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117. We all count more or less the same
Sun Mar 27, 2016, 09:14 AM
Mar 2016

We each have one vote.

What is it with the victim complex? How does it attract any votes? I'm certainly not changing to Bernie so some DU poster won't feel like a victim. Like the OP. Do people really think politics is about them and everyone else catering to them? If people need personal attention they need to get it from their personal relationships. A political party is not effective for that.

That depends on how long you hang around after Sanders concedes. Only you have that answer. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #1
I love my new DU - Ignore Edition -- welcome to the list SoLeftIAmRight Mar 2016 #7
Then you're not here to truly debate. Off to your bubble. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #9
A lot of people aren't here to debate. And many that do want to debate morningfog Mar 2016 #41
I don't have anyone on ignore and have done nothing that justifies being ignored. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #44
No one cares whether you have anyone on ignore. morningfog Mar 2016 #95
Other than your asshole response to the original poster? HERVEPA Mar 2016 #107
What was it about my response that offended you specifically ? Trust Buster Mar 2016 #112
Condescending and Sanders conceding bullshit. But you knew that. HERVEPA Mar 2016 #113
That's my opinion. You're too sensitive. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #114
It's called taunting. Unnecessary, immature, and stupid. HERVEPA Mar 2016 #118
Not taunting at all. It reflects the math. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #119
Your wording is taunting. Get a clue. HERVEPA Mar 2016 #120
And I think you're being too thin skinned. This is a political forum. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #121
Taunting sucks anywhere, political forum or not. HERVEPA Mar 2016 #122
Using the term "concede" in regards to a losing candidate is not taunting. It reflects the math. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #123
Oh just -- ---- -------- HERVEPA Mar 2016 #125
Oh, yes. Bam! JudyM Mar 2016 #88
Yesterday, I noticed that the tread I was reading had scores of posts, but 1monster Mar 2016 #73
If I'm not mistaken, I believe the ignored named OP do appear on the front page. (if that person 2banon Mar 2016 #98
Yes, but these are showing up in GDP and Greatest Forums. It's no 1monster Mar 2016 #99
I think that's what happens.. not sure. 2banon Mar 2016 #102
Skinner's blanket amnesty reset all those who had been on time-out. Since so many were Hillarians Kip Humphrey Mar 2016 #126
You cannot have things both ways hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #8
The song remains the same, only you can determine how long you'll be a Democrat. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #10
Are you here to discuss or to throw slogans and talking points at me? hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #13
Sanders is only a Democrat for this campaign. If you feel the same about yourself, then you Trust Buster Mar 2016 #17
Sanders is a FDR Democrat, just because the Democratic party angstlessk Mar 2016 #24
No, he was registered Independent until he needed the DNC infrastructure for his campaign. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #26
Be is more of a Democrat, as I recall what is a Democrat angstlessk Mar 2016 #27
Why exactly is that a problem? revbones Mar 2016 #31
He's insulted and belittled the Democratic party mythology Mar 2016 #42
Hmmm revbones Mar 2016 #89
And they don't deserve it? tech3149 Mar 2016 #108
So what? Voting for a label? Give me a break. snowy owl Mar 2016 #38
A label ? Do you know what it takes to develop a party infrastructure ? Do you know how Trust Buster Mar 2016 #39
Just like your local country club snowy owl Mar 2016 #47
So I take it that your comment about sticking around wasn't meant as a jab? hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #30
Look, I can only speak for myself. I value those that are Democrats and don't hack away at Trust Buster Mar 2016 #37
It's what passes for "debate" these days Fairgo Mar 2016 #20
Those that brag about the size of their ignore list aren't tolerant of different opinions. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #28
Uninformed opinions are like styrofoam peanuts Fairgo Mar 2016 #33
Wow, you sure told me. Enjoy your self segregation. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #35
That's a steaming load. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #50
Party over principle... HumanityExperiment Mar 2016 #21
I totally agree...Eisenhower looks like a lefty compared to todays Democrats! angstlessk Mar 2016 #25
review of DU posts... HumanityExperiment Mar 2016 #36
So is this election about you or the millions of Latinos and Muslims Trump will round up Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #51
That has nothing to do with what I said hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #58
Right or wrong, are you one of those who cant vote for Hillary? Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #59
Then what are you doing here? hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #60
Why am I here supporting both Democratic candidates? Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #61
No. Why are you in this discussion? hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #62
Oh that, yeah, you are right, I am sick and tired of people who dont care Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #63
I still don't see what that had to do with my comments. hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #65
Your post begins with the word "I" - that and the content of the post I assumed you Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #70
Several others have asked me about myself hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #76
Still all about you. Not just you, not picking on you, but every single one of you Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #78
Follow this link hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #81
You could have and should have said that right up front. This is not a game, but to some Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #82
I agree that this is not a game hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #87
You have proven your point Boomer4Bernie Mar 2016 #106
Oh! So you hate puppies? H2O Man Mar 2016 #92
Actually, I STILL don't think he's a big D Democrat. Adrahil Mar 2016 #75
Conceding requires losing the nomination - something that is as yet uncertain. Betty Karlson Mar 2016 #16
Thank you.... daleanime Mar 2016 #101
Welcome Redditee .... Trajan Mar 2016 #2
Same here. Guess we count for squat. GreenPartyVoter Mar 2016 #3
We all count more or less the same treestar Mar 2016 #117
Those comments are coming from people who whine that jillan Mar 2016 #4
Not all. I don't care if Sanders endorses Hillary or not. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #11
It wouldn't help anyway. dchill Mar 2016 #29
Whatever. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #32
This is primary battle banter on the internet - don't take it too seriously blm Mar 2016 #5
Principle over party... RepubliCON-Watch Mar 2016 #6
Have you been through the super secret initiation? Armstead Mar 2016 #12
From reddit? Lemme guess, you previously supported Ron Paul? Metric System Mar 2016 #14
No. hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #15
Yes, reddit is the hive mind. Goblinmonger Mar 2016 #45
Ad Hominem Boomer4Bernie Mar 2016 #110
You're using an intellectually dishonest argument. DisgustipatedinCA Mar 2016 #116
Something you and Bernie have in common then.... pkdu Mar 2016 #18
What were you registered as before and why? Who did you LuvLoogie Mar 2016 #19
I will not answer those questions hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #46
Well most Bernie supporters feel that theirs is the more principled choice. LuvLoogie Mar 2016 #67
That's sensible hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #72
My short response is that it matters more why an elected official LuvLoogie Mar 2016 #86
Who has said you were a worthless nobody? Tanuki Mar 2016 #22
hell I've been a Dem all my life...and after five minutes on DU with some Hillary people... tokenlib Mar 2016 #23
Lovely sentiment. Rec. MerryBlooms Mar 2016 #49
A lot of nasty Hillary supporters here. Typical stuff from the right wing. Broward Mar 2016 #34
another plug for principle over party snowy owl Mar 2016 #40
Policy over labels. /bye VulgarPoet Mar 2016 #64
Damn right I'm an emotional voter. My husband's friends just lost her SSI, and my son liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #77
You say that as if it's a bad thing. Broward Mar 2016 #80
How long after becoming a democrat should I consider myself a worthless nobody? DJ13 Mar 2016 #43
I've been a Democrat since I turned 18 in 1981 MerryBlooms Mar 2016 #48
Isn't Bernie still running as an Independent ? OhZone Mar 2016 #52
Yes and yes, but he is keeping his word about not risking a 3rd party run for president Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #71
Well, that's good! OhZone Mar 2016 #84
To me, the question to ask is "Why are you only a Democrat now?" guillaumeb Mar 2016 #53
Me too!! dana_b Mar 2016 #54
The fact that Bernie Sanders monicaangela Mar 2016 #55
Immediately if you are a Sanders supporter. NorthCarolina Mar 2016 #56
I am a member of the Democratic Party because i believe in the party. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #57
"Politicians come and go" 2banon Mar 2016 #109
Lets see...what kind of Democrat will you be after Bernie loses the Primary Sheepshank Mar 2016 #66
You cannot have things both ways hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #79
until the primary ends 0rganism Mar 2016 #68
That's a good take on it I think. snowy owl Mar 2016 #97
Right. Just forget about decades of the New Deal, civil rights, labor rights, baldguy Mar 2016 #69
Fact: The ACA passed because like thousands of times before Bernie voted with onecaliberal Mar 2016 #74
Bernie Sanders has had Democratic values Duppers Mar 2016 #83
Funny. I've been a Democrat since 1960. MineralMan Mar 2016 #85
You have to absolutely guarantee that you will vote for any (D) without question. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2016 #90
He was Independant until a few months ago... XRubicon Mar 2016 #91
Interesting question & thread. H2O Man Mar 2016 #93
right, the party that's shriveled to, what, 26% of the electorate? MisterP Mar 2016 #96
"Amendment King", co-founded largest Democratic caucus in house....nt blueintelligentsia Mar 2016 #94
From me the life time Democrat you are worth a hell of a lot jwirr Mar 2016 #100
Pretty sure that the Democratic Party will be adopting most of Bernie's platform... DemocracyDirect Mar 2016 #103
And you and he both won't be won tomorrow if he loses. Yeah, we got that. nt Jitter65 Mar 2016 #104
I am a Democrat and choose to Jenny_92808 Mar 2016 #105
Infiltrators Boomer4Bernie Mar 2016 #111
I have always been a Democrat treestar Mar 2016 #115
Well I was a Democrat for well over 40 years Autumn Mar 2016 #124
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