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19. They still haven't discussed the most pressing issue humanity faces: CLIMATE CHANGE
Sun Mar 27, 2016, 01:24 PM
Mar 2016

every debate so far has avoided it. If Hillary wants us to support her if she rigs the primary, then she had better be clear about how she's going to combat climate change.

We had enough debates. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #1
A real progressive candidate, sound on the issues and of moral character, would never duck a chance ThePhilosopher04 Mar 2016 #7
Feel better? hrmjustin Mar 2016 #8
Truth telling always feels good. senz Mar 2016 #26
Of course. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #29
Yeah, why should Bernie give Hillary all that publicity and lend her his coattails? Kip Humphrey Mar 2016 #10
Because she lost every one? libtodeath Mar 2016 #11
I think not. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #17
Funny that her camp has been the one looking to have debates in obscure times and as few as possible libtodeath Mar 2016 #20
She is winning so I would say no. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #24
In which case you would favor more debates. senz Mar 2016 #28
I do not. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #31
What a sad position you have to take. libtodeath Mar 2016 #39
Oh well. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #43
I will look for your posts when we have a president trump or cruz. libtodeath Mar 2016 #46
Let us all say it together; hrmjustin Mar 2016 #50
Madam President Hillary Clinton!!!...n/t asuhornets Mar 2016 #62
. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #63
Even though she trails cruz in polls? libtodeath Mar 2016 #68
Don't take General Election polls to seriously. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #69
That crazy fool should not poll even 25% against her at this point libtodeath Mar 2016 #70
If you know yours you would know all Republicans get at leadt 45% of the vote. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #71
Enough eh? HumanityExperiment Mar 2016 #13
Sanders uses the debate to attack her so why should she bother? hrmjustin Mar 2016 #18
Maybe because she should actually have a program to promote? libtodeath Mar 2016 #21
Wow... HumanityExperiment Mar 2016 #23
Losing ground? If Hillary lises NY I would be worried but that won't happen. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #27
We will see... HumanityExperiment Mar 2016 #30
She has gained ground in New York. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #32
New York is practically in the bag for Hillary. Aerows Mar 2016 #64
CA will be a big fight. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #66
Oh, so backwards. senz Mar 2016 #35
The poor guy! hrmjustin Mar 2016 #37
You laugh at decency and honor senz Mar 2016 #45
I will go confess my sin of not worshipping Sanders now. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #48
Nothing she does bothers you. senz Mar 2016 #57
I never said that. If you time to read my posts over the years you would know that is not true. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #61
Watchu mean "we"????? ljm2002 Mar 2016 #22
Nice to see a Hillary supporter admit she is not trustworthy. Good for you and your honesty. A Simple Game Mar 2016 #56
Speaking of dishonest. hrmjustin Mar 2016 #58
I think this is an awfully big assumption, sadly. TDale313 Mar 2016 #2
"I get the sense many don't give a damn about consistency from her." desmiller Mar 2016 #65
The better question is, Why shouldn't she? The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2016 #3
Someone suggested in an OP that if she ducks the NY debate, Sanders should challenge Trump. DisgustipatedinCA Mar 2016 #4
Trump would go for it marions ghost Mar 2016 #16
Trump does not want to be 1X1 with either one of them Trenzalore Mar 2016 #49
Are you kidding Politicalboi Mar 2016 #5
+10000000000000000000000000000000000000 Faux pas Mar 2016 #9
The Hillary group doesn't expect or demand trustworthiness. lumberjack_jeff Mar 2016 #6
Yep. Plato's Cave. n/t libdem4life Mar 2016 #33
Yes. I find it horrifying. senz Mar 2016 #47
I don't care if they debate again BernieforPres2016 Mar 2016 #12
I don't care either way, but Hillary's numbers always go up after a debate Lucinda Mar 2016 #14
So she should duck a debate with Sanders in New York? marions ghost Mar 2016 #15
I think the debate about the debate is whether it will be in PA or NY Trenzalore Mar 2016 #51
Sounds good to me marions ghost Mar 2016 #67
They still haven't discussed the most pressing issue humanity faces: CLIMATE CHANGE Lorien Mar 2016 #19
A poster in the used car sales group asks why she should be bothered to close the deal as customers Vote2016 Mar 2016 #25
Keeping her word may be a foreign concept. highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #34
Hillary wanted and was given more debates when she needed help thebeautifulstruggle Mar 2016 #36
Yes. DWS did all she could to stack the deck unfairly in Hill's favor. senz Mar 2016 #38
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nt slipslidingaway Mar 2016 #53
If she backtracks and then goes on to win the nomination as expected, Broward Mar 2016 #40
He would be between a rock and a hard place senz Mar 2016 #42
If she wins the nominations asuhornets Mar 2016 #72
Since early in 2015 Bernie people ere have been telling us how Hillary should run her campaign. upaloopa Mar 2016 #41
Please notice the last line of my OP awake Mar 2016 #52
The more they debate, the better Bernie does. SheilaT Mar 2016 #44
If she refuses to debate, her new "bird" symbol should be the duck Liberty Belle Mar 2016 #54
Ducks are too sweet. For the 1%, the vulture. senz Mar 2016 #60
She sounds worse with each debate Merryland Mar 2016 #55
I prefer Town Halls radical noodle Mar 2016 #59
Locking tammywammy Mar 2016 #73
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