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Well, setting aside that that's impossible... gcomeau May 2014 #1
It wouldn't make a difference to scientists, but what about religious people? DetlefK May 2014 #4
They would either face reality or they wouldn't... gcomeau May 2014 #6
Why do you assume it is impossible? AtheistCrusader May 2014 #8
Simple gcomeau May 2014 #30
That's fine, but that borders on existentialism. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #33
Which is why entertaining the idea... gcomeau May 2014 #37
God is often portrayed as a special pleading exception to the universe. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #39
Yeah, God is basically a giant walking talking logical fallacy... -eom gcomeau May 2014 #40
In some religions Lordquinton May 2014 #84
Phallus. cbayer May 2014 #85
Strangely it wasn't in the spell-check Lordquinton May 2014 #93
Being spellcheck dependent, I completely understand. cbayer May 2014 #94
This question makes no sence upaloopa May 2014 #2
Whoa! A real-life fortune-teller!!! DetlefK May 2014 #5
some believe that god is exactly that which exists but can never be proven. unblock May 2014 #15
Is it beyond the power of an omnipotent being to be known, and still a god? AtheistCrusader May 2014 #18
so got can't place a limition on himself? unblock May 2014 #21
Actually AtheistCrusader May 2014 #24
this definition of god is meaningless. unblock May 2014 #29
Well, it is said that god's nature is difficult for us to grasp. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #38
like i said, a meaningless answer. not beyond our grasp. meaningless. unblock May 2014 #41
We may view omnipotence differently. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #42
No fortune telling is required... gcomeau May 2014 #32
Right. An omnipotent being would arrive on earth - and be found boring and ordinary? Brettongarcia May 2014 #62
I have no idea... gcomeau May 2014 #63
"I recently stumbled on an interesting thesis:That we only worship God, because he's removed from us Brettongarcia May 2014 #64
I repeat... gcomeau May 2014 #68
Maybe not prove one; but how about DIS-proving a god? Brettongarcia May 2014 #73
Nope gcomeau May 2014 #95
That holds for the MODERN notion of a supernatural all powerful God. Brettongarcia May 2014 #101
That holds for any supernatural entity. All powerful or otherwise. gcomeau May 2014 #103
You make a good argument against Omnipotent gods Brettongarcia May 2014 #104
Not a fan of that one... gcomeau May 2014 #107
It might be more than semantics: "can God do something logically contradictory" is the question Brettongarcia May 2014 #108
And of course the answer *must be* no. gcomeau May 2014 #109
God CAN do anything; but DOES he? We don't see a miraculous overruling of rules much in daily life. Brettongarcia May 2014 #110
Your response makes no sense for a vast number of hypothetical faiths. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #10
You live in your paradigm and I'll live in mine upaloopa May 2014 #13
It's a simple question. I'd like an answer, if you could. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #14
First any god in my head would be a god of my making upaloopa May 2014 #22
Look what happened to his kid. gordianot May 2014 #3
I think those two excuses ring hollow, at least for some believers. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #7
In some novels based on the original _Star Trek_ series, tblue37 May 2014 #113
Well, assuming it was possible... Prophet 451 May 2014 #9
This seems a common belief. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #12
OK Prophet 451 May 2014 #17
Ok, we agree. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #19
But in much of the Bible, God mostly wants to make himself known Brettongarcia May 2014 #67
So he's a liar Prophet 451 May 2014 #69
And that would at least seem to DISprove him; disprove the "good" God Brettongarcia May 2014 #75
I would suggest so Prophet 451 May 2014 #77
The problem with your list of questions is that you assume that cbayer May 2014 #11
We'd have someone to blame for all the crap in the world (nt) muriel_volestrangler May 2014 #16
Which god? Scuba May 2014 #20
Now, that's a very good question. cbayer May 2014 #23
right off the bat, most of the world's religions would unravel... mike_c May 2014 #25
That's a possible result, unless cbayer May 2014 #27
A marvelous series of urban fantasy novels by Lyn Benedict tblue37 May 2014 #114
I had to take a class on the nature and attributes of God. Cleita May 2014 #26
How can it be possibe for an omnipotent being to be incapable of making itself comprehensible to us? AtheistCrusader May 2014 #28
Maybe this is where the myth comes from looking at the face of God. Cleita May 2014 #34
I have definitely heard that doctrine before as well. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #35
Pond scum...no not you, but real pond scum. Cleita May 2014 #49
Well said. cbayer May 2014 #50
Kevin Smith explores that in Dogma Goblinmonger May 2014 #31
Which is hilarious. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #36
Kill it with fire. Iggo May 2014 #43
Lol! Well, you are consistently amusing. I will give you that. cbayer May 2014 #44
I've got a new theory about "god" and it's time I start talking about it. The_Commonist May 2014 #45
There is a novel about this concept: DetlefK May 2014 #46
Fascinating... The_Commonist May 2014 #47
turtles. Warren Stupidity May 2014 #57
Yep, turtles! The_Commonist May 2014 #61
If it were proven without doubt, we'd have no free will. rug May 2014 #48
No free will with proof of a god? Huh? phil89 May 2014 #51
Right, with proof beyond doubt. rug May 2014 #52
How would proof of a god rob us of free will? phil89 May 2014 #53
Because the proof would have to come from the god. rug May 2014 #54
Oh ok I thought you were saying free will in general phil89 May 2014 #55
I don't think a proof of God is impossible goldent May 2014 #56
Assuming you are talking about YHWH, kill him with iron. Humanist_Activist May 2014 #58
You first. I'll just stand way back here. cbayer May 2014 #65
Also wearing iron makes him powerless over you. Humanist_Activist May 2014 #70
Do you have to cover yourself entirely in iron or just have a pendant or something? cbayer May 2014 #71
Not sure from the translation here: Humanist_Activist May 2014 #72
Well, if they were filled with iron, perhaps they were just too heavy to move. cbayer May 2014 #74
Could be the fact that their had chariots at all, they were a very effective weapon of war... Humanist_Activist May 2014 #78
Interesting story. I was most fortunate to recently visit some Mayan ruins cbayer May 2014 #83
I would say the most likely explanation for that is the lack of suitable draft animals... Humanist_Activist May 2014 #86
That's a very good point, but even using human to pull larger loads cbayer May 2014 #87
Yeah, possible cultural explanations for practical limitations... Humanist_Activist May 2014 #88
Hittites never conquered Egypt they did stop their expansion in the Levant. Leontius May 2014 #98
Bloody hell you are right. Thats what I get for going by... Humanist_Activist May 2014 #99
I think it's just a reference to superior technology... mike_c May 2014 #79
Like I said, a lot of cultures attributed magical or supernatural properties to iron... Humanist_Activist May 2014 #80
We are humans... uriel1972 May 2014 #59
Indeed. Crimes against humanity. Warren Stupidity May 2014 #60
You people need to start an army. cbayer May 2014 #66
Not a good suggestion; given the place of armies Brettongarcia May 2014 #76
I'm not sure they are going to be able to slay god alone, cbayer May 2014 #82
probably not... uriel1972 May 2014 #100
Antonio Porchia: Would there be this eternal seeking if the found existed? nt Snotcicles May 2014 #81
Only his absolutely unimpeachable presence Trajan May 2014 #89
If it ever happens, I would encourage you to wear this shirt: cbayer May 2014 #92
The religionists on DU will debate to the death Trajan May 2014 #96
You guys? I'm guessing by religionists you are referring to those on cbayer May 2014 #97
Dad said, "Don't make me come down there!" But we kept tblue37 May 2014 #112
The doctirne of faith, that one is saved only by faith, would requrie a whole new church if God's Agnosticsherbet May 2014 #90
You have to ask yourself "What sort of God is proven?" intaglio May 2014 #91
God's supposed transcendence of the physical universe is specific to certain religions. tblue37 May 2014 #102
Christianity seems to present a partially-transcendent but also partially embodied/material god Brettongarcia May 2014 #105
Your Christian deity, not mine. (Just a friendly modification of your modifier there.) tblue37 May 2014 #106
See my post # 110, above Brettongarcia May 2014 #111
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