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2016 Postmortem

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****OFFICIAL VP THREAD 2********* [View all] desertduck Oct 2012 OP
Eeeeewww---that smirk on Ryan's face really bothers me!!! *gag* hue Oct 2012 #1
He's doing the Romney thang... janx Oct 2012 #16
Bwah. Joe's not giving an inch. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #2
I LOVE YOU JOE!!! Sugarcoated Oct 2012 #3
And the "Smarmiest Smile Forever" Award goes to... ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #4
SHUT TFU RYAN!! hue Oct 2012 #5
Joe is doing amazingly well. woolldog Oct 2012 #6
why "amazingly?" Joe is a BFD. Smart as hell and tough as nails. nt progressivebydesign Oct 2012 #77
I had high expectations for him woolldog Oct 2012 #94
Somebody call Desitin Tree-Hugger Oct 2012 #7
I hope Biden runs in 2016. He's a fighter for us and what we believe in. tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #8
so, is Mitzy pissing his pants about now? KewlKat Oct 2012 #9
Yessss! Ryan went full throttle on his bullshit w medicare & SS. desertduck Oct 2012 #10
Paul Ryan is lying out of his ass now. tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #11
...now? theKed Oct 2012 #12
Every now and then he switches orifices when his lips get tired. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #19
Haha, fair point. tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #21
He wasn't lying out of his ass before? ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #15
Ryan's voice is whiny, high pitched, and annoying. MADem Oct 2012 #13
only 15% of small buisnesses will be affected by small buisness tax increase animalcrackers Oct 2012 #14
It's too bad Biden didn't debate Romney Catherine Vincent Oct 2012 #17
Do you have the specifics? tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #18
I am so reminded of the Hulk/Loki bit in "The Avengers" Rosco T. Oct 2012 #20
Ryan WON'T answer this question!!! ever! hue Oct 2012 #22
ask what loopholes and deductions plz animalcrackers Oct 2012 #23
"Lower tax rates 20%. Start with the wealthy." gkhouston Oct 2012 #24
thus far, Martha R. is one serious moderator. Kudos. Justice Oct 2012 #25
+1. She has been first rate. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #28
Agreed. Martha is much better... desertduck Oct 2012 #40
She has indeed!! arcane1 Oct 2012 #50
*coughcough*bullshit*cough* theKed Oct 2012 #26
Biden has referenced Ronald Reagan at least twice, janx Oct 2012 #27
Jack Kennedy returns to the VP debate arena! tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #29
Ryan uses: vague descriptions of plans! ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #30
So now you are Jack Kennedy? davidpdx Oct 2012 #31
Biden jolted a great memory at that moment! BlueDemKev Oct 2012 #38
I do believe Paul Ryan theKed Oct 2012 #32
Haha!! Joe--> "It has never been done before!!"--> Ryan BS piling higher & deeper!! hue Oct 2012 #33
Ryan is just being berried alive in his own BS his making. MassedPole Oct 2012 #34
Mistake for Martha to move along to "another math question" when the first one gkhouston Oct 2012 #35
oh man plz mention the military job bill filibuster joe! animalcrackers Oct 2012 #36
I wanted that too! Then Why Did All You Republicans Vote Down the Veterans' Job Bill? Overseas Oct 2012 #88
Mercy Rule? Thrill Oct 2012 #37
No mercy. n/t gkhouston Oct 2012 #39
Mercy will be theKed Oct 2012 #42
Martha lacks facts - Joes showed her up - The Joint Chiefs of Staff flamingdem Oct 2012 #41
If her ignorance was feigned, it worked to Joe's advantage. gkhouston Oct 2012 #47
Yes, that time it worked out well nt flamingdem Oct 2012 #54
Bill Maher: RichGirl Oct 2012 #43
I literally kalli007 Oct 2012 #48
Hilarious. Gotta love bill maher! desertduck Oct 2012 #51
@BillMayer theKed Oct 2012 #53
Is Ryan theKed Oct 2012 #44
Ryan sounds like he is regurgitating stump speeches in parts. Lord he is 1 dimensional desertduck Oct 2012 #45
Totally agree w/You!! Ryan preaching rehearsed lines! hue Oct 2012 #60
"Hello 9 1 1? There s an old man beating a child on my tv" MassedPole Oct 2012 #46
Thanks for picking up the slack, Duck rocktivity Oct 2012 #49
My pleasure. Thx for the first thread. What a great night! desertduck Oct 2012 #72
they dont want to broadcast a timeline on afgan, but want a clear red line on Iran? animalcrackers Oct 2012 #52
Ryan is being an ass!! hue Oct 2012 #55
Why don't the Republishits understand that Afghanistan is not our responsibility? tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #56
Because they think that Americans are *~SPECIAL~* ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #59
This is floating around on Twitter. gauguin57 Oct 2012 #57
Oh my lord. mORE AFGHANS" to do the job. Whoaaa. Biden is smokin hot. desertduck Oct 2012 #58
@wilw (Wil Wheaton) theKed Oct 2012 #61
Ryan doesn't know what he's talking about! Joe corrects him=full time job. hue Oct 2012 #62
Seriously. ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #65
"What would Romney/Ryan do?" tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #63
Does this motherfucker answer a question? MajPayne2 Oct 2012 #64
No. It is quite evident he can't go off script. Nt desertduck Oct 2012 #95
Ryan is so stiff TexasCPA Oct 2012 #66
OH, SHIT! ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #67
Ryan can't see how to seperate church from state! hue Oct 2012 #68
fuck u and your fuckig faith lyan ryah....we all have our maker onecent Oct 2012 #69
The little shithead took the serious, somber topic of abortion tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #70
Ryan sucks TexasCPA Oct 2012 #71
I hope Ryan's smirk doesn't haunt me in my dreams...it's never ending!! hue Oct 2012 #73
Biden seemed theKed Oct 2012 #74
Did...Ryan just theKed Oct 2012 #75
I think he did. Sure sounded that way. tarheelsunc Oct 2012 #79
"Attack, blame and defame..." ChaoticTrilby Oct 2012 #76
Ryan "Romney has put plans on the table" animalcrackers Oct 2012 #78
Oh cmon theKed Oct 2012 #80
Ryan just said he could give "honesty"!! Biggest lie of the debate!!!!! hue Oct 2012 #81
BUT, it was a necessary lie Coyotl Oct 2012 #92
Biden was great! Martha was awful. Ryan lied throughout! Overseas Oct 2012 #82
BOOM theKed Oct 2012 #83
CNN LP2K12 Oct 2012 #84
It's funny how so much of the media was critical of Joe for being "gaffe prone" animalcrackers Oct 2012 #85
Better than being prone to lying Coyotl Oct 2012 #93
I never bought into that. He had a couple that i thought were funny as hell and bent way out of desertduck Oct 2012 #96
This is a great night for team Obama! GetTheRightVote Oct 2012 #86
I think the collective theKed Oct 2012 #87
Ryan got courseofhistory Oct 2012 #89
Joe did great but I wish he would have pointed out Republican obstructionism when Lyan was saying Overseas Oct 2012 #90
REC Coyotl Oct 2012 #91
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