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2016 Postmortem

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Sat Mar 12, 2016, 10:49 AM Mar 2016

Bill Maher says the primaries will destroy liberals. This is a poll on how you feel [View all]

Maher said "Bernie or Bust" is a big deal. I think that's horsesnot. Maybe I'm wrong.

I'm doing this DU poll NOT to provoke a Hillary-vs-Bernie debate or discussion about the issues (there's plenty of other threads for that). This thread is intended to be about the subject of party unity.

No hate from me if you really can't vote for our other candidate running for the nomination. It's a free country. But watch this video or don't (I've seen Maher be a lot funnier), I'd like to just get a survey of how many people here really think they can't at all vote for the other candidate vs how many can be won over for the sake of the nation.

(In case it's not clear enough... if your opinion is "Well I could vote for X if only they would say or do Y," then you're a "might vote" not a "can't vote" below)
96 votes, 7 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Clinton supporter, but I could vote for Sanders in November
14 (15%)
Clinton supporter. I simply can't vote for Sanders in November
0 (0%)
Sanders supporter, but I could vote for Clinton in November
34 (35%)
Sanders supporter. I simply can't vote for Clinton in November
46 (48%)
I'm supporting neither, but would ultimately vote for either
2 (2%)
I'm supporting neither and the Dems cannot count on my vote
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Maher has confused his parties rock Mar 2016 #1
Maybe, but I can understand his worry, even if it's not ultimately true Bucky Mar 2016 #13
oh, and please kick this poll occasionally. I want to get a sense of where DU is Bucky Mar 2016 #2
Difficult for me FreakinDJ Mar 2016 #3
75% to 21%. Thus far there are 3-1/2 times more Progressives than Establishment Democrats at DU. Cal33 Mar 2016 #193
My resposibility as an American randr Mar 2016 #4
I totally get this DeadLetterOffice Mar 2016 #5
Ditto! KPN Mar 2016 #55
Right with you RelativelyJones Mar 2016 #7
THIS LyndaG Mar 2016 #43
Now you're talkin'. brush Mar 2016 #49
Trump is the new Hitler. We should be very afraid. That so many people support him is scary. kerry-is-my-prez Mar 2016 #100
We already had Mr. Ed senz Mar 2016 #111
Yep. Nt gollygee Mar 2016 #140
Then you had better vote for Bernie in the primaries Lorien Mar 2016 #182
EXACTLY. senz Mar 2016 #186
Bill Maher is right RockaFowler Mar 2016 #6
"I simply can't vote for Clinton (or Bernie) in November" handmade34 Mar 2016 #8
I might not go that far elljay Mar 2016 #31
The adolescents are those who keep throwing crap candidates at us Fawke Em Mar 2016 #33
If you don't hold allegiance to any party why complaint about the parties' nominees? brush Mar 2016 #70
Because realism dictates that if you want a voice in the ultimate choosing of candidates, you Ed Suspicious Mar 2016 #156
I couldn't disagree more. KPN Mar 2016 #67
Thank you. Voice for Peace Mar 2016 #130
so, Bernie or Bust?? handmade34 Mar 2016 #132
I didn't say Bernie or bust. KPN Mar 2016 #171
We're stuck with our system. Not much chance for third parties or even a parliamentary system brush Mar 2016 #162
As a Briton, I resent that remark! N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Mar 2016 #199
Bill Maher is a funny guy DefenseLawyer Mar 2016 #9
first you say he's not a genius, then you demonstrate he actually is Bucky Mar 2016 #14
Whatever you say. DefenseLawyer Mar 2016 #19
Well, getting the facts right is obviously a variable Bucky Mar 2016 #21
A comedian can't work like that - audiences are too dumb Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #24
Absolutely true DefenseLawyer Mar 2016 #39
Or maybe he lacks depth Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #122
I like the guy too DefenseLawyer Mar 2016 #123
Yes you need to understand that in advance Elmer S. E. Dump Mar 2016 #124
Undecided marions ghost Mar 2016 #10
PM me in November. If it comes to it, I'll gladly swap my vote with yours Bucky Mar 2016 #15
okey dokey marions ghost Mar 2016 #22
oh no... you said the Y word!! Bucky Mar 2016 #28
meh 99Forever Mar 2016 #11
Pfff, This is DU, not Stalinist Russia Bucky Mar 2016 #17
What's your point? 99Forever Mar 2016 #36
Purge list. warrprayer Mar 2016 #76
Pass? 99Forever Mar 2016 #136
Meaning warrprayer Mar 2016 #141
Ahh. I agree 1000% n/t 99Forever Mar 2016 #145
Ya, smells like purge list to me too n/t Hydra Mar 2016 #40
Purged from this site? Or being put on ignore? kerry-is-my-prez Mar 2016 #108
Purged from site Hydra Mar 2016 #120
I don't mind. RiverLover Mar 2016 #79
I'm just a newbie here, but I'll be happy to be purged if Bernie loses IllinoisLabour Mar 2016 #86
This is a commercial site with ads - there will be no mass purge goldent Mar 2016 #127
Whatever you say. 99Forever Mar 2016 #135
you need to add another option in your poll restorefreedom Mar 2016 #12
He's not on the ballot I'm talking about. This is about the presidential race Bucky Mar 2016 #16
i don't find him to be a mere distraction restorefreedom Mar 2016 #20
Bern it down is one of the stupidest political movements I've seen in my lifetime. JTFrog Mar 2016 #18
Compared marions ghost Mar 2016 #25
Well duh. JTFrog Mar 2016 #26
Don't associate me with getting your "point" thanks marions ghost Mar 2016 #29
Except you know full well that I am not doing that. JTFrog Mar 2016 #30
You didn't say Bernie orBust marions ghost Mar 2016 #37
Well it was right there in the OP. JTFrog Mar 2016 #42
The OP said marions ghost Mar 2016 #46
Bernie or bust is a bern it down movement. JTFrog Mar 2016 #47
Go play your games with somebody else marions ghost Mar 2016 #51
That's what I thought. n/t JTFrog Mar 2016 #56
Do ya really think "Bernie or bust" and "Bern it down" are two different things? brush Mar 2016 #61
This is what we're talking about: marions ghost Mar 2016 #83
Well tells us what "Bern it down" is supposed to mean then. brush Mar 2016 #88
Neither I nor the OP used the term marions ghost Mar 2016 #91
It's the equivalent of burning down your house because of a leaky pipe. NurseJackie Mar 2016 #66
The difference in support between the second and fourth options is telling, and disturbing (nt) Nye Bevan Mar 2016 #23
Telling? Yes. 99Forever Mar 2016 #48
the thing is... handmade34 Mar 2016 #150
I support Bernie, but he doesn't own me. 99Forever Mar 2016 #154
Inclined towards #3 if my state ends up in play... Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #27
I guess I count as a Sanders supporter. dawg Mar 2016 #32
Bernie's my #1, but... IllinoisLabour Mar 2016 #34
like 2008.... RazBerryBeret Mar 2016 #35
I don't vote for labels. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2016 #38
So Trump is now the super uber essence of Anti-Christ that will destroy our entire world? Hydra Mar 2016 #41
But hey, at least the trump anti-Christ won't accept a SuperPAC buy-out of his presidency & promises RiverLover Mar 2016 #45
I might be splitting hairs here but salster Mar 2016 #44
That's like saying you'd vote either republican or Democrat. RiverLover Mar 2016 #54
No, it's not. It's saying they'll vote for the Dem candidate uppityperson Mar 2016 #75
I think that's "m supporting neither, but would ultimately vote for either" uppityperson Mar 2016 #74
There's another option actually TexasBushwhacker Mar 2016 #50
That describes me. vintx Mar 2016 #52
*raises hand* Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #53
Me too TexasBushwhacker Mar 2016 #60
Sadly, many who think they live in solid red or blue states, actually don't. dawg Mar 2016 #63
That's true, especially when voter turn out is low n/t TexasBushwhacker Mar 2016 #65
Exactly my situation. Kalidurga Mar 2016 #80
That's me. I live in CT. The D will win my state bigwillq Mar 2016 #90
+1 dana_b Mar 2016 #165
I think he means 'democrats' whatchamacallit Mar 2016 #57
Hillary will do just fine without a single vote from DU. Lil Missy Mar 2016 #58
Thank you! That's it exactly! NurseJackie Mar 2016 #64
We're not saying we support Trump IllinoisLabour Mar 2016 #71
Exactly. I don't care if 80 DUers say they wont vote for her and wont waste time trying to convince stevenleser Mar 2016 #176
As of the time I write this, 39 people who simply cant vote for Hillary, who Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #59
Actually, its just the opposite. We're done capitulating to conservatives wrecking this country. RiverLover Mar 2016 #72
Which has nothing, at all, to do with what happens to this country if any GOP is elected, period Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #73
Indeed. n/t JTFrog Mar 2016 #81
Mahr thought Bush and Gore were the same. Motown_Johnny Mar 2016 #62
Where's the option for "Please stop posting/prying about voting in November?" merrily Mar 2016 #68
I will vote for whoever the people select for the democratic nominee. Salviati Mar 2016 #69
I'm sick of loyalty pledges, and that potato-nosed islamophobe can kiss my ass. Scootaloo Mar 2016 #77
At this moment I am in a "wait a see, one day at a time" mood. n/t Hiraeth Mar 2016 #78
Eye opening poll. Thanks Bucky oasis Mar 2016 #82
Dozens and dozens of Sanders supporters who refuse to vote for Clinton, not ONE Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #84
Yes it does say VOLUMES marions ghost Mar 2016 #87
I will be voting for Bernie, but my conscious wont allow me not to do what he will be doing Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #89
Millions are living as 2nd or 3rd class citizens now marions ghost Mar 2016 #95
You missed where I said I was voting for Bernie. Difference between you and me is I will do Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #96
I do have a conscience and a heart marions ghost Mar 2016 #102
It's plain to see, all Hillary supporters are TRUE Democrats. oasis Mar 2016 #93
True liberals, is more like it. The harm from all of the candidates on the other side Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #94
Three Scalia clones looking down from the SC bench should be oasis Mar 2016 #99
Yeah, Wall Street-friendy justices would be preferable. senz Mar 2016 #109
Let's just suppose the nominee ain't Bernie. The question of oasis Mar 2016 #119
Work even harder to get Bernie nominated. senz Mar 2016 #125
More likely they just can't conceive that their candidate might not win the nomination Scootaloo Mar 2016 #114
You'll have to excuse me while I adjust from the spin. oasis Mar 2016 #121
Just who parachuted in to give Obama his win in 2008? oasis Mar 2016 #138
Indeed it does. grossproffit Mar 2016 #110
And I think that Sanders has run a horrible campaign and has really poorly thought out ideas on how Number23 Mar 2016 #117
+1 great white snark Mar 2016 #147
And I have been as underwhelmed and unimpressed with him as I can be. And I'd STILL vote for him Number23 Mar 2016 #148
That is what I am talking about. Thank you for the injection of common sense. Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #184
Yup. Tell you all you need to know. nt stevenleser Mar 2016 #178
Says volumes about CANDIDATE ACCEPTABILITY. senz Mar 2016 #187
I feel Bill Maher is an ass. n/t Peregrine Took Mar 2016 #85
I'm just glad... quickesst Mar 2016 #92
i agree. If people are going to allow a President Trump or President Cruz things are out of hand. kerry-is-my-prez Mar 2016 #97
Hillary Clinton scares the hell out of me... No idea WHO she is or WHAT she stands for... AzDar Mar 2016 #98
I think it's pretty clear IllinoisLabour Mar 2016 #101
Every time she opens her mouth another lie comes pouring out. kas125 Mar 2016 #133
Once again, people need to know that their poll answers could be used to ban them. senz Mar 2016 #103
What a statement.........! marions ghost Mar 2016 #104
Okay, this is good practice in being misunderstood senz Mar 2016 #107
OK thanks for DUsplaining marions ghost Mar 2016 #118
As usual, I like everything you say senz Mar 2016 #129
OK senz marions ghost Mar 2016 #137
This was the case before usernames were visible in polls. joshcryer Mar 2016 #152
I express my true beliefs with every comment I make senz Mar 2016 #160
I understand dana_b Mar 2016 #166
If HRC wins primary, we have illusion of choice. Jackilope Mar 2016 #105
Can't support HRC? Slap yourself Matrosov Mar 2016 #106
Yep. grossproffit Mar 2016 #112
A vote...and that is all. NMSteveC Mar 2016 #153
We could avoid all this nonsense by going full force NOW on Bernie's nomination senz Mar 2016 #113
What nonsense are your referring to? (nt) RelativelyJones Mar 2016 #115
I know Bernie, I love Bernie handmade34 Mar 2016 #159
exactly - thank you! dana_b Mar 2016 #167
i'm with bill. PRIORITY ONE IS WINNING! i grew up. dukakis lost. kerry "lost". pansypoo53219 Mar 2016 #116
He also talks just like Trump regarding Islam . . . but he is a good comedian pdsimdars Mar 2016 #126
Bernie or Bust movement is real. Proud member of it, along with my hubby. peacebird Mar 2016 #128
for people who "CANT" vote for Hillary or Sanders MFM008 Mar 2016 #131
Again with the ageism? Do you just copy and paste the same thing repeatedly? ebayfool Mar 2016 #144
+1 dana_b Mar 2016 #168
And this is word for word ALL she posts. On every thread, whether it's on topic or not! She's 57 ... ebayfool Mar 2016 #169
of course!! dana_b Mar 2016 #190
1) Hill is 68 years old. 2) Bernie has 100% record on animal rights. senz Mar 2016 #172
Bill confuses some issues here. basselope Mar 2016 #134
02:45 PST and no Clinton supporters are yet willing to hand the oasis Mar 2016 #139
I'm not comfortable with this poll, OrwellwasRight Mar 2016 #142
Currently, 47% of Sanders supporters will refuse to vote for Hillary (the current Dem front runner) kerry-is-my-prez Mar 2016 #143
I COULD vote for Clinton in November, Blue_In_AK Mar 2016 #146
This result surprises me after the Trump protest. joshcryer Mar 2016 #149
I refuse to place my name on that for fear that my response could implicate me in a purge of one Ed Suspicious Mar 2016 #151
That people are afraid to vote on a poll online... joshcryer Mar 2016 #155
This message was self-deleted by its author Ed Suspicious Mar 2016 #157
WOW... Thank you to Bernie and Hillary supporters who are not behaving like pouty children. Firebrand Gary Mar 2016 #158
You would PAY to MINE the the site to locate and remove commenters? senz Mar 2016 #170
I'll throw in an extra $100. Most of the reasonable Clinton/Sanders people are no longer here. kerry-is-my-prez Mar 2016 #173
Some actually think "Democratic Party" should stand for something senz Mar 2016 #177
Well until some other party comes along that can actually win I will stick to the Dem Party. kerry-is-my-prez Mar 2016 #196
Exactly. Firebrand Gary Mar 2016 #185
Howard Dean has been in the Clinton camp since 2014. senz Mar 2016 #197
It is a moot point anyway! Facts are facts. marew Mar 2016 #161
True colors are showing. And they aren't pretty. RiverLover Mar 2016 #164
We Can Survive the Trump Presidency ... srobert Mar 2016 #163
You might be able to survive a Trump presidency ... Onlooker Mar 2016 #180
Many Sanders supporters have enough privilege to do well in a Trump presidency hack89 Mar 2016 #174
Yup. woolldog Mar 2016 #194
There is a missing option Mufaddal Mar 2016 #175
I read a comment that mentioned UglyGreed Mar 2016 #179
Thom Hartmann also does not allow critiques of Hillary. senz Mar 2016 #191
Liberals will be just fine. The DNC establishment needs to be destroyed Lorien Mar 2016 #181
Sanders supporter; could vote for Hillary mvd Mar 2016 #183
As of today 34% of DU members won't vote for Clinton according to the poll andym Mar 2016 #188
How many refused to answer honestly to avoid being purged from DU? senz Mar 2016 #192
True, its closer to 40%, maybe higher. Dem2 Mar 2016 #195
Sanders supporters saying they won't vote for HRC are pathetic. woolldog Mar 2016 #189
I doubt this poll reflect Sanders supporters not on DU Bucky Mar 2016 #198
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