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4. 1. lose magnetosphere -- yes
Wed Jun 12, 2024, 06:38 PM
Jun 12

2. atmosphere blow away -- yes, but it would take hundreds of millions of years, like on Mars.
3. magnetosphere too weak -- effect on life is not that big. Most particles would still be stopped by atmosphere. Energy events (solar flares, etc.) would be a bigger problem than they are, but mostly not lethal to life.
4. Kill all life first -- sun going nova. Partly because slowless of losing atmosphere, partly because...
5. Rate of slowing to core stop -- never. There is some momentum exchange between the layers and changes can have dramatic effects like magnetic pole reversals but the Earth has a LOT of angular momentum and it has to go somewhere. Quite a lot of it goes toward slowing down the Moon via tides. (Sun will go nova before Earth and Moon tidally lock, though. LONG before.)

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