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Sat Jun 11, 2016, 12:45 PM Jun 2016

Did the virgin birth and the resurrection of Jesus [View all]

as described in the Gospels really, physically happen? Or did they not really happen, but rather fall into the category of myth/fairy tale/legend/made-up story?

Fence-straddlers, feel free to weigh in.

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They really did happen
3 (8%)
They didn't really happen
36 (92%)
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I know virgin births are possible...it happened to my seventeen y.o.daughter! ret5hd Jun 2016 #1
Interesting. Always wondered about this. I've read of this Lint Head Jun 2016 #3
Doctors? What kinda family do you think we are? Faith is all the doctorin' you need son! ret5hd Jun 2016 #4
If you live far enough south it happens when brothers and sisters share bathwater Major Nikon Jun 2016 #5
nothing against those who really believe in it johnnypanic42 Jun 2016 #2
Some good followup questions... Major Nikon Jun 2016 #6
That's the question that "liberal" and "progressive" believers skepticscott Jun 2016 #9
"I know it when I see it" Act_of_Reparation Jun 2016 #22
Yes i believe those events happened. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #7
Of course you do skepticscott Jun 2016 #10
Whatever! hrmjustin Jun 2016 #12
I do as well . . . MousePlayingDaffodil Jun 2016 #32
I believe these things as well... onpatrol98 Jun 2016 #90
! cleanhippie Jun 2016 #8
The most interesting thing about this thread skepticscott Jun 2016 #14
Maybe they don't want to be mocked. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #15
If they can back up their opinions and convictions skepticscott Jun 2016 #16
You know we can't prove it. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #17
That's not an answer to my question skepticscott Jun 2016 #18
Ok. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #19
And you know there are more plausible expalnations for why you believe that. cleanhippie Jun 2016 #20
No doubt you have your opinion. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #21
No doubt you tell tell yourself what you need to so you feel better. cleanhippie Jun 2016 #23
I am realistic about my faith. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #24
If you say so. cleanhippie Jun 2016 #25
I just did. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #29
And now you feel better about yourself. cleanhippie Jun 2016 #33
No. I am just responding to you. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #34
its not acceptable to deny the crutch of bullied people swhisper1 Jun 2016 #27
No one is being denied anything skepticscott Jun 2016 #31
Did the talking donkeys help write the Bible? Brettongarcia Jun 2016 #11
Of course not. That's ridiculous. Iggo Jun 2016 #13
I have no idea! I think it's possible. David__77 Jun 2016 #26
A more important question - imho is: do you believe that life spontaneously generated jonno99 Jun 2016 #28
I wouldn't say "spontaneous." ZombieHorde Jun 2016 #35
I think jonno99 Jun 2016 #36
Notable. nt ZombieHorde Jun 2016 #37
Nifty derailment. But irrelevant. mr blur Jun 2016 #39
Why? jonno99 Jun 2016 #40
Where you got the "belittle" part is a mystery skepticscott Jun 2016 #41
This pompous drivel for one thing. rug Jun 2016 #42
It's a question skepticscott Jun 2016 #44
Of course it is. rug Jun 2016 #45
I win that bet skepticscott Jun 2016 #47
Oh please, are you suggesting that the OP was anything but an opportunity to belittle? jonno99 Jun 2016 #43
"An opportunity to belittle"? skepticscott Jun 2016 #46
LOL jonno99 Jun 2016 #49
Nice try skepticscott Jun 2016 #51
I agree with your statement: jonno99 Jun 2016 #52
Ummmm...all of them, dude skepticscott Jun 2016 #53
Your own words describe your response: jonno99 Jun 2016 #55
Yes, you did miss it skepticscott Jun 2016 #57
I see - jonno99 Jun 2016 #58
Please don't tell me what you think I mean. mr blur Jun 2016 #54
Your words: jonno99 Jun 2016 #56
You have no idea what you're talking about. mr blur Jun 2016 #89
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #91
time is not a god unless you add new meanings to the definition of what constitutes a deity. Warren Stupidity Jun 2016 #48
Please note that I qualified the word "god". I termed it as such because jonno99 Jun 2016 #50
The idea that life arose from "primordial goo" is the only one we have any evidence for. trotsky Jun 2016 #59
If a creator exists, he certainly doesn't need any help from me. And don't you think it's jonno99 Jun 2016 #60
Uh, that's kinda how this all works. trotsky Jun 2016 #62
So you have no actual proof that life can occur spontanously? got it. jonno99 Jun 2016 #64
I have more evidence than you do for your hypothesis. trotsky Jun 2016 #66
Sure - you have an existing world with living people. jonno99 Jun 2016 #69
Yes, I understand your mindset. trotsky Jun 2016 #74
"Yes, I understand your mindset." jonno99 Jun 2016 #80
We know that time exists. cpwm17 Jun 2016 #61
Thank you - jonno99 Jun 2016 #63
A god is a huge step backwards in our understanding on how the Universe works and life got here. cpwm17 Jun 2016 #65
I disagree - jonno99 Jun 2016 #67
Science proves there is structure in the Universe cpwm17 Jun 2016 #70
"Natural processes are generally predictable" - it's convenient how that turned out - jonno99 Jun 2016 #72
Be honest, now. Act_of_Reparation Jun 2016 #68
It is not unnatural to assume that something of extreme complexisty was jonno99 Jun 2016 #71
That's a self-defeating argument since you must now answer who made god. cpwm17 Jun 2016 #73
C'mon, you have to know the cop-out answer to that one. trotsky Jun 2016 #75
"you must now answer who made god" - jonno99 Jun 2016 #76
Grass is a product of billions of years of evolution. cpwm17 Jun 2016 #78
No - I simply asked what makes you qualified to ask: jonno99 Jun 2016 #79
No, I'm using your own argument against you. cpwm17 Jun 2016 #81
No - you're misconstruing my response to a previous question. jonno99 Jun 2016 #82
That was my way of saying that you're making an argument for a predecessor to God. cpwm17 Jun 2016 #83
Agreed - as long as I (or you) get to define the jonno99 Jun 2016 #84
You make impossible demands from science. cpwm17 Jun 2016 #85
Or - it is simply dealing with reality. Our agreement is not required. nt jonno99 Jun 2016 #86
No, I don't think it is unnatural. Act_of_Reparation Jun 2016 #77
Probably not, but Vogon_Glory Jun 2016 #30
I really doubt it. nt ZombieHorde Jun 2016 #38
Of course they did! Also, a monster swallows the sun at night, and a giant turtle holds the earth! Arugula Latte Jun 2016 #87
It is Turtles all the way down... NeoGreen Jun 2016 #88
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