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Lint Head

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54. Good could not exist without evil. The definition of good would disappear without evil.
Wed Sep 26, 2012, 10:46 AM
Sep 2012

Light does not exist without dark. Comparisons are in all definitions and concepts. Words and sounds would not exist without silence.
Religion and science come together in relativity. For every action there is a reaction. All of the previous being considered true. There is not an answer for every question.

Religious Question #1 [View all] Angry Dragon Sep 2012 OP
wow... ret5hd Sep 2012 #1
I hope #2 is more original. rug Sep 2012 #2
Then you must have the answer Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #4
To be fair, I have my doubts. rug Sep 2012 #6
The large religions teach good and evil Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #8
It's easy to find the answer. rug Sep 2012 #10
I am glad that you did not disappoint me Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #11
That was the correct answer, considering what a hoary question you trotted out. rug Sep 2012 #13
Evil exists ......... I just asked where it came from Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #14
You believe evil exists? On what basis? rug Sep 2012 #15
Murders, some politicians, hate, intolerance Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #16
Why do you call murder evil instead of simply murder? rug Sep 2012 #17
Rug, post #16 asked a question Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #18
Yes. The question is why you believe. rug Sep 2012 #21
The question is: You do not believe evil exists?? Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #22
No, I do. Where's your answer? rug Sep 2012 #25
I had to wait for your answer first Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #28
That's circular. Why call murder evil rather than simply murder? rug Sep 2012 #34
You said that you believed that evil exists Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #36
I did but you still haven't provided your answer. rug Sep 2012 #38
I am curious how you determine that I reject the Bible ........ Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #40
Then you simply believe things are good or bad, not evil. rug Sep 2012 #41
Hey rug answer the questions put to you before you ask your own Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #42
I already did, in 25. rug Sep 2012 #43
You have never answered the question in the OP except with snark Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #44
I did, in 10. Disregarding Secaucus, it was terse but it was not snark. rug Sep 2012 #45
Multiple choice answers just don't cut it Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #47
There is no question in 40. rug Sep 2012 #56
It was a gentle question .......... Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #59
Frankly, I don't care why you reject the Bible. rug Sep 2012 #64
On the same basis that I think good exists Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #68
Do you have any scientific evidence that good or evil exist. cbayer Sep 2012 #69
That is no different than asking you if you have any sceintific evidence that Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #74
Exactly right. It's exactly the same question. cbayer Sep 2012 #75
I have never called anyone delusional or stupid, are in way over their collective heads Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #78
Never said you did. But some do. cbayer Sep 2012 #79
Which is what? rug Sep 2012 #70
You attacked me, I ask that you explain yourself Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #71
Ididn't attack you. I asked you a question. rug Sep 2012 #73
Go back to post #38 and you will see it Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #76
I see neither an attack nor an answer to the question. rug Sep 2012 #77
Bull Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #80
Either answer the question I asked or declare you won't. rug Sep 2012 #82
Show me where you answered the OP question without Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #85
10 and 45. Now answer my question. rug Sep 2012 #86
Number 10 was multiple choice and I have no idea what you meant by attachment Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #91
It's obvious you are unable or unwilling to answer a straightforward question, rug Sep 2012 #98
You refuse to answer the question in the OP Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #100
Really? Sekhmets Daughter Sep 2012 #126
There is a difference between murder and killing Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #137
In my current opinion, evil does not exist outside of the perceiver's mind. ZombieHorde Sep 2012 #124
Would the same hold true for goodness?? Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #125
Yes. nt ZombieHorde Sep 2012 #132
God created man, who could then create evil mindwalker_i Sep 2012 #32
Got up on the wrong side of bed one day? cbayer Sep 2012 #3
You can do better than that Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #5
No, really. I can't. cbayer Sep 2012 #7
A very valid question, which many people have tried to answer. SarahM32 Sep 2012 #9
Thank you for your answer Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #12
A very interesting link. (n/t) spin Sep 2012 #109
Thanks. I'm glad you found it so. SarahM32 Sep 2012 #117
God, I guess. pinto Sep 2012 #19
Thank You Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #23
It comes from the same place as god. rrneck Sep 2012 #20
Thank You Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #24
Evil comes from my butt mindwalker_i Sep 2012 #33
Lay off the burritos. nt rrneck Sep 2012 #37
Burritos came from God too mindwalker_i Sep 2012 #46
Holy shit! nt rrneck Sep 2012 #50
You might find this interesting. CrispyQ Sep 2012 #26
Thank you for the link Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #29
Well as an episcopalian i believe God gave us all free will. hrmjustin Sep 2012 #27
in my opinion .... marasinghe Sep 2012 #30
wallow away Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #31
Argument from evil? longship Sep 2012 #35
I look at it as a theist argument Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #39
I feel that it somewhat unwise to question God and his motives. ... spin Sep 2012 #48
Really enjoyed this post cbayer Sep 2012 #51
There is so much to address in this post. trotsky Sep 2012 #53
My reply ... spin Sep 2012 #65
We can progress no further until you address this basic flaw in your entire position: trotsky Sep 2012 #94
This thread is based on the assumption that there is a Supreme Being or God. ... spin Sep 2012 #97
Having the intelligence to create the universe is one thing. trotsky Sep 2012 #99
I feel you have explained your opposition to the word effectively. ... spin Sep 2012 #108
I'm not questioning the logic of your assertion, because there's nothing to question. trotsky Sep 2012 #114
We can waste a lot of electrons discussing this issue ... spin Sep 2012 #119
We don't need to reach agreement. trotsky Sep 2012 #121
I think we have reached an impasse. (n/t) spin Sep 2012 #122
That definitely happens when one party refuses to justify their statements of fact. n/t trotsky Sep 2012 #123
Yeah, there is. Tigress DEM Sep 2012 #131
If you believe in an actual, literal Garden of Eden... trotsky Sep 2012 #138
I'm open to other interpretations, but it's in reference to some time, some place that was "ideal" Tigress DEM Sep 2012 #139
Yes, the Egyptians were smart enough to build the pyramids on their own. trotsky Sep 2012 #140
OK be an elitist and don't talk to me. Tigress DEM Sep 2012 #141
There is no reason to call me names. trotsky Sep 2012 #142
AS if the whole snideness in post 138 wasn't name calling. Tigress DEM Oct 2012 #143
I believe you exist. trotsky Oct 2012 #144
Facts and opinions QuantumOfPeace Oct 2012 #145
Begging the question. trotsky Oct 2012 #146
My cats have the gift of prophecy. okasha Sep 2012 #58
Are they in communion with the Flying Spaghetti Monster? : ) Tigress DEM Sep 2012 #134
That's a 4-paragraph cop out Oregonian Sep 2012 #60
The OP does believe that evil exists Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #61
Well then, your premise is screwed Oregonian Sep 2012 #81
Do you believe good exists?? Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #83
There's no good or evil Oregonian Sep 2012 #84
Okay Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #87
I thought you said evil exists? Oregonian Sep 2012 #88
'As Rug said earlier, murder is murder, not evil.' LOL Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #89
"LOL"? Oregonian Sep 2012 #92
I thought rug's statement was laughable Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #93
Well there's no evidence for anything you say Oregonian Sep 2012 #95
There is no evidence for emotions to exist except Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #96
Some thoughts on the matter Fortinbras Armstrong Sep 2012 #49
Great post. Thanks! (n/t) spin Sep 2012 #110
What about evil is the absence of God or byproduct if you will. Waltons_Mtn Sep 2012 #52
Good could not exist without evil. The definition of good would disappear without evil. Lint Head Sep 2012 #54
Good post. (n/t) spin Sep 2012 #67
You are kind! Lint Head Sep 2012 #72
Without evil posts, good posts could not exist. Evoman Sep 2012 #112
George W's farts rock Sep 2012 #55
Original Sin gopiscrap Sep 2012 #57
Innate Desire for Knowledge orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #106
Or the original "spin" that boiled life down to talking points instead of taking it as a whole? Tigress DEM Sep 2012 #128
Welcome to the Religion Group, Tigress DEM. cbayer Sep 2012 #129
Thanks! Tigress DEM Sep 2012 #135
Until we develop another mode of communication orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #130
On 2nd glance. I call Original Sin, Original Spin. The Innate Desire for Knowledge is curative. Tigress DEM Sep 2012 #133
Better yet -- Shadowflash Sep 2012 #62
That is a question for another day Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #63
It would be an interesting question and would lead to an entertaining debate. ... spin Sep 2012 #66
The great unknown orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #105
Why not, look at Madonna orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #104
I was not Shadowflash Sep 2012 #107
With people only tangible, measurable, provable things orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #113
God is a concept -- in your mind vlyons Sep 2012 #90
As Lincoln called it " Our darker Angels " orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #103
God orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #101
Thank you for your answer Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #102
A question. Do you believe in the existence of a creator or supreme being? spin Sep 2012 #111
I fail to see what that has to do with the OP question, however Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #115
I feel that's a fair reply. ... spin Sep 2012 #116
I think there are a lot of people who see things as you do and cbayer Sep 2012 #118
Thank you Angry Dragon Sep 2012 #120
I think in simple terms. God created order out of chaos. Chaos still exists. Tigress DEM Sep 2012 #127
God did. LARED Sep 2012 #136
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