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149. It's not a marriage where there are only two people
Sun Mar 27, 2016, 08:23 PM
Mar 2016

It is many people pulling together and that involves compromise.

Cannot believe that illogic that would say that. "The people" only means "me". How can a party commit to you when it is made up of diverse people. Who agree or disagree with you on various issues.

The party is not one person. It is a bunch of people. it is not made up solely of the leaders. It is all of us. If you find the party contains people with intolerable views then you have to set up a new party.

Both types have pros and cons Recursion Mar 2016 #1
I think closed primaries embolden the two party system GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #4
Yup. nt artislife Mar 2016 #43
So, why not join the Party and change it's philosophy from the inside? brooklynite Mar 2016 #49
Because I ultimately want to end this two party system madness... GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #51
...and yet, here you are at DEMOCRATIC Underground. brooklynite Mar 2016 #56
Thank Bernie Sanders for that nt GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #58
So in other words asuhornets Mar 2016 #117
It's his vote. He gets to do as he pleases, and as the system allows. Bubzer Mar 2016 #172
Very nicely said... FarPoint Mar 2016 #80
Are you aware that many here are not democrats? There is no requirement that posters Autumn Mar 2016 #93
I'm well aware of that...I just don't understand why you'd want to. brooklynite Mar 2016 #120
Why shouldn't we be here? Like Sanders we have always supported democrats. Autumn Mar 2016 #121
Ours was closed, Blue_In_AK Mar 2016 #113
In 2002 Republicans crossed over to unseat a sitting Congresswoman in Georgia. onehandle Mar 2016 #2
Further details please? UtahJosh Mar 2016 #6
We're still waiting... GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #61
Cynthia McKinney is "mythical" to you? Recursion Mar 2016 #65
Cynthia McKinney's opponent went on to win the GE. So how did anybody spoil anything? nt GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #95
Ask onehandle; I wasn't terribly sad about that outcome Recursion Mar 2016 #97
You are from GA? You haven't been paying attention very long redstateblues Mar 2016 #156
This message was self-deleted by its author Recursion Mar 2016 #62
McKinney. It's still fairly recent history, at least to a geezer like me (nt) Recursion Mar 2016 #64
Because this on primary is all that matters Gwhittey Mar 2016 #3
Because when all of the American people are allowed to vote votesparks Mar 2016 #5
Only Democrats should be allowed to select our nominee. That's not even debatable IMO. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #7
Who gets to decide who is a Democrat? dogman Mar 2016 #10
No, it's called registration status. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #11
Yes, I register when I choose which ballot I want. dogman Mar 2016 #15
It shows no commitment to the Party. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #20
No Party owns anybody's vote. dogman Mar 2016 #24
In a general - yes, in a primary - no. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #26
So we must adhere to your purity test? dogman Mar 2016 #28
We're talking about state party rules. No need to make this personal. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #31
Apparently many state parties don't. dogman Mar 2016 #38
What makes 6 months better than 5? hellofromreddit Mar 2016 #50
6 months is my opinion. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #53
so if you excite people to become Democrats after 6 months Pat Riots Mar 2016 #124
As do I vdogg Mar 2016 #177
If a person wants to help decide who the Democrats run in the general election . . . brush Mar 2016 #135
This message was self-deleted by its author dogman Mar 2016 #162
They love oaths artislife Mar 2016 #44
See my response #81 LuvLoogie Mar 2016 #82
Why should anyone commit to the party when the party won't commit to the people they supposedly -none Mar 2016 #68
In my state of Ohio, I saw interviews of Democrats voting for Kasich to hurt Trump. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #74
But Republicans voting for Hillary because they know they can beat her is OK? -none Mar 2016 #76
Republicans fear Clinton. They would love Sanders. The commercials practically write themselves. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #78
Prove your claim. RichVRichV Mar 2016 #106
Start with this... ConservativeDemocrat Mar 2016 #146
Bwahahahaha! RichVRichV Mar 2016 #153
! blue neen Mar 2016 #158
It's not a marriage where there are only two people treestar Mar 2016 #149
EvenObama is laughing at your post. -none Mar 2016 #161
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #16
Can't Republicans run a concerted effort to reregister people to spoil a closed primary? nt GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #19
Yes, that's why it's better to have registration deadlines. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #21
That is why New York has their system. LuvLoogie Mar 2016 #81
That is the New York Democratic Party's right. dogman Mar 2016 #86
I don't paint Bernie supporters as right-wing. LuvLoogie Mar 2016 #90
Is that a fact you can prove? dogman Mar 2016 #99
Look at the vote totals in open primaries versus closed LuvLoogie Mar 2016 #154
What incredible nonsense. hedda_foil Mar 2016 #165
They cross over not because they think Bernie will be easier to beat, LuvLoogie Mar 2016 #170
This message was self-deleted by its author LuvLoogie Mar 2016 #169
The individuals themselves Renew Deal Mar 2016 #27
Not in my State. dogman Mar 2016 #32
Yes. They're all different. Renew Deal Mar 2016 #33
That is correct for that election. dogman Mar 2016 #39
It wouldn't be debateable if... votesparks Mar 2016 #25
this x 100000000000000 nt Pat Riots Mar 2016 #125
What nonsense. basselope Mar 2016 #96
Open primaries are an opportunity for opposition parties to high jack... dubyadiprecession Mar 2016 #8
How so? Don't Candidates need the support of Independents to win General Elections? GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #9
They can vote whichever way they wish in the general. Primaries are much different. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #13
Primaries are intended for party supporters to decide their candidate. LiberalFighter Mar 2016 #67
or the party to could be open to new supporters instead assuming it is all sabotage nt Pat Riots Mar 2016 #126
Wow, that's pretty high. I think this election is opening up some eyes Karma13612 Mar 2016 #159
So take your Party and go home? dogman Mar 2016 #12
Are you serious ? Trust Buster Mar 2016 #14
Are you? dogman Mar 2016 #17
Um, the Democratic Party (composed of Democrats) decides who represents the Democratic Party. randome Mar 2016 #30
Don't be surprised when the democratic party loses when they ignore 43% of the electorate nt GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #34
Which leaves a majority of 57% LiberalFighter Mar 2016 #69
57%? Gwhittey Mar 2016 #73
This message was self-deleted by its author LiberalFighter Mar 2016 #123
Not in the General it doesn't. hedda_foil Mar 2016 #166
Republicans feel the same way. They want repugs deciding who their . . . brush Mar 2016 #137
The point is: Who are Democrats? dogman Mar 2016 #45
Well, it sort of seems to me, for the sake of accuracy and organization, that... randome Mar 2016 #70
This message was self-deleted by its author dogman Mar 2016 #88
Maybe it's because you have commitment issues, then. randome Mar 2016 #105
Been there, done that. dogman Mar 2016 #122
Try registering to vote and checking the Democratic Party box. brush Mar 2016 #136
It's hard when there is no Democratic box to check. dogman Mar 2016 #163
I registered voters in my state and there is the option to declare your party . . . brush Mar 2016 #168
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2016 #22
MY father claimed to do this...he held one local union office or another throughout his working life HereSince1628 Mar 2016 #98
In NY STATE, party affiliation for already registered is six months deadline, longest in Karma13612 Mar 2016 #160
Very good question. Karma13612 Mar 2016 #18
Bernie chose to join the Dem party to run, why can't other independents? brush Mar 2016 #139
I agree that we should have people join. Karma13612 Mar 2016 #148
Yes. 6 months is too long. brush Mar 2016 #150
A 6 month deadline for registration is quite reasonable IMO. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #23
If my independent taxpayer money has to go to fund party primaries... GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #40
I feel differently. I only want committed Democrats deciding our nominee. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #41
Well then, Bettie Mar 2016 #79
They fear the people who choose not to belong to a political party. Op[en primaries are Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2016 #29
No, I don't want Republicans trying to win the general by voting for Sanders in a primary. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #42
Republicans are not the ones voting for Sanders. -none Mar 2016 #75
Republicans like Limbaugh actually have a name for it. It happens. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #77
I'll give you the example of my state strategery blunder Mar 2016 #138
They fear their own grassroots as well. artislife Mar 2016 #48
Just cut out the middle man DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2016 #35
That makes too much sense, you subversive you. brush Mar 2016 #140
Because they want to ensure the establishment wins shawn703 Mar 2016 #36
I'm a strong advocate for semi-open caucuses. Totally open leads to crossover skulduggery occurring Kip Humphrey Mar 2016 #37
Caucuses are outdated really. Most people don't have time to spend 3 or 4 hours . . . brush Mar 2016 #141
Arizona might disagree as well. Kip Humphrey Mar 2016 #142
You do know that the repugs in Maricopa county closed polling sites from 200 to 60 brush Mar 2016 #144
Everybody should be allowed to vote for whomever they choose. Period. FULL STOP! pinebox Mar 2016 #46
bravo! Viva_La_Revolution Mar 2016 #87
"Not a dimes worth of difference"? Start your own party redstateblues Mar 2016 #155
Sure. pinebox Mar 2016 #167
You got it right!!!!! No whining from me!! Karma13612 Mar 2016 #157
same thing the establishment types have against a people's movement. hobbit709 Mar 2016 #47
We are selecting the Democratic nominee for the Democratic party. DCBob Mar 2016 #52
The Primaries are funded by the taxpayers... I think any who wish should have a say GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #54
So you agree that Indepoendents shouldn't have participated in yesterday's Party Caucuses. brooklynite Mar 2016 #60
States provide methods for other parties to have their own primary or caucus. LiberalFighter Mar 2016 #71
In this reply, you are parroting almost EVERY RWNJ website. Raine1967 Mar 2016 #151
Losing, lol. morningfog Mar 2016 #55
I don't like either open primaries or caucuses, regardless of who wins them. Beacool Mar 2016 #57
Letting people choose whom to vote for is undemocratic? dogman Mar 2016 #89
That's the point, many people cannot caucus for various reasons. Beacool Mar 2016 #94
People also cannot vote for various reasons. dogman Mar 2016 #102
Caucuses take hours. Most people don't have that kind of time anymore. brush Mar 2016 #143
Unless there is an unopposed candidate MichMan Mar 2016 #59
We have a horrible problem with closed primaries in Florida. Fuddnik Mar 2016 #83
The solution is better Dem candidates MichMan Mar 2016 #84
DWS actively discourages "better Dem candidates" down here. She likes fellow DINOs. djean111 Mar 2016 #133
I don't have a candidate, but I support closed primaries on principle Orangepeel Mar 2016 #63
That would be fine if the government would stop supporting the two party system. dogman Mar 2016 #91
Both Hillary and Bernie supporters support what's best for the candidate. Onlooker Mar 2016 #66
The answer to your question . . . . pdsimdars Mar 2016 #72
How many times does this have to be repeated? baldguy Mar 2016 #85
When you disparage 26% of the electorate automatically.... GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #92
Picking between the hairsbreath difference between Clinton & Sanders baldguy Mar 2016 #103
I see, how dare I have reservations about a Democrat... I must be a Right Winger... GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #108
No, every criticism of Clinton isn't a RW attack - just those that were thought up by RWers. baldguy Mar 2016 #109
but that 1% criticism is a big one! Pat Riots Mar 2016 #129
This message was self-deleted by its author Pat Riots Mar 2016 #130
You call it 'disparaging' to expect Democratic Party voters to select their candidates? randome Mar 2016 #104
This isn't a sport game... I refuse to take a pledge of fealty... GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #107
What is "Bernie or Bust" other than a demand for fealty? baldguy Mar 2016 #110
You don't get to decide the values and judgements... GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #112
There you go with the RW propaganda again. baldguy Mar 2016 #114
not based on lies, based on history Pat Riots Mar 2016 #131
DLC not DNC nt Pat Riots Mar 2016 #132
The fact that Clinton haters can't tell the difference speaks volumes. baldguy Mar 2016 #134
that sounds cut and pasted- and confusing the DNC for the DLC is hilarious. bettyellen Mar 2016 #145
Well wait to cast your vote in the general since you don't belong to a party. brush Mar 2016 #147
the party's been on a careful reducing plan to leave it with only those who'll literally take any MisterP Mar 2016 #100
I think Democrats should pick the Democratic candidate. I don't want Republicans lunamagica Mar 2016 #101
the purpose of a primary is to determine the party's nominee DrDan Mar 2016 #111
Independent voters hate Hillary. She loses when she has to go beyond her elderly Democrats base Vote2016 Mar 2016 #115
We Independents are hated almost as much as Republicans. They hate that Democratic liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #116
I'm torn. Closed primaries make more sense but my candidate does better in open ones. pampango Mar 2016 #118
oh hell, they don't even want an open party. They'd like to toss half of us from the party. Live and Learn Mar 2016 #119
1972 RandySF Mar 2016 #127
Not really sure they mind it at all d_legendary1 Mar 2016 #128
I want our Democratic nominee to be picked by Democrats. What is so hard to understand about that? upaloopa Mar 2016 #152
Why do Sanders Supporters want the possibility of Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos"? SFnomad Mar 2016 #164
I'm a Hillary supporter and have nothing against open primaries DesertRat Mar 2016 #171
I think there are good reasons for either system, but I really wish every state did it the same gollygee Mar 2016 #173
Looks like somone just got awarded a time out from jury-duty: Bubzer Mar 2016 #174
Someone alerted my post? I am amazed because I try to be respectful when commenting GeorgiaPeanuts Mar 2016 #175
FEAR !! pangaia Mar 2016 #176
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