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35. Actually libertarians span the full spectrum
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 12:11 PM
Apr 2016

Though their right flank is well...loud. This also explains why they were the fastest growing party, but then hit a wall. The Lane the leaders picked is not precisely one that they can hope to compete with the market worshippers in both business parties.

Fixed your summation Dem2 Apr 2016 #1
You seem to be confused over who's scorching the earth RandySF Apr 2016 #2
You are either delusional or dishonest. eom PufPuf23 Apr 2016 #25
"If Bernie loses, I won't vote for Hillary" isn't a scorched earth strategy? baldguy Apr 2016 #3
Do you guys get a bonus for first response lame rubber glue comments without reading the Dragonfli Apr 2016 #6
Actually .. cannabis_flower Apr 2016 #36
Well...that is not Bernie's doing. PatrickforO Apr 2016 #45
She has already crossed that line for many. onecaliberal Apr 2016 #4
Unfortunately /nt Dragonfli Apr 2016 #21
This is Bernie's exit strategy. DURHAM D Apr 2016 #5
More rubber glue reverse Rovian crap, you guys are reading the same email aren't you? Dragonfli Apr 2016 #7
What email? DURHAM D Apr 2016 #8
Don't be so coy, the obvious exact same reversal of the talking point just happen to occur to you Dragonfli Apr 2016 #13
There's only one candidate claiming perpetual victimhood in this race. frylock Apr 2016 #30
There is a fourth elephant which people who populate this site nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #9
Good point Nadin, well worth mentioning Dragonfli Apr 2016 #15
Yeah, I think Ryan is in the wings along with his buddies, the Koch Nay Apr 2016 #18
That whole "unify the party later" plan is going to fail, big-time. arcane1 Apr 2016 #10
Agreed, that's why I think she should reconsider it, for everyone's good, even hers. /nt Dragonfli Apr 2016 #19
Actually Sanders calling Hillary unqualified was far worse than what she did ... Onlooker Apr 2016 #11
if H wins the primary,her supporters will be eaten alive with "frustrated rage." wendylaroux Apr 2016 #32
If the party cannot be taken back from the corporate pigs FlatBaroque Apr 2016 #12
Due to realignment the D side of FDR is dead nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #17
You and I both agree where they have been going ever since the Republican party Dragonfli Apr 2016 #20
And history training nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #22
It does tend to show patterns including party's changing over time, and history tends to repeat nt Dragonfli Apr 2016 #23
We are in the sixth party realignment nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #24
We've never had a Fascist Theocratic coalition party before, this realignment leaves no room Dragonfli Apr 2016 #27
I know nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #29
I think they will do much better, if (as is unfortunately likely) Clinton wins the nom Dragonfli Apr 2016 #33
Actually libertarians span the full spectrum nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #35
I agree they go from far left to far right when one understands what the term means and it's history Dragonfli Apr 2016 #40
You are correct nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #41
I have some acquaintances who have FB avatars & siglines elsewhere .... Myrina Apr 2016 #14
co-opting Sanders' line of "Love Trumps Hate" is part of the "unify the party later bit" /nt Dragonfli Apr 2016 #16
Great original OP Dragonfli. Thank you. PufPuf23 Apr 2016 #26
You're quite welcome, but if I wrote what you think it's only because I wrote the obvious. /nt Dragonfli Apr 2016 #28
Hillary Clinton is cultivating the same hatred of her within the Democratic base as she enjoys with Kip Humphrey Apr 2016 #31
Please identify the "scorched earth" tactic. Jitter65 Apr 2016 #34
Blaming Sanders for the deaths at sandy hook is the start, but more is planned Dragonfli Apr 2016 #38
I think it's already too late the FDR version of democratic party is indeed dead PFunk1 Apr 2016 #37
Actually Nadin made a similar point as you and she makes good observations Dragonfli Apr 2016 #39
She did. I was just trying to expand and add my two cents on it. PFunk1 Apr 2016 #42
I very much agree with you on that. /nt Dragonfli Apr 2016 #43
kick for the afternoon crowd /nt Dragonfli Apr 2016 #44
Kick. CrispyQ Apr 2016 #46
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