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7. What's nice is
Fri Jan 29, 2016, 10:50 PM
Jan 2016

Bernie snuck up on them. How many times were we told people liked Bernie but he didn't stand a chance?

So now, the polls are screaming that Bernie will win NH and may just take Iowa.

Bernie's opposition was counting their chickens before they hatched and just let H commit political suicide before they realized we were sneaking up on them.

Except we weren't sneaking... we've been out loud for 9 months, they just refused to hear us.

Here's a thread of mine from 9 months ago

Bernie: He's not an Obama. He's the Real Deal

Let 'em try! 99% > 1%. in_cog_ni_to Jan 2016 #1
In spite of my 'glass half empty' tendencies, pangaia Jan 2016 #3
I'm starting to wish I had your optimism. This all feels like 2008 all over again. VulgarPoet Jan 2016 #5
Chin up! He's got this! Iowa loves him as much as we do. in_cog_ni_to Jan 2016 #6
OK short story. pangaia Jan 2016 #10
Sad... deathrind Jan 2016 #2
Bernie is a UNICORN, remember. pangaia Jan 2016 #4
What's nice is RobertEarl Jan 2016 #7
Even before I read that thread, which I will do, pangaia Jan 2016 #8
Pelosi The Coward That Took Impeachment Off The Table scottie55 Jan 2016 #9
The UNICORN cometh !!!!! pangaia Jan 2016 #11
Pelosi is a fucking disgrace to any adult conception of a ruling party. I KingCharlemagne Jan 2016 #21
All Should Read Ralph's Article scottie55 Jan 2016 #12
He never did hold back. pangaia Jan 2016 #13
Hillary... SammyWinstonJack Jan 2016 #14
Getting nervous . . . . people Jan 2016 #15
like the president, Pelosi fights against liberals much harder than against republicans Doctor_J Jan 2016 #16
So true. And where was she when Wisconsin was beating up on public unions? JDPriestly Jan 2016 #17
They're all backstabbers. Bernie caucused with those same people and served Democrats like us. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jan 2016 #18
I begrudgingly acknowledge the headline premise. Likely correct. silvershadow Jan 2016 #19
I was going to edit the headline, for obvious reasons, pangaia Jan 2016 #20
The guy who gave us Bush isn't in much of a position to complain. About anything. DanTex Jan 2016 #22
Antonin Scalia? frylock Jan 2016 #23
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