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51. No
Thu Feb 18, 2016, 10:08 AM
Feb 2016

It's not even close to just leftists.

You think all those 10 of thousands of people going to see Bernie or the million plus donating to him are just leftists?


On top of that, look at an example of what the country will hear about Hillary.

When Hillary was SOS, Saudi Arabia wanted to buy 29 BILLION in arms from Boeing. Everyone from Iraq to Israel to even others in State said don't, it will destabilise the region. A few months before she signed off on the sale - which she called a "personal priority" - State released a catalogue of all the human rights abuses of Saudi Arabia. They also said that their military was being used to kill civilians.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia donated at least 10m to the Clinton Foundation, and Boeing paid Bill 250,000 for a single speech.

Since that time SA has used those weapons, like the State Department predicted, and like our allies warned, against civilians in SA and Yemen, where they are - with out help - committing grave war crimes.

The other thing to note is that her campaign manager owns the lobbying firm that SA hired to make sure that SA didn't look bad in the US media. And that same lobbying firm - which has donated hundreds of grand to Clinton btw - also lobbies for Boeing.

Do you REALLY think her campaign can win when there's numerous examples like that that will be plastered in every newspaper in America? All while she refuses to release her transcripts from GS?

Its a disaster waiting to happen. The energized left knows this now, but the country will know soon..

This is a month old Nonhlanhla Feb 2016 #1
OK, but Quinnipiac currently has Sanders up vs. Clinton in every match-up Recursion Feb 2016 #2
Presidential match ups this far out lack predictive power, Please open the link DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #10
After both nominees have clinched. Chichiri Feb 2016 #12
Fortunately I have a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor Recursion Feb 2016 #13
Based on what? She's never run in a general. nt Chichiri Feb 2016 #16
She has run two successful races in populous and heterogeneous states./nt DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #18
Which was custom-made for her in a very blue state. Rocky the Leprechaun Feb 2016 #30
Got more than you. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #33
No, seriously, what else have you got? Rocky the Leprechaun Feb 2016 #37
You didn't debunk anything. You called me out from an anonymous internet connection DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #39
Her polls went up in 2000 dsc Feb 2016 #21
Politifact deserves a pants on fire rating for that one jfern Feb 2016 #6
I've already long discredited Politifact Rocky the Leprechaun Feb 2016 #32
What crap will be left to fling at Bernie in the General that hasn't been flung at him by Dustlawyer Feb 2016 #43
Seriously? A ton. They'll dig up his old kibbutz Recursion Feb 2016 #46
Oh my goodness! That's so scary, how could he possibly survive what his old girlfriends Dustlawyer Feb 2016 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author stopbush Feb 2016 #54
This. nt. Nonhlanhla Feb 2016 #63
"Clinton is an amazing progressive politician who has done tireless (and thankless) work for all.." RiverLover Feb 2016 #3
Sure, whatever Recursion Feb 2016 #5
For that matter, are you *that* tone-deaf that you couldn't tell what the audience of this post was? Recursion Feb 2016 #8
You made a point that is not valid. RiverLover Feb 2016 #15
People are buying what MSM is selling: label based fear WhaTHellsgoingonhere Feb 2016 #4
K&R for truth! Betty Karlson Feb 2016 #7
I agree that this is going to be a tough election. NCTraveler Feb 2016 #9
I think Trump would destroy Clinton, he'll go after Bill and Hillary both with a vengance . . . Fumesucker Feb 2016 #11
Head to head polls become meaningful upon the candidate's presumptive nomination. Tommy_Carcetti Feb 2016 #14
Bernie supports universal healthcare, a living wage, fair trade, & affordable education think Feb 2016 #17
No...because the Republicans haven't even begun to think about dismantling Sanders Yog-Sothoth Feb 2016 #19
says you Robbins Feb 2016 #20
Says any critical thinker Yog-Sothoth Feb 2016 #26
i know they polled against the top gop candidates restorefreedom Feb 2016 #22
Kasich is my nightmare fuel Recursion Feb 2016 #23
oh crap, i forgot kasich. i guess i don't restorefreedom Feb 2016 #25
The GOP is currently pumping up Sanders dsc Feb 2016 #24
you might be underestimating the depth of the despair restorefreedom Feb 2016 #27
you underestimate the anti union sentiment of the south dsc Feb 2016 #29
i guess there will be only one way restorefreedom Feb 2016 #34
not even vaguely true EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #28
our turn out is lower than in 08 dsc Feb 2016 #31
well that's not true EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #36
What dsc is absolutely true. You're comment does not respond to dsc's points. You move the goalposts stevenleser Feb 2016 #41
Your first two sentences are particularly important for anyone really trying to understand the stevenleser Feb 2016 #38
this is what happened when Mondale said... artyteacher Feb 2016 #35
jesus EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #40
you don't get that ... artyteacher Feb 2016 #42
no EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #47
It's resonating with a loud minority of artyteacher Feb 2016 #49
No EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #51
That's partly my point... artyteacher Feb 2016 #52
The Democratic polls EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #53
wow... artyteacher Feb 2016 #56
Predict wise EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #57
predictwise is not just betting.. artyteacher Feb 2016 #58
No no they don't EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #59
Yes there are artyteacher Feb 2016 #61
In no national poll EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #62
How many times are you going to ignore the common denominator in 1984, 1972 and 1968? stevenleser Feb 2016 #44
you've missed the point EdwardBernays Feb 2016 #50
Ever since Reagain, the "New Democrats" have used that tax threat to destroy Democratic RiverLover Feb 2016 #45
Are you assuming Bloomberg is not serious that he will run if Sanders and either Trump or Cruz are seaglass Feb 2016 #55
The claim that her negative are already locked in and won't change much also seems to be false Chathamization Feb 2016 #60
Bernie might not win, but Hillary has no earthly chance. mhatrw Feb 2016 #64
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