2014 #3
I think it is more anyone who does not identify as "Christian". redstatebluegirl Mar 2014 #4
Your religion, or lack of one, HockeyMom Mar 2014 #8
Years ago, no one asked because it was ASSUMED everyone believed. cleanhippie Mar 2014 #30
Not in how I would define edhopper Mar 2014 #6
Good point. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2014 #7
I think "persecution" edhopper Mar 2014 #10
To me, it also implies conscious intent. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2014 #14
The issue is that when you start parsing it that bad el_bryanto Mar 2014 #9
True edhopper Mar 2014 #12
That was the other way I considered structuring it el_bryanto Mar 2014 #17
In all fairness LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #24
In all fairness, okasha Mar 2014 #40
No disagreement there (nt) LostOne4Ever Mar 2014 #41
I was hesitant to Dorian Gray Mar 2014 #32
So where did the phrase "persecuted minority" come from? skepticscott Mar 2014 #11
Fundy Christians edhopper Mar 2014 #13
Well I don't want to say that I made it up, as I have heard it said elsewhere el_bryanto Mar 2014 #16
In other words, you can't point to any American atheists skepticscott Mar 2014 #18
Perhaps I should make it clear - I think that Atheists are a Persecuted Minority el_bryanto Mar 2014 #19
Unless you have a very bizarre definition skepticscott Mar 2014 #22
OK I apologize for not phrasing my poll exactly as you would like me to. nt el_bryanto Mar 2014 #23
You religionists just never get tired of putting words in people's mouths, do you? skepticscott Mar 2014 #43
Why do you want to fight so much? Do I anger you up so much el_bryanto Mar 2014 #44
If you're wishing for a more congenial atmosphere skepticscott Mar 2014 #45
Which way did I vote? That's easy enough to check. I've also expressed my opinion el_bryanto Mar 2014 #46
The fact that you say skepticscott Mar 2014 #47
Some disagreed with my wording, and we discussed it. Some didn't. el_bryanto Mar 2014 #48
27 did. Pesky facts. rug Mar 2014 #49
Persecuted? No. Subject to prejudice? Yes. cbayer Mar 2014 #15
More of your invented falsehoods about atheists skepticscott Mar 2014 #21
Well of course they are. TygrBright Mar 2014 #20
The privileged rarely persecute their own, let alone for disagreeing on religious beliefs. rug Mar 2014 #25
Speaking as an atheist, I can't think of a single time in my life when I've been persecuted for Jgarrick Mar 2014 #26
I wouldn't go so far as to say "persecuted" Prophet 451 Mar 2014 #27
Villified is a good word. Mariana Mar 2014 #29
I wouldn't say Atheists are persecuted. stage left Mar 2014 #28
As others have pointed out, persecuted isn't really the right word. temporary311 Mar 2014 #31
Not American, so didn't vote LeftishBrit Mar 2014 #33
Do atheists represent a political constituency with a discernable political agenda? struggle4progress Mar 2014 #35
No more than women, Jews, Muslims, African-Americans, etc.... LeftishBrit Mar 2014 #36
Admitting to atheism doesn't automatically lead to ineligibility for office struggle4progress Mar 2014 #37
Certainly great progress... LeftishBrit Mar 2014 #38
More precisely, the poll shows nearly half would not vote for an atheist for president struggle4progress Mar 2014 #39
I believe there is an open atheist in Congress. The choice of pronoun is deliberate, however. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Mar 2014 #50
Imagine, for a moment, in a discussion about ANY other minority... trotsky Mar 2014 #52
Those laws were overturned okasha Mar 2014 #42
Ergo, discrimination against atheists doesn't exist. trotsky Mar 2014 #53
Reactions to different views probably vary according to where one lives struggle4progress Mar 2014 #34
I wouldn't use the word persecuted Niceguy1 Mar 2014 #51
I wouldn't say we're persecuted in America at all. JoeyT Mar 2014 #54
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