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In that case, describe that for which you want proof. rug Oct 2016 #1
A sentient being Cartoonist Oct 2016 #2
And what proof are you looking for? rug Oct 2016 #15
Prove any attribute you like Cartoonist Oct 2016 #19
Okay. What proof do you want for infinite? rug Oct 2016 #20
What have you got? Cartoonist Oct 2016 #21
You're begging the question. What proof can contain something infinite? rug Oct 2016 #22
Not so Cartoonist Oct 2016 #24
Okay prove where matter came from. rug Oct 2016 #28
Why? Cartoonist Oct 2016 #38
Because if you can't, there may be another thing to consider than an eternal, infinite universe. rug Oct 2016 #39
I know Cartoonist Oct 2016 #42
I consider the possibility of one to be rational. rug Oct 2016 #44
What's rational about assuming that possibility exists without evidence to support that assumption. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #76
Read the thread then get back to me about evidence. rug Oct 2016 #89
You find that it is good to worship a being that would destroy all of mankind except eight people?? Angry Dragon Oct 2016 #163
For starters, the question is whether it's rational to consider the existence of God. rug Oct 2016 #165
Evil existed before man ........... Angry Dragon Oct 2016 #166
Impossible. rug Oct 2016 #167
It says so in the Bible ........... god created the tree of knowledge .............. good and evil Angry Dragon Oct 2016 #168
Not at all what I said. I hope you have not based your world view on that. rug Oct 2016 #169
the ball should be in the court of those claiming the existence of god or gods rurallib Oct 2016 #26
"In that case, describe that for which you want proof." rug Oct 2016 #29
a god or gods existence rurallib Oct 2016 #30
Define the god you want proven. rug Oct 2016 #31
Circular bullshit. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #77
Now the circle is complete. rug Oct 2016 #80
It has to stop somewhere. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #83
Looks like it's on you. rug Oct 2016 #85
thanks to your smear. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #87
Yes, I see it's smeared. rug Oct 2016 #91
Define the god you want proven. AlbertCat Oct 2016 #143
If you're demanding evidence, state what you want evidence of. rug Oct 2016 #150
It should be obvious to you why many people can't believe in a god. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #151
Oh, it is and it has nothing to do with inapt notions of evidence. rug Oct 2016 #170
state what you want evidence of. AlbertCat Oct 2016 #156
There is no experiment that can be made, none at all. rug Oct 2016 #171
There is no experiment that can be made, none at all. AlbertCat Oct 2016 #172
Ah, another hope, no matter how slight, dashed. rug Oct 2016 #175
Ah, another hope, no matter how slight, dashed. AlbertCat Oct 2016 #176
Hope that you'd learn something. rug Oct 2016 #178
Hope that you'd learn something. AlbertCat Oct 2016 #179
Math can indicate an infinite series, without containing an infinity Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #95
Why doesn't he take over all the TV broadcasts for a few minutes. rickford66 Oct 2016 #65
Because it's not a trained baboon. rug Oct 2016 #66
Actually I'm not looking because he isn't there. rickford66 Oct 2016 #68
Maybe a circus is a better choice for you. rug Oct 2016 #70
I'll quit messin with ya. rickford66 Oct 2016 #72
Have a good night. rug Oct 2016 #73
Ask a miracle and get one, promises 1 Kings 18.20-40 etc.. Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #94
I don't think Ba′al adds anything to this discussion. rug Oct 2016 #101
Baal and God both are asked to prove their existence Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #109
Which is a nonsequitur to this subthread. rug Oct 2016 #119
The thread asserts God should prove his existence Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #122
No. It asserts there remains no proof for an infinite, eternal universe. rug Oct 2016 #123
Not: "Why doesn't he take over the TV"? Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #126
? rug Oct 2016 #127
The title: "Atheists are ... waiting for proof" Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #130
Sorry, but the Bible has no credibility Cartoonist Oct 2016 #138
Many believers only accept biblical arguments. Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #140
Some would say that if the exsistence of god could be proven then there would be no need for faith Angry Dragon Oct 2016 #164
This is all you need. guillaumeb Oct 2016 #3
I already believe Cartoonist Oct 2016 #4
Then you are half way there. guillaumeb Oct 2016 #8
The same Cartoonist Oct 2016 #14
That is a bizarre coincidence. guillaumeb Oct 2016 #111
Are you trying to suggest God exists... Act_of_Reparation Oct 2016 #16
Or, the third option, that you have to have faith. eom guillaumeb Oct 2016 #112
I really can't imagine what you think you are asking for, but I suspect only silly responses struggle4progress Oct 2016 #5
You win Cartoonist Oct 2016 #6
The idea is due to a very talented mathematician (J Barkley Rosser) struggle4progress Oct 2016 #9
After careful scrutiny Cartoonist Oct 2016 #13
That is certainly a clear indication of some problem. But can you find the actual problem? struggle4progress Oct 2016 #27
Self-referential circular logic. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2016 #7
Indeed Cartoonist Oct 2016 #10
I am pleasantly surprised you noticed that struggle4progress Oct 2016 #12
Not circular but indeed self-referential struggle4progress Oct 2016 #11
Ok, now let's substitute god for a unicorn Lordquinton Oct 2016 #32
That is certainly a clear indication of some problem. But can you find the actual problem? struggle4progress Oct 2016 #34
No, enlighten me. Lordquinton Oct 2016 #36
I should not want to deprive you of the pleasure of thinking it through yourself, struggle4progress Oct 2016 #54
Is there no one here that can give a straight answer? Lordquinton Oct 2016 #59
I took the trouble to spell out Rosser's argument in detail struggle4progress Oct 2016 #71
So just summarize it in laymans terms. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #78
There's not much benefit to me in explaining what I think we might learn from Rosser's argument, struggle4progress Oct 2016 #105
Try again Cartoonist Oct 2016 #107
Is it that you don't accept the law of the excluded middle, that you don't accept struggle4progress Oct 2016 #108
As pointed out by myself and others Cartoonist Oct 2016 #110
That is certainly a clear indication of some problem. But can you find the actual problem? struggle4progress Oct 2016 #114
Of Course One Could Easily Substitute "Santa Claus" for "God" malchickiwick Oct 2016 #103
That is certainly a clear indication of some problem. But can you find the actual problem? struggle4progress Oct 2016 #104
Perhaps you should have a talk with God about your questions & concerns - jonno99 Oct 2016 #17
What is His number? Cartoonist Oct 2016 #18
There are many professed athiests who became believers. Their stories might give you jonno99 Oct 2016 #23
I am never moved by weak minds Cartoonist Oct 2016 #25
That answer seems to be a bit of a cop-out - or do you think that your attitude is unique? jonno99 Oct 2016 #33
It takes a strong mind to concede one might be wrong. rug Oct 2016 #35
It takes a weak mind Cartoonist Oct 2016 #40
It takes a porous mind to think there can be natural proof of unnatural things. rug Oct 2016 #41
I don't believe in the unnatural either Cartoonist Oct 2016 #45
Then you're stuck in explaining this universe. rug Oct 2016 #46
I prefer the scientific approach Cartoonist Oct 2016 #48
So god, which is as you just pointed out, unnatural? cleanhippie Oct 2016 #79
We might, if you knew what the word meant. rug Oct 2016 #82
How disappointing, yet expected. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #84
I expect you're familiar with disappointment. rug Oct 2016 #86
When it comes to getting a straight answer from you, indeed I am. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #88
Can't blame me for your disappointments. rug Oct 2016 #90
For he is known by the things that are visible Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #96
My, paraphrasing scripture. Here's Hebrews 11:3. rug Oct 2016 #100
Daniel, in Dan. 1.4-15, has a porous mind? Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #115
Are you just randomly typing Bible citations? rug Oct 2016 #117
Daniel alleges a proof that God's food laws are good Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #121
On book tours, catering to other believers no doubt. AtheistCrusader Oct 2016 #180
Considering the evidence for a god existing has been all but completely eroded Lordquinton Oct 2016 #37
You really haven't been paying attention, quinton. rug Oct 2016 #43
Did someone provide any form of evidence to back up their claim? Lordquinton Oct 2016 #49
Precisely. You haven't been paying attention. rug Oct 2016 #51
I have seen no proof posted Lordquinton Oct 2016 #52
You haven't seen any definition of the required proof either. rug Oct 2016 #53
Um, what? Lordquinton Oct 2016 #57
So Rug admits he has no proof, but just faith? Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #97
Gosh, we'd better ask him. rug Oct 2016 #99
Here is the question Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #113
Rather than ask Brettongarcia. I'll give you my answers. rug Oct 2016 #118
Here you abandon much of Christianity Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #124
Incorrect. The essence of Christianity is belief despite doubt. rug Oct 2016 #125
Like many Christians, you've misread John 20.24-30 Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #128
Lol! Sure I have. rug Oct 2016 #129
1 Corin. 15 asserts many material proofs Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #131
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2016 #47
Not that BS again Cartoonist Oct 2016 #50
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2016 #55
Prove it Cartoonist Oct 2016 #63
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2016 #64
I don't think you understand Cartoonist Oct 2016 #75
You said "God has always been there". That's what's being discussed. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #81
Dude lordsummerisle Oct 2016 #58
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2016 #67
Amen! cornball 24 Oct 2016 #60
Collecting old copies of the bible = good hobby uppityperson Oct 2016 #62
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2016 #69
Welcome to DU. MADem Oct 2016 #74
i'm not still waiting, I'm just happy no one has bothered me juxtaposed Oct 2016 #56
I'm not waiting with bated breath because I don't expect it. SusanCalvin Oct 2016 #61
I've decided I don't care if god exists or not, because... Binkie The Clown Oct 2016 #92
Day 2 Cartoonist Oct 2016 #93
Only day 2?...methinks this could take awhile longer... NeoGreen Oct 2016 #102
Make sure you my offering to your list: there have been many atheists who once thought as you do - jonno99 Oct 2016 #145
What offering? Cartoonist Oct 2016 #146
I offered an answer to your question. You can spend your days howling "there is no proof", jonno99 Oct 2016 #153
FYI Cartoonist Oct 2016 #154
Fair enough. Again, good luck. nt jonno99 Oct 2016 #155
Can you prove that God is provable? DetlefK Oct 2016 #98
Hire Penn & Teller to judicate Cartoonist Oct 2016 #106
So... the threshold for proving God is the opinion of an illusionist? DetlefK Oct 2016 #120
lol! rug Oct 2016 #135
That's two who can't recognize humor Cartoonist Oct 2016 #137
That must be it. rug Oct 2016 #139
The same question must be asked of believers Orrex Oct 2016 #132
You are overlooking something: DetlefK Oct 2016 #148
Anyone who bases action or policy upon the existence (or Word) of God... Orrex Oct 2016 #160
Atheist and agnostic aren't mutually exclusive terms. Act_of_Reparation Oct 2016 #141
I try to avoid making absolute statements based on belief. DetlefK Oct 2016 #149
No one's asking you to. Act_of_Reparation Oct 2016 #152
Thanks to S4P Cartoonist Oct 2016 #116
Thanks. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #142
Good logicians typically enjoy unpacking arguments to understand what assumptions are involved, struggle4progress Oct 2016 #158
Godel didn't make it known until he thought he was dying in 1970. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #159
... Morgenstern recorded in his diary entry for 29 August 1970, that Gödel would not publish because struggle4progress Oct 2016 #161
From that Wikipedia link... Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #162
Gödel argued at length for a belief in an afterlife. AlbertCat Oct 2016 #173
Funny but also eerily accurate. trotsky Oct 2016 #177
I'm afraid I'm not smart enough MFM008 Oct 2016 #133
That's a pretty smart observation. rug Oct 2016 #136
But you are smart enough.... AlbertCat Oct 2016 #174
Not waiting at all. Iggo Oct 2016 #134
Atheists still waiting for proof that God exists AlbertCat Oct 2016 #144
I agree with your point Cartoonist Oct 2016 #147
This atheist isn't waiting for any proof of existence or nonexistence. stone space Oct 2016 #157
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