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22. All the people and institutions
Sun Mar 6, 2016, 11:18 AM
Mar 2016

who work to separate the profits of industry from those who make those profits possible.

Would Bernie supporters be so kind as to define "Wall Street" for us?
The financial services industry. JRLeft Mar 2016 #1
What about public companies that raise capital Darb Mar 2016 #31
When people criticize Wall Street it's about Goldman Sachs, JPMORGAN JRLeft Mar 2016 #35
More accurately the people who control it Depaysement Mar 2016 #75
Anyone who has supported in the past, supports now, or supports in the future, Hillary Clinton. onehandle Mar 2016 #2
Not a Sanders supporter here, but easy answer wyldwolf Mar 2016 #3
You're Really Reaching With That Spin noretreatnosurrender Mar 2016 #5
So what are you saying? You hate Wall Street but take advantage of it? wyldwolf Mar 2016 #7
LOL noretreatnosurrender Mar 2016 #17
no, it means if you OPPOSE something yet still USE it... wyldwolf Mar 2016 #18
No wonder noretreatnosurrender Mar 2016 #19
You nailed it! n/t marew Mar 2016 #101
Do you think that reining in WS will stop 401K performance? kristopher Mar 2016 #122
so everyone agrees what "reining in WS" means? wyldwolf Mar 2016 #123
Sanders is pretty explicit. Learn what he says and then rant if you need to. kristopher Mar 2016 #124
Give 'em a break, spin and lies are all they have, the can't win on the issues or her record pdsimdars Mar 2016 #15
+1000 . I'm retired. My 401ks helped make it possible. livetohike Mar 2016 #8
If I am against something, I have NO part of it. wyldwolf Mar 2016 #14
We aren't against Wall Street, we're against how Wall Street has infiltrated the govt RiverLover Mar 2016 #32
How do you get from Point A to Point B? cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #86
glad you got yours! Cobalt Violet Mar 2016 #21
What a rude statement. Hope you "get yours" one day. livetohike Mar 2016 #27
Nearly have of american families have no retirement savings at all. Warren Stupidity Mar 2016 #102
BS RiverLover Mar 2016 #20
So participating in Wall Street doesn't EMPOWER Wall Street? wyldwolf Mar 2016 #23
You sound like a republican. A small stock holder has no say in what goes on in DC RiverLover Mar 2016 #26
It's seriously shocking to see people on this kind of a site acting confused about this. vintx Mar 2016 #42
Yes, it is shocking. And no it doesn't seem Democratic. But then neither does Hillary. RiverLover Mar 2016 #54
Yes. Kall Mar 2016 #63
Gee thanks, Kali! RiverLover Mar 2016 #78
Not Glamrock Mar 2016 #58
no kidding the poor bashing on this sight and on this thread is ugly. Cobalt Violet Mar 2016 #155
+1! marew Mar 2016 #99
+1000 Cobalt Violet Mar 2016 #158
Hillary being in bed with Wall Street damages her; so your answer is, Wall Street ain't that bad! CoffeeCat Mar 2016 #82
"Sanders supporters stuff their money under their mattresses." Wow. Fuck me every which way... cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #84
you liked that, did you? wyldwolf Mar 2016 #85
More than I like diarrhea. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #87
And we know how much you like THAT! wyldwolf Mar 2016 #90
Sanders supporters stuff their money under their mattresses. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #91
I'm not saying some Hillary supporters are pricks... Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #93
LOL turtlenecks. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #96
Not sure I ever saw that commercial... Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #97
It was disgustingly classist of you. Cobalt Violet Mar 2016 #157
I can't believe what DU is now. Cobalt Violet Mar 2016 #156
"Easy" has multiple connotations. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #88
Well you know who really loves your 401k and the millions Warren Stupidity Mar 2016 #98
False. My index funds Kang Colby Mar 2016 #127
Most money is not indexed, it is actively managed. JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #131
That's right, Jon. Then why doesn't Bernie propose legislation capping ERs/loads Kang Colby Mar 2016 #135
I don't agree with such legislation, actually. JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #137
I think you make fair points. Kang Colby Mar 2016 #138
Good point, I had not thought of it that way. JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #141
That's interesting. Kang Colby Mar 2016 #143
I am conflicted about that (post-tax Roth conversions) JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #148
Regardless of who wins... Kang Colby Mar 2016 #151
Know what a boglehead is? I am on the moderation team over there! JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #152
I'm a Bernie supporter and I have a 401K dflprincess Mar 2016 #125
401k plans aren't a scam. Kang Colby Mar 2016 #140
Always great to see a fellow Boglehead on DU. JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #142
Likewise. Kang Colby Mar 2016 #144
Ridiculous post. And I worked in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years. Old Crow Mar 2016 #134
If you have to ask tazkcmo Mar 2016 #4
What???????? pandr32 Mar 2016 #36
And I hope they are white and permeable... Kalidurga Mar 2016 #128
It's the WALL in Wall Street. Gregorian Mar 2016 #6
Anyone who works and has a 401k, or savings in a mutual fund livetohike Mar 2016 #24
That's interesting. What is participation? Gregorian Mar 2016 #39
Cross-reference the list of places that paid Clinton 8 figures to speak. krispos42 Mar 2016 #9
Jealous? Or what exactly? Darb Mar 2016 #37
How about disgust? krispos42 Mar 2016 #74
I agree with all that but... Darb Mar 2016 #106
No envy at all. Righteous contempt, disgust and demand for reform. Now. appalachiablue Mar 2016 #105
Define the reform then, Darb Mar 2016 #108
The Sanders plan is online, and so is much of the work of economists like Reich. appalachiablue Mar 2016 #116
Isn't that a movie starring Michael Douglas? Armstead Mar 2016 #10
saw this in another thread pdsimdars Mar 2016 #11
Must have been too complicated for the person who posted the OP to figure out. vintx Mar 2016 #45
Wait... you're calling Pepsico and Monsanto "Wall Street"? Recursion Mar 2016 #49
To the extent that any publically traded company has to make decisions Matariki Mar 2016 #118
Capitalism. . Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2016 #12
Probably not your average eatery JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2016 #13
Classic Clinton logic. ZX86 Mar 2016 #16
Typical of Bernies, Darb Mar 2016 #38
You don't need to be a weatherman ZX86 Mar 2016 #68
That's actually a legit (and critical) question in linguistic philosophy! Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #89
All the people and institutions PowerToThePeople Mar 2016 #22
Perfect and succinct Armstead Mar 2016 #25
There we go. Perfect. Gregorian Mar 2016 #41
What about raising capital for an business endeavor or entity? Darb Mar 2016 #46
^^^^ indeed ^^^^ Hiraeth Mar 2016 #81
Really? mmonk Mar 2016 #28
We're witnessing Democrats morph into republicans before our very eyes. RiverLover Mar 2016 #29
no ibegurpard Mar 2016 #34
True. I hadn't looked at it like that RiverLover Mar 2016 #47
Just admit it, you are chasing a white whale. Darb Mar 2016 #48
Exactly. Now that Bernie is in it and getting votes they're getting desperate. vintx Mar 2016 #51
No, intelligent people not tilting at windmills, Darb Mar 2016 #40
So do you think FDR was wrong? RiverLover Mar 2016 #50
No, smart guy. Darb Mar 2016 #57
Obviously, I know more than you. RiverLover Mar 2016 #77
Post removed Post removed Mar 2016 #107
The Fuck-Heads who Foreclosed on your home while taking Tax Payer Handouts FreakinDJ Mar 2016 #30
"Wall Street" is much more than that. Darb Mar 2016 #43
No problem - I started this just for you FreakinDJ Mar 2016 #44
I read it and commented, it has nothing to do with this thread. Darb Mar 2016 #52
Being in the top 5% income bracket FreakinDJ Mar 2016 #55
Not following. Darb Mar 2016 #59
Good question! pandr32 Mar 2016 #33
Sorry but many have gone far beyond their legitimate roles and size to become Big Evil Meanies Armstead Mar 2016 #53
I think some people here would be very unhappy with how "pro-Wall St" Elizabeth Warren is brooklynite Mar 2016 #56
How many crimes must Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, & JP Morgan commit before you consider them corrupt think Mar 2016 #61
yeah kennetha Mar 2016 #62
My point was that they do not know of what they attack. Darb Mar 2016 #65
What part of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and JP Morgan can't you comprehend? think Mar 2016 #69
That's not "Wall Street", Darb Mar 2016 #109
Wall Street Professionals Admit: Yes, Lots of Us Are Corrupt think Mar 2016 #121
So when Clinton calls for new reforms on "Wall Street" she wants reforms on "all of us"? n/t PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #129
"Wall Street" is anyone who earns more than minimum wage. Buzz Clik Mar 2016 #60
wow Hiraeth Mar 2016 #66
You're new. Buzz Clik Mar 2016 #70
fixed it. put OP on ignore. might be new but learning fast. Hiraeth Mar 2016 #73
That's the spirit! Ignore people who say things contrary to your opinion. Life is so grand. Buzz Clik Mar 2016 #76
I didn't say you did. I had interaction with OP previously. Got an alert from it. no hide but, Hiraeth Mar 2016 #80
Of course you did you fantasy land dweller. Darb Mar 2016 #113
What "Wall Street" means AgerolanAmerican Mar 2016 #64
welcome to ignore. Hiraeth Mar 2016 #67
I can't believe you haven't been informed, but here goes... MrMickeysMom Mar 2016 #71
Lot of Fun Watching Hillary Supporters Defend Wall Street noretreatnosurrender Mar 2016 #72
It has, by far, been one of the best parts of this election cycle. nt Mufaddal Mar 2016 #83
Oh, but they're progressives! No, really!! Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #95
Don't be daft, we at least know what it is. Darb Mar 2016 #110
Sure You Do noretreatnosurrender Mar 2016 #114
what country are you from? ever head of Glass–Steagall before the GOP & Clintons dismandeld it. fourcents Mar 2016 #150
The Financial Services Industry boythayer Mar 2016 #79
What about publically traded companies? the bond market. Darb Mar 2016 #111
Wall Street marew Mar 2016 #92
The Law firm Bernie uses to due the DNC is a Wall Street Law firm robbedvoter Mar 2016 #94
This OP is reminiscent of the kind of posts I've seen anti-regulation-of-firearms apologists make. aidbo Mar 2016 #100
No it's not, weak effort. Darb Mar 2016 #112
If you have money in a retirment fund you are a part of Wall Street. citizen snips Mar 2016 #103
No, Wall St. is the financial services industry. JonLeibowitz Mar 2016 #132
The same thing Hillary means when she uses the term n/t Motown_Johnny Mar 2016 #104
It's a street in the south end of Manhattan running between Broadway and the FDR. n/t Chan790 Mar 2016 #115
No Democrat/liberal/progressive should need to ask this. phleshdef Mar 2016 #117
Fucking seriously? TransitJohn Mar 2016 #119
Are there any other basic concepts you need help with? Matariki Mar 2016 #120
It's not something Bernie made up. It's commonly referred to by many in the context of Cleita Mar 2016 #126
How awesome is it you can refuse to see people use Wall Street for short hand Kalidurga Mar 2016 #130
Good questions..n/t asuhornets Mar 2016 #133
If you don't know for yourself, you will never know... TheProgressive Mar 2016 #136
NOT the gun manufacturers, apparently. ecstatic Mar 2016 #139
What? Bernie is running on campaign finance reform, it's all related and it would take away the NRA- fourcents Mar 2016 #145
You'll have to wait while I ask Markos what English vocabulary is acceptable. delrem Mar 2016 #146
Answer=Bernie Sanders: 'Congress Doesn't Regulate Wall Street. Wall Street Regulates Congress.' fourcents Mar 2016 #147
Passive-aggressive OP's...always the most effective way to build party unity. n/t. Ken Burch Mar 2016 #149
A very large graven image Rosa Luxemburg Mar 2016 #153
Maybe defining the people who were fleeced by "Wall Street" would suffice. Lint Head Mar 2016 #154
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