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I am realistic and I don't see Sanders as presidential. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #1
And if enough people buy into that what do we get? daleanime Jan 2016 #2
Then how does Sanders get the things he want? hrmjustin Jan 2016 #9
People power, nothing is easy. You have to try. JRLeft Jan 2016 #10
The gop won't bend to people power. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #11
Yes they will. They are very susceptible to public opinion. Its just doesn't get to them. FOX &CO. The Wielding Truth Jan 2016 #126
Both Cruz and Trump are already bending to populist Republican pressure on H-1B Visas... cascadiance Jan 2016 #156
You are completely misinterpreting our steady confidence Hortensis Jan 2016 #43
yes enid602 Jan 2016 #45
The image of Judge Judy sucking up to Hortensis Jan 2016 #46
Don't forget, his sister is a Federal judge and he's gone on record as saying she would be..... George II Jan 2016 #50
Trump's sister if a fairly liberal judge Gothmog Jan 2016 #100
".. rackety, intolerant, too-extreme candidate.." pangaia Jan 2016 #67
Rackety was the wrong word. He's made some Hortensis Jan 2016 #121
May I suggest you do some research into Bernie Sander's life. pangaia Jan 2016 #128
Look, the GOP is PRAYING Bernie takes Hillary out. Hortensis Jan 2016 #134
. Look, the GOP is PRAYING Bernie takes Hillary out. pangaia Jan 2016 #136
What do you mean by "rackety"? JDPriestly Jan 2016 #106
JDPriestly Aerows Jan 2016 #113
So, basically I gather you feel the nation's in the toilet Hortensis Jan 2016 #123
THANK YOU!! pangaia Jan 2016 #130
Really? 5,166 posts, including this one... :) Hortensis Jan 2016 #135
Really. pangaia Jan 2016 #137
:) Hortensis Jan 2016 #162
In my case it is probably mostly laziness. pangaia Jan 2016 #163
Since Democrats want a candidate who shares their ideology Kall Jan 2016 #112
We elect Bernie and put more Democrats in congress.... daleanime Jan 2016 #12
Then why did Sanders fail to raise money for the party? hrmjustin Jan 2016 #13
Money over voters? daleanime Jan 2016 #14
This is where you guys lose me. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #15
Post removed Post removed Jan 2016 #19
Follow your own advice. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #20
You didn't read or comprehend a thing I typed madokie Jan 2016 #22
Yes I did and responded. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #24
Let me fix that for you: 99Forever Jan 2016 #25
Don't get your hopes up. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author 99Forever Jan 2016 #29
"Don't get your hopes up" LiberalLovinLug Jan 2016 #88
We used to donate to the Party. We stopped because we are not happy with the way the JDPriestly Jan 2016 #111
Excuse me, where in anything that I've written... daleanime Jan 2016 #28
+1 stonecutter357 Jan 2016 #51
You have a habit of saying goodbye Cartoonist Jan 2016 #74
Good bye! hrmjustin Jan 2016 #75
Unfortunately often a sign.... daleanime Jan 2016 #116
We go back awhile Cartoonist Jan 2016 #120
The down ballot races are very important Gothmog Jan 2016 #101
Having more democratic voters turn out.... daleanime Jan 2016 #114
Sanders is very very vulnerable to negative ads Gothmog Jan 2016 #124
Who would never have voted for a Democrat anyways..... daleanime Jan 2016 #139
Wrong. Socialism is viewed highly negatively by independents as Gallups polls on the stevenleser Jan 2016 #149
Relax, if you're right.... daleanime Jan 2016 #153
No, that's not what that means. stevenleser Jan 2016 #157
You know we never see the republican party doing this.... daleanime Jan 2016 #161
Here is why we can not risk 2016 on a candidate who can not win in general Gothmog Jan 2016 #150
If she was as good of a candidate as you think she wouldn't be a candidate.... daleanime Jan 2016 #154
Sanders is no Barack Obama Gothmog Jan 2016 #158
Did I say he was? daleanime Jan 2016 #159
Sanders will not be the nominee unless he is able to broaden his appeal beyond a very narrow group Gothmog Jan 2016 #164
Let the party raise its own money. JDPriestly Jan 2016 #108
I'd like to hope so. It might work the opposite. Hortensis Jan 2016 #47
You think your views are mainstream? Mine are. Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #56
A President who has had zero ties to the Democratic Party until a few months ago.... George II Jan 2016 #52
Who is helped.... daleanime Jan 2016 #55
Zero ties? SheilaT Jan 2016 #69
You should review some of his votes as a Representative and a Senator. And "ties" go deeper.... George II Jan 2016 #76
Have you reviewed some of Hillary's votes? SheilaT Jan 2016 #90
And if those candidates don't meet your exacting specifications? brooklynite Jan 2016 #53
Isn't the question.... daleanime Jan 2016 #60
Actually I'd be happy to elect Sanders...if I thought he could get elected. brooklynite Jan 2016 #84
And will refuse to... daleanime Jan 2016 #97
I'm right there with you. JRLeft Jan 2016 #99
"The games"... brooklynite Jan 2016 #110
Sorry, the only time I watch those games.... daleanime Jan 2016 #115
translation: Hillary will be more effective than Obama, because Rs will work with her WhaTHellsgoingonhere Jan 2016 #31
How did FDR get it? He investigated what was going on on Wall Street and prosecuted and JDPriestly Jan 2016 #57
You had me at hello! Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #63
^ This. AzDar Jan 2016 #64
Brilliant! rynestonecowboy Jan 2016 #79
Sanders has already gotten a major thing he wants DFW Jan 2016 #119
By getting folks to help him by electing a Senate and House who can Jarqui Jan 2016 #127
Then why did Sanders fail to raise money for the party? hrmjustin Jan 2016 #131
I really don't think one has a lot to do with the other at this particular moment in time. Jarqui Jan 2016 #141
I do and he has no excuse for it. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #142
Why should Bernie give to an organization that is controlled by the Clinton campaign Jarqui Jan 2016 #144
This is why i don't trust him. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #145
In other words, you want Sanders to be dumb as a rock by raising money for a politically corrupt Jarqui Jan 2016 #146
And my point still stands. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #147
There's nothing left of your point Jarqui Jan 2016 #148
All you said is we can't so why try. JRLeft Jan 2016 #3
No, he said Sanders can't. Metric System Jan 2016 #4
Hillary is promising more of the same but some how things are supposed to improve? JRLeft Jan 2016 #6
Exaclty. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #8
If Sanders can't then we can't. Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #68
"Presidential" earthside Jan 2016 #17
Conservative? No. It is someone who leads and gets things done. tinrobot Jan 2016 #72
gets things done questionseverything Jan 2016 #96
You nailed it there n/t Populist_Prole Jan 2016 #81
Why not? pangaia Jan 2016 #58
That i can see a person in the oval office. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #61
That's still the rap I hear on Pres. Obama ... earthside Jan 2016 #82
Well i never said that about him and I do say this about Sanders. hrmjustin Jan 2016 #83
I am realistic and I don't see Clinton as electable. JackRiddler Jan 2016 #71
Fortunately you are part of a growing minority. What those in power diid rather than being satisfied sabrina 1 Jan 2016 #98
I agree. Bernie is not presidential. But more importantly underthematrix Jan 2016 #129
It's a strange kind of defeatism to give up on the Democratic party... randome Jan 2016 #5
The only way to she's moves to the left is to stop taking corporate cash. JRLeft Jan 2016 #7
I'm with you JR madokie Jan 2016 #21
Thank you, I cannot see how one can take corporate cash without being corrupted. It just JRLeft Jan 2016 #62
.... handmade34 Jan 2016 #36
Very fearful, too imo. nt artislife Jan 2016 #16
Yup, fear of 3 more Scalia-types on the Supreme Court. oasis Jan 2016 #35
I don't think Bernie would suggest 3 Scalia types for the Supreme Court. Next. nt artislife Jan 2016 #38
You know what I'm talking about. oasis Jan 2016 #42
Moderate = Defeatist AgingAmerican Jan 2016 #18
"These are good people and I respect their opinion" PowerToThePeople Jan 2016 #23
+1000000 SwampG8r Jan 2016 #39
Yes. Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #59
It's not defeatism. It's just Sanders. Bleacher Creature Jan 2016 #26
We know it won't happen overnight, the status quo is regression not progress. JRLeft Jan 2016 #33
Wow - a thoughtful post about the process Empowerer Jan 2016 #48
Thanks for the dose of reality redstateblues Jan 2016 #133
Considering only 10% of people here as Clinton supporters going by DU polls... Blue_Adept Jan 2016 #30
And then... DUbeornot2be Jan 2016 #94
Rejecting a candidate who has notions of pie in the sky, is not "defeatism". oasis Jan 2016 #32
You support a candidate who bows down to Wall Street and other corporate powers. JRLeft Jan 2016 #34
True, Hill's no sworn enemy of Wall Street. That's a plus. oasis Jan 2016 #40
What did they do when she told them to azmom Jan 2016 #73
(1) Senator (2) President. Pick the one with the most influence. oasis Jan 2016 #87
I'm sure she will Kall Jan 2016 #78
I'm sure Bernie would have their ear. oasis Jan 2016 #89
He'll have them by the scruff of their necks. Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #91
He doesn't want their ear Kall Jan 2016 #102
I'm sure they're breathing easier now. oasis Jan 2016 #105
They will be Kall Jan 2016 #109
The American people will "elect Hillary" oasis Jan 2016 #117
You're deflecting. Of course the country, not just you personally, might elect her Kall Jan 2016 #118
Deflect backward to post#87. If you please. oasis Jan 2016 #132
That's nice, dear. Squinch Jan 2016 #37
"I believe you have to fight, nothing is easy..." handmade34 Jan 2016 #41
People will vote for someone else or stay home if she's the nominee. JRLeft Jan 2016 #104
Or, I just think Hillary would make the better President nt firebrand80 Jan 2016 #44
She won't be corrupted by the corporate cash? JRLeft Jan 2016 #70
Things aren't so black and white nt firebrand80 Jan 2016 #86
She's bought and paid for, and that is as transparent as JRLeft Jan 2016 #140
Uh no. I think Hillary will make a better president. leftofcool Jan 2016 #49
If they were defeatist they would not support Clinton the way they do JI7 Jan 2016 #54
Nope, I just prefer Hillary, and think she will make an excellent president nt kjones Jan 2016 #65
What some think, and what some argue, might not be the same Babel_17 Jan 2016 #66
Some Bernie supporters seem to think they are mindreders. JoePhilly Jan 2016 #77
What? Is this some subtle McCarthyist crap? Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #92
Good post but I don't agree with the last paragraph Populist_Prole Jan 2016 #80
I think you are spot on. Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #93
Nail on the head Android3.14 Jan 2016 #85
i think bernie has a good chance if his supporters would not certainot Jan 2016 #95
I like living in the real world Gothmog Jan 2016 #103
You're saying vote for the corporate candidate who's not as bad as the JRLeft Jan 2016 #107
I am not willing to let the GOP control the direction of the SCOTUS with a candidate who cannot win Gothmog Jan 2016 #125
Understanding how gerrymandered congress's works does not mean people are defeatist just factual uponit7771 Jan 2016 #122
They realize that in the ge between Bernie and a republican, the republican will be much closer in Doctor_J Jan 2016 #138
For once you won't have to choose between the better of 2 evils. JRLeft Jan 2016 #143
I support Bernie because I feel the same way you do. PatrickforO Jan 2016 #151
No no no no no no no no tazkcmo Jan 2016 #152
The alternative is to claim it's either her or Republicans win. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2016 #155
I do not find Tea Party legislation to "audit the fed" to be a "good idea." Neither does Krugman. NCTraveler Jan 2016 #160
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