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14. Thick skin won't do it any more, you need a hide like a rhino around here
Sat Apr 18, 2015, 03:42 PM
Apr 2015

I do think the troll count has gone up, we're just drawing a slightly more sophisticated bunch of them. When some creep tries to get under your skin, just realize it's a troll and that if you continue to feed a troll, you get covered with troll shit. Look at the post as potential troll shit and move on. The worst thing you can do to a troll is ignore him.

I'm watching a repeat of the 2008 Hillary War gear up again. I'm hoping they start to divert all the Hillary posts to her group soon and lock them in GD. That will increase the level of the repartee right there.

Good grief. [View all] littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 OP
g'morning. what are you talking about? nt ellenrr Apr 2015 #1
I am just amazed at the lack of civility here lately. DU in general. littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #2
There's always bound to be bvf Apr 2015 #3
I am trying. littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #4
Thick skin won't do it any more, you need a hide like a rhino around here Warpy Apr 2015 #14
vociferous disagreement is one thing, ellenrr Apr 2015 #16
I agree with that in the main, but bvf Apr 2015 #18
"Non-unionized workers have become a nasty, selfish bunch" Fumesucker Apr 2015 #5
Nervous trigger fingers. Pardon the expression. littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #10
oh, yes, i agree. I think some factors: ellenrr Apr 2015 #15
When I used to post a lot, every time I came here to read replies ellenrr Apr 2015 #17
Dang! In_The_Wind Apr 2015 #6
I miss you! littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #7
Are you feeling any better? In_The_Wind Apr 2015 #9
Gurrrlll, you got to shake the alligators a loose! littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #12
Does counting green shoots of awaking daffodils count? In_The_Wind Apr 2015 #13
Hey lady, been missing your reasoned posts. antiquie Apr 2015 #8
Ohhh! Thanks so much! I lurk there too much, gd. littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #11
I know precisely how you feel, my friend steve2470 Apr 2015 #19
Thanks for the encouraging words. littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #20
Is this where I GBC-DU? antiquie May 2015 #21
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