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41. Wow
Fri Apr 19, 2013, 09:30 AM
Apr 2013

random events interpreted post hoc through your religious filter.
No better proof than that!

How can the absence a single historical record outside of a religious script, written over a thousand years after the supposed events, in a country that happened to have the same story as one of it's prime myths, compete with a feeling that "something is there"?

If it happens to be about to slip and fall, just let it hit the ground. dimbear Apr 2013 #1
Yes, he tried to catch it :) Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #3
I'm mostly concerned with how fair that part of the story seems to folks. dimbear Apr 2013 #5
I see your point. Was Uriah? his name Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #6
It was Uzzah... Act_of_Reparation Apr 2013 #19
Therefore the Hebrew Bible is about a sickening God? Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #25
but when the Creator acts.... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #30
i'm sure the creator is delighted to torment his supposed creations. Phillip McCleod Apr 2013 #33
Take 2 Billion peoples word for it.... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #42
Yes, it is. Act_of_Reparation Apr 2013 #37
I like your title - Act of Reparation... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #43
It may disappoint you to learn... Act_of_Reparation Apr 2013 #47
Nice touch Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #48
Why, YES, yes it is, and a growing number of people does NOT object to this conclusion. 2ndAmForComputers Apr 2013 #40
It's a story! nt Thats my opinion Apr 2013 #50
Well grantcart Apr 2013 #2
Your sourcing of parallels between Exodus and Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #4
Any further sources . . . grantcart Apr 2013 #7
thank you - I'm looking forward to becoming more familiar... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #11
Not "... and New...", though muriel_volestrangler Apr 2013 #10
Please share more.... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #13
It will shock you to discover that the New Testament was not written BC muriel_volestrangler Apr 2013 #15
No shock Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #16
in your imagination only.. Phillip McCleod Apr 2013 #34
He - He, maybe your right Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #44
lol grantcart Apr 2013 #18
Good, Thats my opinion Apr 2013 #51
The Shield of Achilles - a sign that the gods do take sides in team sports. Warren Stupidity Apr 2013 #8
The Shield in Wikipedia depicts the historic Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #14
They already found it edhopper Apr 2013 #9
Yes, the Indiana Jones solution Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #12
Well, they have to be very careful with the Ark. backscatter712 Apr 2013 #20
That only happens edhopper Apr 2013 #22
Exactly Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #27
Yoyu do realize edhopper Apr 2013 #39
"a sign that the Creator found us" trotsky Apr 2013 #17
Thanks Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #26
no the creator does not seek us out like sheep. Phillip McCleod Apr 2013 #35
Pretty lousy shepherd to have lost his sheep in the first place. trotsky Apr 2013 #38
Overnight it had these results... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #46
Does this belong here? mr blur Apr 2013 #21
Thanks for the Advice man Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #28
nd the question arises edhopper Apr 2013 #23
An awesome face-melting MacGuffin for action-archaeology cinema! n/t backscatter712 Apr 2013 #24
You little devil you Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #29
"Exists" or "existed"? EvolveOrConvolve Apr 2013 #31
The night might grandfather died... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #32
seriously?!? Phillip McCleod Apr 2013 #36
Wow edhopper Apr 2013 #41
This is just the beginning Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #45
Your doing satire edhopper Apr 2013 #49
Poe's Law trotsky Apr 2013 #52
Nope grantcart Apr 2013 #53
I just want Indigenous Wisdom to have a voice... Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #54
I am going to be very direct. grantcart Apr 2013 #55
Inspiring Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #56
For clarity grantcart Apr 2013 #57
Yes, I clarified that in the last post also Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #58
H20 MAN's posts are about listening to the needs and teachings of indigenous peoples. grantcart Apr 2013 #59
There are big dreams and little dreams Anonymousecoview Apr 2013 #60
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