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2016 Postmortem

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I think there is now. nt valerief Oct 2012 #1
It doesn't start for an hour? DURHAM D Oct 2012 #2
Then there will be four of ’em. gateley Oct 2012 #3
Which means this week's thread is way behind schedule, compared to last week's. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #4
This will do nicely lillypaddle Oct 2012 #5
Why am I so nervous? Evergreen Emerald Oct 2012 #6
Because there is so much at stake. RichGirl Oct 2012 #7
Okay, I've peed lillypaddle Oct 2012 #8
I'm so stressed about this debate I can't breathe! nt KewlKat Oct 2012 #9
I am ready for this. MassedPole Oct 2012 #10
lets all hope for big things tonight mgcgulfcoast Oct 2012 #11
I'm drinking whiskey. Phoonzang Oct 2012 #12
Radditz already called him Congressman! Take that! tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #13
Hahaha, LOL Sugarcoated Oct 2012 #15
PLEASE DO NOT FREAK OUT janx Oct 2012 #14
OKAY, WE WON'T. SHOUTING CALMS US DOWN. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #16
I needed a laugh--thanks! renate Oct 2012 #28
l don't have a reputation for doing so, but janx Oct 2012 #59
I thought Rachel KewlKat Oct 2012 #17
Clearly not. Another flip-flop? n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #22
I missed the first fing question...help! Evergreen Emerald Oct 2012 #18
She asked if libya was a huge intelligence failure. Joe didn't answer the question. nt JudyM Oct 2012 #24
Oh no! Ryan's looking down! Fail..... crazylikafox Oct 2012 #19
Joe look at the camera with the red light on high density Oct 2012 #20
Go Joe attack! flamingdem Oct 2012 #21
Ryan Lie #1 Invidious Oct 2012 #23
Two weeks for what? Sugarcoated Oct 2012 #25
"Admit" it was a terrorist attack and not related to the video. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #26
Haha! Joe laughing at Ryan!! hue Oct 2012 #27
He's looking foward to responding. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #30
I hope Joe kick's ryans a$$ nt KewlKat Oct 2012 #29
Joe looks like hes having a good time. MassedPole Oct 2012 #31
Ryan is a total fake - lies, lies, lies. polichick Oct 2012 #32
Malarky!! flamingdem Oct 2012 #33
Bah! ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #37
Biden butts in......go JOE KewlKat Oct 2012 #34
BOOM! "That's a bunch of malarky. Ryan CUT embassy security" NYC Liberal Oct 2012 #35
Joe isn't putting up with this lying creep! polichick Oct 2012 #36
Let's see how Ryan handles it. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #38
Malarkey treestar Oct 2012 #39
Eewwww! I'd like to wipe that smirk off Ryan's face!!! hue Oct 2012 #40
Biden calls Ryan out on not funding security abroad in Congress tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #41
YEAH Sugarcoated Oct 2012 #46
Raddatz is good. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #42
You can tell who is in charge of this debate genna Oct 2012 #44
Keep it up JOE! Slam that smug assglass MassedPole Oct 2012 #43
Now Ryan claims the requests for more security were NOT honored tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #45
Biden reminds me of Clinton tonight! Great! Rosa Luxemburg Oct 2012 #47
Yeah, he has that 'where you been boy' Clinton thing genna Oct 2012 #50
Is anyone looking at the CNN reaction graphs? Phoonzang Oct 2012 #48
I also thought that was weird tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #54
I think we might be in trouble if we only believe their sample genna Oct 2012 #55
I wonder how those people were selected. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #56
Relax. n/t janx Oct 2012 #64
I'll try. More whiskey is needed. :) Phoonzang Oct 2012 #71
Cheers! n/t janx Oct 2012 #119
Relax Tree-Hugger Oct 2012 #111
Ryan Lying Already...Go Joe! iloveObama12 Oct 2012 #49
Lookin' good, Biden. ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #51
Ryan is blowing is so far! Weak, stumbling, not responding to Biden. johnnyrocket Oct 2012 #52
Inadequate embassy protection a forseeable result of Congress making deep funding cuts. gkhouston Oct 2012 #53
I love theKed Oct 2012 #57
R & R have NO credibility abroad already!! Europe quakes at the thought of Rmoney! hue Oct 2012 #58
Ryan is gulping flamingdem Oct 2012 #60
He can't overwhelm this moderator. At best, he'll get a draw, and I think gkhouston Oct 2012 #67
She is calling him Congressman treestar Oct 2012 #61
Maybe Mitt/Ryan will sue?....nt KewlKat Oct 2012 #74
I like that Joe smiles.....not coming off as the angry guy on the defensive KewlKat Oct 2012 #62
I like the smiling but some might think he is mocking Ryan. genna Oct 2012 #79
Looks like Joe is having a really Good time tonight. MassedPole Oct 2012 #63
Yes indeed. n/t janx Oct 2012 #65
He's completely calm and Ryan's taking a lot of sips of water. gkhouston Oct 2012 #73
Oh hey theKed Oct 2012 #66
Are you suggesting we go to war??? GO BIDEN!!! desertduck Oct 2012 #68
Raddatz is a great moderator, I am glad they chose her tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #69
Are you all watching the tweets too? genna Oct 2012 #70
I seriously doubt Jill is tweeting.....I didn't see anything in her hands before she sat down.... KewlKat Oct 2012 #82
If you click on that profile, you'll see it's a parody Twitter feed gauguin57 Oct 2012 #101
ryan needs a bathroom break, hehe mgcgulfcoast Oct 2012 #72
This is Joe's best answer so far. Way to go, Joe. JudyM Oct 2012 #75
Yea Ryan's going to get the Ayatollah's to change their minds!! hue Oct 2012 #76
Facts f*uckin matter flamingdem Oct 2012 #77
Did she say that?? Sugarcoated Oct 2012 #80
He changes his mind so often, I might be wrong Agnosticsherbet Oct 2012 #87
Joes Wife is right. That V on ryans head is bugging the crap out of me. MassedPole Oct 2012 #78
Ha, yeah. Eddie Munster. nt JudyM Oct 2012 #81
Sugarcoated Oct 2012 #83
Oh, Biden. ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #84
Facts matter. And if we have to go to war, this time we will have the world behind us. BAM!!! desertduck Oct 2012 #85
Ryan, You & Rmoney ARE the GREAT SATANS! hue Oct 2012 #86
Joe Biden makes me proud to be a Democrat. He knows how to debate and use FACTS. tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #88
Joe the Biden is wiping the floor with this kid Adenoid_Hynkel Oct 2012 #89
OH! OH! HE DID IT! ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #90
47%!!!!!!! Justice Oct 2012 #91
47 PERCENT, MOTHER FUCKER tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #92
Omg. Biden is ON FIRE!!!!! Damn!!!! desertduck Oct 2012 #93
Funny. To me, it looks like Ryan's going down in flames. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #96
going great so far mgcgulfcoast Oct 2012 #100
Ryan is going down in flames because biden is there with a torch. desertduck Oct 2012 #110
$5 says theKed Oct 2012 #94
Joe just kicked ass!!!! AlinPA Oct 2012 #95
I'm too nervous to watch... barnabas63 Oct 2012 #98
Keep it up Joe! AlinPA Oct 2012 #126
Yes he did! n/t janx Oct 2012 #99
Janesville Wisconsin is nothing like Scranton PA!!! janx Oct 2012 #97
I've family and ancestors in Janesville...this is killing me!! janx Oct 2012 #102
hope joe mentioned deductions that can still be taken if he loses KewlKat Oct 2012 #103
Oh, gods... ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #104
It's probably 30% of his U.S. income, not all the money he makes. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #112
Exactly. ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #150
Ryan had that zinger practiced weeks in advance tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #105
And Biden came right back and counter-zinged. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #109
Yes he did. Biden is fast. desertduck Oct 2012 #118
"But I always say what I mean." gkhouston Oct 2012 #106
Romney's a car guy... theKed Oct 2012 #107
That was my VERY first thought. That and Ann's Caddys. tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #116
What was that?! n/t janx Oct 2012 #135
Biden is Awesome!! blue horseshoe Oct 2012 #108
A question about getting unemployment under 6% became a car crash in chelsea0011 Oct 2012 #113
Good catch. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #121
Just following the script! Derp! theKed Oct 2012 #129
Ryan asked for stimulus money. Get him Joe! Kick his ass. chelsea0011 Oct 2012 #128
I hope Joe calls him on the 1 party control myth animalcrackers Oct 2012 #114
my thoughts exactly KewlKat Oct 2012 #120
"His party controlled everything." ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #115
Obama take lessons from Biden TexasCPA Oct 2012 #117
Green pork??? barnabas63 Oct 2012 #122
Joe IS ON FIRE!!!! MassedPole Oct 2012 #123
Boom! gotta love facts animalcrackers Oct 2012 #124
Haha!! Ryan begging for stimulus funds--YES bring it on!!! hue Oct 2012 #125
Bwah! Came close to saying, "I wish he would just tell the truth". n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #127
AHGAAHG That V on Ryans forehead is driving me insane. MassedPole Oct 2012 #130
It's not nearly so disturbing as the "666" under his hair. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #132
DUzy candidate! rocktivity Oct 2012 #148
"These guys act like the recession fell out of the sky" LiberteToujours Oct 2012 #131
The $716 billion lie come up again, Biden better hammer him on it tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #133
#malarkey and #FactsMatter are trending! gauguin57 Oct 2012 #134
Keep laughing at him Joe. He is a fool! chelsea0011 Oct 2012 #136
Come on Joe!! Ryan is piling on the BS!!!! hue Oct 2012 #137
do you have more benefits today.....like that KewlKat Oct 2012 #138
Het Sarah Palin just made an appearance. LOL Joe said he heard about death chelsea0011 Oct 2012 #139
Give em hell, Joe! Firebirds01 Oct 2012 #140
Please continue on VP thread #2 desertduck Oct 2012 #141
Ryan going over his allotted time and complaining when Biden talks tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #142
Ryan's smile's breaking. ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #143
Loving this Debate!! lib87 Oct 2012 #144
I hope MSNBC is happy after this. If not MassedPole Oct 2012 #145
See my post #14: janx Oct 2012 #146
How embarassing -- late to my own thread. rocktivity Oct 2012 #147
Biden Baby You are the Best!!! EmeraldCityGrl Oct 2012 #149
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