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30. It's not just between you and her
Mon Apr 25, 2016, 11:26 AM
Apr 2016

you have to vote according to your best interests, not make personal demands. This Earn My Vote theme makes you likely to vote or not vote, in contradiction of your own interests, over a personal struggle with Hillary that will never happen as Hillary will not single you out to satisfy you, nor would any other candidate.

This whole theme of Earn My Vote makes a person look egotistical and not really understanding of politics. That is about us pulling together to decide how we govern ourselves. It is living with others in peace even though we differ.

Well said! These work for me too. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2016 #1
Excellent. SheilaT Apr 2016 #2
And she can also release the transcripts The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2016 #3
Sounds fair enough nt JSup Apr 2016 #4
maybe but how long will it last after she's had your vote? azurnoir Apr 2016 #5
Yeah, we all know she is an expert at paying lip-service. Svafa Apr 2016 #28
Point is she cannot even do that authentically. A simple "I was wrong." snowy owl Apr 2016 #41
Kick & Recommend! grntuscarora Apr 2016 #6
Nice list, but I would not trust Hillary to follow through on anything she says. djean111 Apr 2016 #7
+100 840high Apr 2016 #53
I am not sure she will ever get the bernie independent and republican crossover votes jimmy_crack_corn Apr 2016 #8
Will you settle for some diluted lip service and CYA statements? Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2016 #9
Answer: no. Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #12
There is plenty she could do to earn my vote too. She won't though. silvershadow Apr 2016 #10
Hillary lost my vote in the 80's only neither one of us knew it yet. Kalidurga Apr 2016 #11
Good luck with HRC doing any of that. GoneOffShore Apr 2016 #13
You sure those are Clinton's votes/actions? casperthegm Apr 2016 #24
Good list, but you left out most of her record as secretary of state: Blue Meany Apr 2016 #39
Then Bernie should say: I was wrong to vote for the 1994 crime bill that I'm criticizing now. pnwmom Apr 2016 #14
He's not the one distrusted by 57 % of the voters. Sauce for the goose is not sauce for the horse. Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #15
He would be if Rethugs across the country had spent more than 30 years throwing mud at him. pnwmom Apr 2016 #18
Careful, lady. Implying that someone is a GOP-er/ Trump-humper is still a breach of the TOS on DU. Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #20
I said no such thing, lady. n/t pnwmom Apr 2016 #58
If you believe that all criticism of Clinton has no more substance than the Benghazi hearings, Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #61
"70 % of voters to her left." You really are living in a dreamworld. n/t pnwmom Apr 2016 #62
No. Reality is a nightmare, not a dream. eom Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #64
Excellent point Dem2 Apr 2016 #21
Post removed Post removed Apr 2016 #56
Clinton could say all this today bvf Apr 2016 #16
Sorry, but "unequivocal" is not a weasel word. Scuba Apr 2016 #17
Hence its importance. Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #19
And hence Hillary will never use it. Scuba Apr 2016 #23
that got my laugh! oldandhappy Apr 2016 #51
Those are some demanding demands, you got there. kstewart33 Apr 2016 #22
I know exactly how much Clinton's supporters care about me. Clinton made that clear some months ago Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #25
It was a stupid mistake on Clinton's part. kstewart33 Apr 2016 #40
She and her supporters lost me and many others by first saying then laughing off those horrific Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #46
^and Bluenorthwest speaks for me too. ^ eom Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #47
And that poster will not reply because that poster already did the job in dismissing your post Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #59
That's funny, knowing what is at stake, all she has to do to win my vote is have a D after Jackie Wilson Said Apr 2016 #26
No: the lesser of two evils is still evil. Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #32
Like I said, been around, know the difference between the two. Jackie Wilson Said Apr 2016 #34
Actually: the difference is now so little that moderate Republicans may vote for Clinton Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #36
Cease to function? I wish, truly I do. You do understand something else would replace it. Jackie Wilson Said Apr 2016 #38
With respect, but given a choice between being screwed and being screwed with lube Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #45
Trump up to his old tricks?????? Mike12074 Apr 2016 #27
My distrust has nothing to do with right-wing talking points. It's to do with Clinton's record. Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #29
I don't demonize Clinton - I just call her a liar and a corporate tool demwing Apr 2016 #35
Lets see...a liar and a corporate tool Demsrule86 Apr 2016 #55
Of course you think it unfair demwing Apr 2016 #60
It's not just between you and her treestar Apr 2016 #30
"egotistical"? Are we really going there? Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #33
It will take much more to gain my trust demwing Apr 2016 #31
Then vote for Bernie. kstewart33 Apr 2016 #43
What you're describing is "epiphany." dchill Apr 2016 #37
BernieSanders was against gay marriage in 2005 - 2006. eom asuhornets Apr 2016 #42
Yeah - and Clinton was still opposing equal rights when in office. Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #48
LOL - Jury Results Maru Kitteh Apr 2016 #44
Thanks for letting me know that someone is temporarily suspended from alerting privileges. Betty Karlson Apr 2016 #49
No, but I did stay at a Holiday In Express. Maru Kitteh Apr 2016 #50
Will not happen. But I admire your list. oldandhappy Apr 2016 #52
I would not be blackmailed Demsrule86 Apr 2016 #54
Hmm. Words are meaningless in determining trust. Actions are what counts. Skwmom Apr 2016 #57
We're talking about someone who will say anything to get elected. Unicorn Apr 2016 #63
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