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17. When I used to post a lot, every time I came here to read replies
Sun Apr 19, 2015, 06:29 AM
Apr 2015

to my post, I had to prepare myself for abuse-
and sometimes I'd be mad all day at some jerk's posting.
I can't believe I did that for as long as I did!
that was silly.

I like facebook.
the only comments I get are positive ones.

even when people disagree with something I say they are kind.

being on du is like opening your house to strangers, and most of them psychotic.

anyway.. I appreciate you expressing yourself.

Good grief. [View all] littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 OP
g'morning. what are you talking about? nt ellenrr Apr 2015 #1
I am just amazed at the lack of civility here lately. DU in general. littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #2
There's always bound to be bvf Apr 2015 #3
I am trying. littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #4
Thick skin won't do it any more, you need a hide like a rhino around here Warpy Apr 2015 #14
vociferous disagreement is one thing, ellenrr Apr 2015 #16
I agree with that in the main, but bvf Apr 2015 #18
"Non-unionized workers have become a nasty, selfish bunch" Fumesucker Apr 2015 #5
Nervous trigger fingers. Pardon the expression. littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #10
oh, yes, i agree. I think some factors: ellenrr Apr 2015 #15
When I used to post a lot, every time I came here to read replies ellenrr Apr 2015 #17
Dang! In_The_Wind Apr 2015 #6
I miss you! littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #7
Are you feeling any better? In_The_Wind Apr 2015 #9
Gurrrlll, you got to shake the alligators a loose! littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #12
Does counting green shoots of awaking daffodils count? In_The_Wind Apr 2015 #13
Hey lady, been missing your reasoned posts. antiquie Apr 2015 #8
Ohhh! Thanks so much! I lurk there too much, gd. littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #11
I know precisely how you feel, my friend steve2470 Apr 2015 #19
Thanks for the encouraging words. littlemissmartypants Apr 2015 #20
Is this where I GBC-DU? antiquie May 2015 #21
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