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2016 Postmortem

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Thu Apr 21, 2016, 12:34 PM Apr 2016

This year, Hillary only got 1,054,083 votes. She actually got 14,413 fewer than she got in '08. [View all]

Bernie won 763,469 which is 12,450 more than Obama received in 2008.

Altogether, Democrats received 1,817,552 votes.



Hillary's share of the votes DECREASED SLIGHTLY THIS YEAR.

If Hillary were really a strong candidate, the candidate we need, she would have won by a much larger margin in her "home state," the state she has represented in Congress.

Fact is, Hillary did not do that well.

Democrats are still way ahead in New York, but Hillary is not as popular among Democrats as she was in 2008.

And Bernie is more popular in New York than Obama was -- both in raw numbers and in percentages. The differences are not uuuge, but they are there. There were more candidates in the contest, but still, Obama only won 40.3% of the votes, 751,019 raw votes to Bernie's 42% or 763,469 raw votes

Bernie is a very, very strong candidate. No one should underestimate him.

Hillary is weaker than she was in 2008, and she was not popular enough then.

And thanks to New York's disenfranchising election laws, Hillary probably did better than she would have had more people who were not registered as Democrats by the October deadline been able to change and join the Democratic Party before election day.

Feel the Bern!

Cause from these numbers, I'd say that voters in New York are feeling it much more than the election numbers show. And more than they felt the Obama fever.

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Every time you paint Hillary as a bad candidate, it makes Bernie look evern worse for losing to her. CrowCityDem Apr 2016 #1
+1000! IamMab Apr 2016 #12
Voter suppression helps her a lot. basselope Apr 2016 #14
In Hillary's "home state?" JDPriestly Apr 2016 #24
It was Bernie's home state, so he said. Keep telling yourself a 16 point loss is a win. CrowCityDem Apr 2016 #33
Bernie's home state in that it was his birth state, but Hillary's state in that she represented JDPriestly Apr 2016 #37
Why not spin it as Bernie is a better candidate than Obama? Oh, that's right, he's not. CrowCityDem Apr 2016 #42
Facts are facts. Bernie did better in New York than Obama did. It's the numbers, not my opinion. JDPriestly Apr 2016 #45
The numbers aren't wrong. They just don't mean very much. CrowCityDem Apr 2016 #50
And yet, unlike Obama woolldog Apr 2016 #54
She has artificial "advantages" while he has authentic populist strength. senz Apr 2016 #57
Yeah, the "artificial" advantage of being Secretary Of State, and the single most respected woman. CrowCityDem Apr 2016 #60
SOS via post-election deal. Clumsy, reckless, disastrous results. "Respected" via power. senz Apr 2016 #61
Interesting! 👍 WhaTHellsgoingonhere Apr 2016 #2
A lot of voters were caught in the registration dump -- at least 20,000. Buzz Clik Apr 2016 #3
Well hell, in that case Jackie Wilson Said Apr 2016 #4
Sanders outspent Clinton by several million dollars. Obama didn't spend any money on ads here. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #5
It's Clinton's home state. She had a huge advantage supposedly from the get-go. JDPriestly Apr 2016 #17
58-42 in the state with the second most delegates. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #30
Yeah, that's one difference between now and then. Orsino Apr 2016 #48
So its Bernies home state and he outspent her 2-1 MattP Apr 2016 #6
He hasn't lived there for 50 years... Human101948 Apr 2016 #43
So 2008 Hillary will get to be Prez? JoePhilly Apr 2016 #7
Mediocre rationalization impresses nobody. onehandle Apr 2016 #8
Almighty straws I grasp at thee!!! nt Codeine Apr 2016 #9
Facts are facts. Numbers are numbers. JDPriestly Apr 2016 #22
A 1.35% decrease is meaningful to you? Codeine Apr 2016 #59
Let's agree for the sake of argument that it is "noise." JDPriestly Apr 2016 #62
And we can always count on the Peanut Gallery for some nutty rejoinder... Human101948 Apr 2016 #44
He was brilliant because he lost. I don't think he can afford much more brilliance... LanternWaste Apr 2016 #10
This is not about his "losing." It's about her "winning" with fewer votes than she received in 2008 JDPriestly Apr 2016 #63
Give her time. kstewart33 Apr 2016 #11
HRC can't win the general -- that's the bottom line. nashville_brook Apr 2016 #13
They don't understand that. basselope Apr 2016 #15
they will. nashville_brook Apr 2016 #19
Hopefully they will learn... basselope Apr 2016 #23
after their gloating over election fraud/suppression in NY, they're unfortunately not going nashville_brook Apr 2016 #34
A nice little sub-thread of "Democrats" hoping the Democratic nominee loses the General Election. JoePhilly Apr 2016 #40
a nice little post that disingenuously misrepresents the sub-thread nashville_brook Apr 2016 #49
Looks like you'd like Hillary to lose so we all "learn our lesson". JoePhilly Apr 2016 #53
It's not a matter of hope, it is a matter of, there is no way for her to win. basselope Apr 2016 #55
She will win. JoePhilly Apr 2016 #56
That's the point! JDPriestly Apr 2016 #18
precisely! and i lurve how nashville_brook Apr 2016 #21
Lol, what a sad, sad number-wrangling exercise that was Tarc Apr 2016 #16
Fact is, Hillary's numbers went DOWN this year, not up. JDPriestly Apr 2016 #20
Poor l'il poppet Tarc Apr 2016 #25
The drop in the bucket, and I agree the margins are small, shows that Hillary, in her home JDPriestly Apr 2016 #29
Contrast a white, rural open primary state with a multicultural closed one? Ok... Tarc Apr 2016 #32
There are a lot of white, rural states in America. JDPriestly Apr 2016 #64
The MSM is reporting a blowout win Skink Apr 2016 #47
In other words statistical noise mythology Apr 2016 #26
In other words, voting trends. JDPriestly Apr 2016 #27
+ 1 JoePhilly Apr 2016 #41
K/R! So Sanders is tracking better than Obama, who won!!! CentralCoaster Apr 2016 #28
It's good news that we can talk about in the states that are yet to vote. JDPriestly Apr 2016 #31
If you compare all states, he's way in the hole compared to Obama last time Zynx Apr 2016 #36
None of this matters very much because Bernie lost Texas and Florida 2-1. Zynx Apr 2016 #35
#berniemath!...nt SidDithers Apr 2016 #38
Damn. Arizona and Brooklyn! WhiteTara Apr 2016 #39
60 precincts in areas that went heavily for Hillary seem to be unreported still Dem2 Apr 2016 #46
You didn't include Hillary's vote percent LiberalFighter Apr 2016 #51
People ignored this. northernsouthern Apr 2016 #52
Thanks, JD. Hill supporters are trying to psyche us out. We should ignore their lies senz Apr 2016 #58
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