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32. The night might grandfather died...
Thu Apr 18, 2013, 10:37 PM
Apr 2013

I woke up from my sleep and sensed his presence at my bedroom door. Moments later my 6 month old daughter laughed. He had not yet been able to see her before he died.
In the morning I called my mother and asked her what time he died. She said, "Who told you?" As she was one of the few who knew. He came to our house to visit his granddaughter.
This same proud hard working man appeared to my aunties in their dreams. He lost his thumb in a farming accident. In one dream he held up his thumb and smiled, "I got my thumb back!"
For two weeks everyone in the family could feel his presence in our homes. We could not stop speaking of how young and vibrant his energy was in paradise, which came into our lives for those precious two weeks.
Moses ... he exists...

If it happens to be about to slip and fall, just let it hit the ground. dimbear Apr 2013 #1
Yes, he tried to catch it :) Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #3
I'm mostly concerned with how fair that part of the story seems to folks. dimbear Apr 2013 #5
I see your point. Was Uriah? his name Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #6
It was Uzzah... Act_of_Reparation Apr 2013 #19
Therefore the Hebrew Bible is about a sickening God? Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #25
but when the Creator acts.... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #30
i'm sure the creator is delighted to torment his supposed creations. Phillip McCleod Apr 2013 #33
Take 2 Billion peoples word for it.... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #42
Yes, it is. Act_of_Reparation Apr 2013 #37
I like your title - Act of Reparation... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #43
It may disappoint you to learn... Act_of_Reparation Apr 2013 #47
Nice touch Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #48
Why, YES, yes it is, and a growing number of people does NOT object to this conclusion. 2ndAmForComputers Apr 2013 #40
It's a story! nt Thats my opinion Apr 2013 #50
Well grantcart Apr 2013 #2
Your sourcing of parallels between Exodus and Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #4
Any further sources . . . grantcart Apr 2013 #7
thank you - I'm looking forward to becoming more familiar... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #11
Not "... and New...", though muriel_volestrangler Apr 2013 #10
Please share more.... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #13
It will shock you to discover that the New Testament was not written BC muriel_volestrangler Apr 2013 #15
No shock Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #16
in your imagination only.. Phillip McCleod Apr 2013 #34
He - He, maybe your right Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #44
lol grantcart Apr 2013 #18
Good, Thats my opinion Apr 2013 #51
The Shield of Achilles - a sign that the gods do take sides in team sports. Warren Stupidity Apr 2013 #8
The Shield in Wikipedia depicts the historic Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #14
They already found it edhopper Apr 2013 #9
Yes, the Indiana Jones solution Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #12
Well, they have to be very careful with the Ark. backscatter712 Apr 2013 #20
That only happens edhopper Apr 2013 #22
Exactly Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #27
Yoyu do realize edhopper Apr 2013 #39
"a sign that the Creator found us" trotsky Apr 2013 #17
Thanks Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #26
no the creator does not seek us out like sheep. Phillip McCleod Apr 2013 #35
Pretty lousy shepherd to have lost his sheep in the first place. trotsky Apr 2013 #38
Overnight it had these results... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #46
Does this belong here? mr blur Apr 2013 #21
Thanks for the Advice man Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #28
nd the question arises edhopper Apr 2013 #23
An awesome face-melting MacGuffin for action-archaeology cinema! n/t backscatter712 Apr 2013 #24
You little devil you Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #29
"Exists" or "existed"? EvolveOrConvolve Apr 2013 #31
The night might grandfather died... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #32
seriously?!? Phillip McCleod Apr 2013 #36
Wow edhopper Apr 2013 #41
This is just the beginning Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #45
Your doing satire edhopper Apr 2013 #49
Poe's Law trotsky Apr 2013 #52
Nope grantcart Apr 2013 #53
I just want Indigenous Wisdom to have a voice... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #54
I am going to be very direct. grantcart Apr 2013 #55
Inspiring Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #56
For clarity grantcart Apr 2013 #57
Yes, I clarified that in the last post also Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #58
H20 MAN's posts are about listening to the needs and teachings of indigenous peoples. grantcart Apr 2013 #59
There are big dreams and little dreams Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #60
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