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2016 Postmortem

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Fri Mar 4, 2016, 04:12 PM Mar 2016

Graham Nash: 'Bernie Sanders Is ONE OF US' [View all]

"I must tell you that Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, even Hillary Clinton – they're not one of us," musician says in new video

Even though Hillary Clinton won big over Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday, rock legend Graham Nash is encouraging Americans to keep Feeling the Bern.

"I want to tell you something about Bernie Sanders. As far as I'm concerned, his campaign has always been about ordinary people, ordinary Americans trying to make a living, trying to feed their kids, trying to educate their kids in a better way," he says in a new video supporting the Vermont senator. "He seems to be one of us. And I must tell you that Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, even Hillary Clinton – they're not one of us. Bernie is one of us.'"

Nash elaborated on his reasons for supporting Sanders to Rolling Stone. "Bernie's stance on income inequality is one of the main reasons I support him," he says. "His disdain of political corruption strikes a deep chord in my soul. He recognizes that until we get campaign finances sorted out and we get Citizens United overturned, it will be a difficult time for all Americans."

The former CSNY member also added, "If he wanted to use my music, I'd be honored to let him use it."


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Kick & recommend! peacebird Mar 2016 #1
Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!! yourpaljoey Mar 2016 #2
Chicago! Zorra Mar 2016 #3
Yes! Chicago! intheflow Mar 2016 #45
Good song... thesquanderer Mar 2016 #4
Beautiful! Go, Bernie.. GO! AzDar Mar 2016 #5
Love that song! Duppers Mar 2016 #21
And featuring Jerry Garcia on peddle steel guitar! Enthusiast Mar 2016 #22
Perfect. CharlotteVale Mar 2016 #55
Musicians with moral compass UglyGreed Mar 2016 #6
Will You Bring Me Happiness, Will You Bring Me Sorrow?... Herman4747 Mar 2016 #7
That part of Carry On ms liberty Mar 2016 #60
Learned something new! Herman4747 Mar 2016 #61
Thanks for posting! Merryland Mar 2016 #8
Yes, he does...He was on Stephan Colbert Segami Mar 2016 #14
Oh man.. wendylaroux Mar 2016 #20
Me too. Enthusiast Mar 2016 #23
I saw it live Mnpaul Mar 2016 #57
Thanks so much for that video. He IS one of us. God bless him & CS&N BigBearJohn Mar 2016 #64
Bernie is not driven by Military Madness Octafish Mar 2016 #9
Yooge plus one! We had quite enough of their military madness back in the day. Enthusiast Mar 2016 #24
Amazing co-relation. Octafish Mar 2016 #69
Great song Pakid Mar 2016 #65
Graham Nash has a great solo record as a vocalist and photographer... Octafish Mar 2016 #70
Nov. 22, 1963 navarth Mar 2016 #72
President Kennedy wanted to keep USA out of Vietnam Octafish Mar 2016 #88
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Mar 2016 #10
Awesome, but get ready for the ironic republican-style "limousine liberal" goo whatchamacallit Mar 2016 #11
Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young and Sanders...my guess is they'd all support him EndElectoral Mar 2016 #12
I know that Neil does dana_b Mar 2016 #13
No doubt about it. Fuddnik Mar 2016 #15
K&R! dchill Mar 2016 #16
A recording artist? Qutzupalotl Mar 2016 #17
He's With Us! bigwillq Mar 2016 #18
"...not one of us" ?? :-/ NurseJackie Mar 2016 #19
seriously. Hiraeth Mar 2016 #82
Kicked and recommended to the Max! Enthusiast Mar 2016 #25
Cool. moondust Mar 2016 #26
Graham always got it. Smarmie Doofus Mar 2016 #27
I thought Bernie was against the very wealthy Progressive dog Mar 2016 #28
Then you don't understand the platform or ideas of Bernie Sanders and his supporters. kristopher Mar 2016 #29
I guess I don't--I thought Bernie was against Progressive dog Mar 2016 #32
So instead of trying to learn you double down on false claims. kristopher Mar 2016 #33
Do you imagine that all Hillary supporters Progressive dog Mar 2016 #37
"I'm just trying to understand..." Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #42
Well now let us look at another such Democratic candidate. jwirr Mar 2016 #47
Income inequality. Where CEO pay goes up 300% while workers pay stays the same or goes down bjobotts Mar 2016 #48
So, when Bernie talks about billionaires Progressive dog Mar 2016 #49
It doesn't require "hate" to increase taxes or curtail undue influence kristopher Mar 2016 #52
That is funny, you frame questions assuming that your Progressive dog Mar 2016 #90
Nash grew up dirt poor. Fuddnik Mar 2016 #66
Bernie has nothing against any individual Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #31
Nothing upsets me about Nash Progressive dog Mar 2016 #34
Ever hear about a pot and a Kettle? Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #39
That he is supporting Bernie Sanders and not Hillary. Segami Mar 2016 #35
Hillary has many more endorsements than Bernie Progressive dog Mar 2016 #38
You're killing me! Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #40
Don't hog up all the air..... Segami Mar 2016 #43
Thanks, Segami. I opened the winder and everything is fine! Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #44
I know, you're easy to do Progressive dog Mar 2016 #50
I dont know about that, I do know if Bernie isnt the nominee, Graham will support randys1 Mar 2016 #51
I somehow doubt that. Fuddnik Mar 2016 #67
The source you're referencing is satire. creatives4innovation Mar 2016 #36
You are correct and I am wrong Progressive dog Mar 2016 #41
Don't get it huh? ghostsinthemachine Mar 2016 #54
"Graham Nash swindled millions via opaque financial deals" klook Mar 2016 #71
I haven't seen it about any Hillary supporter Progressive dog Mar 2016 #89
Clinton has a lot of donors, all right -- klook Mar 2016 #91
That is not what you wrote before Progressive dog Mar 2016 #92
Not sure why you find that sentence so hard to understand. klook Mar 2016 #93
You made a point that money is different if Progressive dog Mar 2016 #94
My bad. klook Mar 2016 #95
So, you agree that how money is "earned" Progressive dog Mar 2016 #96
Always loved Nash. This is a strong justification of my opinion. Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #30
But Nash is a member of the one percent Buzz cook Mar 2016 #46
Good on Graham... ghostsinthemachine Mar 2016 #53
I can't believe this was alerted on. Cleita Mar 2016 #56
thanks beat me to it. Mbrow Mar 2016 #62
Isn't unbelievable?!?! SoapBox Mar 2016 #73
LOL!.... Segami Mar 2016 #74
Hope the alert got alerted on warrprayer Mar 2016 #77
I'd love to know how to do it. Mbrow Mar 2016 #78
I think warrprayer Mar 2016 #79
Thanks Amigo Mbrow Mar 2016 #80
It's beginning to feel like 1968 Mnpaul Mar 2016 #58
So do people with dual citizenship redstateblues Mar 2016 #59
kick --- Be Yourself.... kgnu_fan Mar 2016 #63
Bernie could use this song by Graham Nash~~ japple Mar 2016 #68
Wow, great pipes and great mind too! lark Mar 2016 #75
Kick warrprayer Mar 2016 #76
You mean someone whose entire career has been on the public DIME? I mean in public service of course Hekate Mar 2016 #81
Where are Hillary's transcripts? What is she hiding? Did she trash Obama in her speech? Segami Mar 2016 #83
Double STANDARD. Just as soon as EVERY candidate on BOTH sides has the SAME demand made of them... Hekate Mar 2016 #84
Al you did was expose your lame position by dropping another big load. Segami Mar 2016 #85
Tsk tsk tsk. And here I thought I'd found the key to communicating. Or should I say the KEY? Hekate Mar 2016 #86
Thanks for the bump.....carry on whatever you do....whatever that is. Segami Mar 2016 #87
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