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4. Information is almost completely commodified.
Fri Feb 3, 2012, 12:36 PM
Feb 2012

When Mark Zukerberg can make money by knowing what kind of underwear you buy, I think the commidification of information is almost complete. And then along comes Twitter, a format that requires you to compress communication so it can more efficiently harvest "profitable terms" so now we don't just get logos projected at us, we make our own.

It seems that the ease with which information is transferred is inversely proportional to the quality of the ideas it represents. Information is not wisdom. Information is consumed, while wisdom is earned. Our approach to life has become that of a consumer shopping online for an ideology that fits. Important life decisions can be selected from a series of drop down menus. What you call a conference on religion I call a trade show. Those kids with computers are no different from someone at a car lot running vin numbers through Carfax.

Whether it's God or karma, the holy spirit or oneness with gaia, an electrochemical stew or an id or simply DNA, that something inside us is unique to each of us. And the only way we will understand it is to study it ourselves. Nobody else can do it for us. There is no easy way to get it done. And there is no "Swiss Army knife" cocktail of attitudes and practices that can do the job for you.

Given the state of the human race today and its recent history, self awareness certainly cannot be found through any technological, industrialized process. The more any ideology can be funnelled through such processes, the more inimical it will be to spiritual development.

Religion and the new technology [View all] Thats my opinion Feb 2012 OP
I'm interested in spirituality and tech. napoleon_in_rags Feb 2012 #1
Very helpful! nt Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #5
Another response. Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #8
"This is not a response" napoleon_in_rags Feb 2012 #13
"the vanishing of the media" reminds me of Marshall McLuhan and Bob Dobbs bananas Feb 2012 #34
LOL! I meant to say "vanishing of the medium" napoleon_in_rags Feb 2012 #36
For me this is easy intaglio Feb 2012 #2
Interesting perspective. Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #9
So prove that any of this has happened to you intaglio Feb 2012 #15
You are correct in your suspicion of manipulative religion. Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #19
It is normal intaglio Feb 2012 #24
What this poster and so many others skepticscott Feb 2012 #25
Regarding your last two paragraphs, you are talking about some other form of religion, Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #29
You have to explain that a great deal more Angry Dragon Feb 2012 #31
For every complex question there is a simple answer Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #38
And for every question that's actually pretty simple skepticscott Feb 2012 #40
The reason I asked the question is it Angry Dragon Feb 2012 #41
you raise some sound interesting questions Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #44
You need to grease the wheels on those goalposts... cleanhippie Feb 2012 #33
What straw men? intaglio Feb 2012 #35
"Just making it up as you go along" skepticscott Feb 2012 #37
You are certainly entitled to your opinion, Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #39
I think you mean I am an outsider to the conversation with God intaglio Feb 2012 #42
Religious thought has long since gone way past the idea of God Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #43
Interesting intaglio Feb 2012 #45
So who exactly is this "we" skepticscott Feb 2012 #46
Instant access to information; but usually a quick, shallow stab at this information. Jim__ Feb 2012 #3
As do you, Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #6
About post-modern theology Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #10
Information is almost completely commodified. rrneck Feb 2012 #4
So I wonder if you may believe that much of what is happening is manipulative? Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #7
I don't necessarily think it's manipulative rrneck Feb 2012 #11
So when will you be telling skepticscott Feb 2012 #12
Probably after you stop. rug Feb 2012 #14
If I were championing a new theology skepticscott Feb 2012 #16
Considering the OP is not about that, I'm not surprised. rug Feb 2012 #18
The OP IS about a new theology skepticscott Feb 2012 #21
............... Angry Dragon Feb 2012 #32
Were you at Claremont this week? Sal316 Feb 2012 #17
Yes i was? Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #20
I was. Sal316 Feb 2012 #27
That was the one session I missed. nt Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #28
Religion and moren technology could not mix NinjaKid Feb 2012 #22
Yes Chinita Feb 2012 #23
Speaking from the inside, Thats my opinion Feb 2012 #26
Uhh... you couldn't be more wrong. Sal316 Feb 2012 #30
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