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Wed Mar 21, 2012, 01:18 AM Mar 2012

I prefer to be uncompromising than spineless... [View all]

which is what I see far too often from both atheists and the religious alike.

Besides that, what the hell is a compromising atheist? One who only lacks a belief in gods some of the time, where does compromise fit in on a binary scale of belief? I'm also uncompromising in my lack of belief that big foot exists, is that necessarily the opposite of unreasonable?

Give the definition of atheism, its impossible to be a compromising atheists, abigfootist, or alochnessmonsterism, or whatever other fantasies you want to think up to not believe in.

But, that isn't really what we are talking about here, is it? Its the real world responses and application of beliefs we have, most of which are removed from things such as atheism.

For example, I'm a Humanist first, my atheism is a by-product of my skepticism, and so comes in a very distant second. Frankly, I care less about the esoteric and philosophical debates with magic believers, and instead I'm interested in what affects they have on me, my family, and humanity at large, because that I consider important, not whether the Kalam argument is logically consistent or not.

So, to give an example, when 2 Mormon missionaries approached the backyard of my house while I was babysitting my mixed race nephew in his sandbox (he was 3, almost 4 at the time). They asked if I wanted to hear about the Book of Mormon, blah, blah, bullshit, etc. I told them, in so many words to fuck off and go away. Of course, one of these such sharply dressed young men actually asked me why, and I told them exactly why, I don't associate with hate organizations that demonize gays like my best friend, who was raised in their church and almost driven to suicide because of its teachings, or my nephew, who will already not have a life removed from racism, I'll be damned if this fucking church, which still has so many in it believing blacks are inferior, will gain a hold on him.

After I was done with my rant, they quickly turned around and left the property. Now, I was uncompromising, I was intolerant, I was even hateful, and I was justified. I, in my own small way, stood up for my best friend, my nephew, and hopefully, through the rant, maybe chipped away at the faith of those two guys. I can only hope.

Of course, many Christians will say, "But not all Christians are like this." And my response is simply, so what? You still believe in fantasy and try to act it out, and even worse, you try to pass it off as good when all it does is damage the people around it. Faith is simply gullibility packaged in a holy wrapping and teaching it to others leave them vulnerable to falling for all sorts of scams and bullshit that, in quite a few cases, actually kill. Whether its parents praying for their kids instead of sending them to the doctor, because "God provides", or its crystal healing or anti-vaxxers, or ponzi schemes, homeotherapy, etc.

I don't care what sort of crazy, supernatural, beliefs you have, for crying out loud, don't equivocate on them, realize you have no evidence, and shut the fuck up about them, stop treating them as if they are important, they aren't, the health and safety of humans are important, your gods, angels, demons, etc. are nothing compared to the well being of humanity.

This is what I refuse to compromise on, and if I'm disrespectful of your far too sensitive faith, too bad.

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I Feel The Same Way TheMastersNemesis Mar 2012 #1
I feel the same way tama Mar 2012 #4
Yep. I was going to say the same thing. cbayer Mar 2012 #25
Actually, the first post is a criticism of behavior and beliefs, not bigotry... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #43
Humanist_Activist tama Mar 2012 #53
Look, I understand that your cognitive processes are hampered by a lack of exercise... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #106
I happen to think that the atheist POV is purposefully and extremely narrow-focused and humblebum Mar 2012 #118
Never said they were, and that narrow focus and narrow-mindedness is asking for evidence... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #132
You might want to be a bit more specific. Or is that a stock retort? nt humblebum Mar 2012 #134
Seemed specific enough to me. (nt) eqfan592 Mar 2012 #137
It was very specific. You must be using your own definition for that word if you think otherwise. cleanhippie Mar 2012 #138
Organized Skepticism is a fraud. AlbertCat Mar 2012 #110
No promises? ;) tama Mar 2012 #125
No promises? ;) AlbertCat Mar 2012 #127
Peace of mind tama Mar 2012 #128
You're obviously confused. eqfan592 Mar 2012 #139
So much for a way to squelch an honest conversation-- Thats my opinion Mar 2012 #49
Religion is all about "an honest conversation"?! mr blur Mar 2012 #117
Well, there's a silly, artificial dichotomy. rug Mar 2012 #2
Well, you would say that considering your apologism of the... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #24
Assuming that to be true, and only assuming, it does not make your dichotomy any less silly. rug Mar 2012 #26
There aren't many people on this board who want to compromise when it comes to... trotsky Mar 2012 #3
fundie militant statists tama Mar 2012 #5
Damn, do you have authority issues Silent3 Mar 2012 #9
I just tama Mar 2012 #11
No,you are taking a quote, that may or may not be accurate, out of context to reinforce... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #23
So Wheeler is "just new age bullshit" tama Mar 2012 #30
Yes, if he follows what you believe... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #31
Newton the alchemist tama Mar 2012 #47
Not only wrong skepticscott Mar 2012 #64
What is wrong? tama Mar 2012 #68
I feel exactly the same mr blur Mar 2012 #6
I would avoid the "fuck off" approach... Silent3 Mar 2012 #8
+100. I agree. Starboard Tack Mar 2012 #105
It's not about treating religion with respect. Starboard Tack Mar 2012 #104
Why, exactly, am I expected to tolerate delusion and wilful ignorance disguised as "faith"? AlbertCat Mar 2012 #111
I think the compromise many believers want... Silent3 Mar 2012 #7
Quantum tama Mar 2012 #10
That Wheeler quote... Silent3 Mar 2012 #12
It is a conclusion tama Mar 2012 #19
A speculative conclusion, an extrapolation... Silent3 Mar 2012 #50
What ever tama Mar 2012 #52
So when evidence fails you, and speculation is revealed to be just that... Silent3 Mar 2012 #54
A speculative conclusion, an extrapolation... AlbertCat Mar 2012 #114
I tried searching for it, and only found it, not in exact words, here: Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #22
Thanks tama Mar 2012 #32
Not necessarily, I'm calling people's ignorant use of him as an authority on this... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #34
Then tama Mar 2012 #41
What evidence? n/t Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #44
Wheeler's Classic Delayed Choice Experiment tama Mar 2012 #46
First off, its still hasn't had extensive testing yet,it doesn't "prove" anything... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #133
I agree tama Mar 2012 #135
It's been tested sufficiently, there was never much real doubt about it bananas Mar 2012 #144
Wellll... Joseph8th Mar 2012 #13
If you believe tama Mar 2012 #16
Actually, he's mostly wrong, its mostly predictible, mostly linear, and Einstenian... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #35
That's what I'm saying... except... Joseph8th Mar 2012 #55
teleology tama Mar 2012 #39
I can think of one... Joseph8th Mar 2012 #56
I agree tama Mar 2012 #63
Wellll... again.... Joseph8th Mar 2012 #81
(Yet another way to look at (rather... "hear") it.) Joseph8th Mar 2012 #82
If tama Mar 2012 #87
Couple thangs... Joseph8th Mar 2012 #108
Consciousness, sensory perceptions, etc. mental phenomena tama Mar 2012 #112
Is Wheeler equivocating on the word "physics"? Jim__ Mar 2012 #14
From the book tama Mar 2012 #17
Does Davies give the context of the quote? Jim__ Mar 2012 #18
The context tama Mar 2012 #21
I don't believe this explanation of the experiment involves circular causation. Jim__ Mar 2012 #42
"Decoherence" tama Mar 2012 #51
In QM decoherence is... Joseph8th Mar 2012 #57
I agree tama Mar 2012 #70
You're badly misrepresenting Paul Davies, and... Joseph8th Mar 2012 #83
Causality tama Mar 2012 #88
I agree with post #57 about decoherence. Jim__ Mar 2012 #59
From the link: tama Mar 2012 #65
Noooo.... nothing to do with Minkowski diagrams at all... Joseph8th Mar 2012 #84
I said Minkowski spacetime tama Mar 2012 #89
Also... we aren't talking about the same 'decoherence' at all. Not even sort of. nt Joseph8th Mar 2012 #85
Some thoughts on the signature under Minkowski spacetime. Jim__ Mar 2012 #129
It answers the question tama Mar 2012 #130
What is it that you don't understand? Jim__ Mar 2012 #131
Thanks tama Mar 2012 #140
There are a number of different concepts involved. Jim__ Mar 2012 #141
That'd be the one, Jim #59. nt Joseph8th Mar 2012 #86
Except,... that these particular mere matters of taste must also be taken as vitally important AlbertCat Mar 2012 #113
What are the chances? Joseph8th Mar 2012 #15
"... what the hell is a compromising atheist?" Jim__ Mar 2012 #20
Compromise on what? Separation of Church and State, LGBT rights, Women's rights and health care? Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #29
We compromise on all of the issues you just listed all the time. Jim__ Mar 2012 #37
Sorry I wasn't clear, I meant women's access to health care, BC and EC in particular, but also... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #38
Did progressives refuse to vote before Griswold v Connecticut and Roe v Wade? Jim__ Mar 2012 #40
There's a difference between accepting political reality and being accepting of the beliefs... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #45
It also appears that you would rather be uncompromising than gracious, cbayer Mar 2012 #27
I do not tolerate the intolerant, I do not kowtow to the foolish, if that makes me unreasonable... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #28
Then why should tama Mar 2012 #33
I don't expect tolerance of my beliefs in return, that's foolish. Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #36
Years ago some of our family group (7 bedroom house, some family, some friends in residence) pinto Mar 2012 #48
From a thread in GD Goblinmonger Mar 2012 #58
Good find and prescient words. cbayer Mar 2012 #60
From your citation: Politics and government demand compromise. Jim__ Mar 2012 #61
From my citation: Goblinmonger Mar 2012 #62
So is it your point of view that only uncompromising Christians are the problem? Leontius Mar 2012 #66
It is my point of view that Goldwater, Goblinmonger Mar 2012 #67
gotcha, my side good , their side bad. Leontius Mar 2012 #69
Get back to me when Dawkins, or any other outspoken atheist... 2ndAmForComputers Mar 2012 #71
Technocratic tama Mar 2012 #72
LOL 2ndAmForComputers Mar 2012 #75
Anyone who thinks that scientific scepticism is 'the propagand arm for materialist technocracy' is LeftishBrit Mar 2012 #136
Science I view as a mental tool to help discover the world, it therefore helps in development of... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #143
Another day another argument but if you want to give an opinion on what was actually being Leontius Mar 2012 #73
You said something. I chose to give an opinion on it. Don't like it? Tough. 2ndAmForComputers Mar 2012 #74
So either you don't understand what was being discussed or you don't Leontius Mar 2012 #76
You have no answer to what I said, so you complain that I talked about a post of yours 2ndAmForComputers Mar 2012 #77
No you don't seem to understand what my post was about or have nothing to add to Leontius Mar 2012 #78
You are the one who responded with an asinine comment. cleanhippie Mar 2012 #101
So the topic is religion in politics. Goblinmonger Mar 2012 #94
Gee I hate false equivalences. Leontius Mar 2012 #103
Are you on the side of Santorum and his ilk? cleanhippie Mar 2012 #100
Yes, but the problem is not that they are Christians, but that they won't compromise. Jim__ Mar 2012 #79
OK, let's play this game. trotsky Mar 2012 #90
Asked and answered. See posts #37 and 40. Jim__ Mar 2012 #91
Nope, that's a totally different issue. trotsky Mar 2012 #92
Post #40 has nothing to do with health care. Jim__ Mar 2012 #93
Yet it doesn't answer my question, either. trotsky Mar 2012 #95
Actually it does answer your question. Jim__ Mar 2012 #97
OK, I'll put you down for "willing to compromise on women's rights." trotsky Mar 2012 #98
Put yourself down as willing to compromise on women's rights - because you're nothing but talk. Jim__ Mar 2012 #99
LOL trotsky Mar 2012 #102
Actually, I think it takes a lot more spine to be reasonable than to be uncompromising. cbayer Mar 2012 #80
Again, this is said from a position of privilege Goblinmonger Mar 2012 #96
There Is Only One God tama Mar 2012 #107
There Is Only One God... and his name is Ponzi AlbertCat Mar 2012 #115
In my country tama Mar 2012 #123
I don't even know what you are getting at. Goblinmonger Mar 2012 #120
Perhaps because tama Mar 2012 #121
Well, since we're getting sassy Goblinmonger Mar 2012 #122
Money is evil tama Mar 2012 #124
You can try to harp on it all you want. trotsky Mar 2012 #119
Isn't the idea tama Mar 2012 #126
Before the crucifixion, did Jesus start a Ponzi scheme? Boojatta Mar 2012 #109
Before the crucifixion, did Jesus start a Ponzi scheme? AlbertCat Mar 2012 #116
k/r deacon_sephiroth Mar 2012 #142
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