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9. Beautiful, Tobin....
Sun Jul 22, 2012, 12:05 PM
Jul 2012

I couldn't respond yesterday, I was at a graduation party and then I went to see Jim Gaffigan (funny!).

It reminded me of "signs" that I saw after my father died.

I was charged with bringing some food to my parents apartment for the wake after his funeral.
I had to put one of the paper bags down to open the door. When I came back to pick it up,
the frozen food inside left a definitive heart-shaped wet spot on the cement. I felt my throat
and my stomach constrict, I have to say that my IMMEDIATE thought was that he was trying
to communicate his love to me from "beyond"....

A couple of days later, as I was driving on an expressway, a single, red, heart-shaped balloon
drifted across the eight lanes of traffic. Its string tangled on my side-view mirror for a moment before
sailing away. By this time, I'd had a little time to absorb the loss, but I did realize that had
I been LOOKING for "signs", this would have qualified.

I understand the impulse, the need, to override the finality of death. I see how it can come,

It freaks me out a little that some people never question the place where it really comes from.

Our own feelings of fear, sadness and loss.

I spotted this in the Lounge, and it's frogmarch Jul 2012 #1
Thank you Tobin S. Jul 2012 #2
You and your stories are a welcome addition here. Curmudgeoness Jul 2012 #3
Thank you very much Tobin S. Jul 2012 #4
was a trucker for 5 years never saw anything unexplained nt. michael811 Jul 2012 #5
Welcome to DU, Michael Tobin S. Jul 2012 #6
What? This song is NOT true? onager Jul 2012 #7
nope michael811 Jul 2012 #8
Beautiful, Tobin.... PassingFair Jul 2012 #9
Thank you Tobin S. Jul 2012 #13
Did anybody else ever hear a story like this? onager Jul 2012 #10
I've heard something like that before, although not in my own neighborhood Tobin S. Jul 2012 #14
Tell 'em Large Marge sent ya.... AlbertCat Jul 2012 #11
Great thread everybody! JNelson6563 Jul 2012 #12
Thanks Julie Tobin S. Jul 2012 #15
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