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2016 Postmortem

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Bobbie Jo

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34. Wow
Mon Apr 18, 2016, 01:42 PM
Apr 2016

Thank you, CD and jury.

Dear alerter: If you only knew what I have done for a living for the last 28 years, you would understand just how ridiculous this assertion really is.

i hesitate to post a facepalm smile for obvious reasons.

Thanks again.

Game Changer [View all] angrychair Apr 2016 OP
In a Comma FreakinDJ Apr 2016 #1
Thank God she wasn't in a semicolon. nt COLGATE4 Apr 2016 #12
. Bobbie Jo Apr 2016 #14
Jury Results for a ROFL smiley Cali_Democrat Apr 2016 #27
Wow Bobbie Jo Apr 2016 #34
I think you mean "in a coma" Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #16
Hillary did what was expected of her by the justice system COLGATE4 Apr 2016 #2
Good call angrychair Apr 2016 #6
I know lots and lots of lawyers, since I've been COLGATE4 Apr 2016 #11
Which is fine beedle Apr 2016 #7
It bothers ne that she opted to take this case as a favor karynnj Apr 2016 #13
There was no 'charade of justice' here. Unlike TV shows, criminal cases COLGATE4 Apr 2016 #18
But she took this case as a favor. Because they wanted a woman. She said so herself DebDoo Apr 2016 #20
So? Doesn't make it any less of a court-assigned case COLGATE4 Apr 2016 #35
She said in the interview posted below that she took the case as a favor. DebDoo Apr 2016 #22
Yes. As I already said, she took the case because it was an assigned case AND COLGATE4 Apr 2016 #33
So what? Hillary said it regardless. Avalux Apr 2016 #24
I get a huge chuckle out of people who have no idea what COLGATE4 Apr 2016 #32
Yes I know...I know, I'm stupid and judgemental according to you. Avalux Apr 2016 #36
Fine. That's entirely your prerogative. But don't try and morally COLGATE4 Apr 2016 #42
So my point of view is wrong? How judgemental of you. n/t Avalux Apr 2016 #45
No different than what you're pushing. COLGATE4 Apr 2016 #47
Maybe so from a technical standpoint but disgusting nonetheless. She had a choice and chose ThePhilosopher04 Apr 2016 #38
She did not 'trash' the victim. She pointed out facts to the court COLGATE4 Apr 2016 #39
She trashed her. Spin it however you want. ThePhilosopher04 Apr 2016 #40
Spoken like a person who has absolutely no idea COLGATE4 Apr 2016 #43
I have a very good idea. It is what it is. ThePhilosopher04 Apr 2016 #44
Now there's an answer full of meaning and COLGATE4 Apr 2016 #48
Exactly. ThePhilosopher04 Apr 2016 #49
She laughed about it and bragged about pleading him down to 2 months jail despite knowing he did it. Bonobo Apr 2016 #3
sociopath reddread Apr 2016 #4
Could YOU recount that story without a sense of guilt or without showing signs of feeling troubled? Bonobo Apr 2016 #8
the Hillarity of a 12 year old being raped? reddread Apr 2016 #9
That should go over well with women voters (and fathers with daughters). Skwmom Apr 2016 #5
All you need to know about Clinton here ---> ChisolmTrailDem Apr 2016 #10
This need to be it's own thread! Seeinghope Apr 2016 #19
It is, and it's trying to die. I will be kicking it all day. See it here... ChisolmTrailDem Apr 2016 #21
What happened to that little girl: "In her interview with The Daily Beast, she recount DebDoo Apr 2016 #15
There goes my nonexistent career in politics. DefenseLawyer Apr 2016 #17
You don't have to give a thousand reasons, just post this video: ChisolmTrailDem Apr 2016 #23
Same here democrattotheend Apr 2016 #30
Okay, I'll Do It PCPrincess Apr 2016 #25
Sorry angrychair Apr 2016 #28
so who will receive your vote if Clinton wins the nomination? Jeffersons Ghost Apr 2016 #26
If I have to read about Bernie's "rape fantasies" a billion times, this is fair game Prism Apr 2016 #29
GAME CHANGER! Bernie said women fantasize about being raped. I can't vote for that! nt BreakfastClub Apr 2016 #31
Oh, Jesus Prism Apr 2016 #37
Some do. Lizzie Poppet Apr 2016 #46
Was she the defense lawyer? nadinbrzezinski Apr 2016 #41
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