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2016 Postmortem

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Thu Apr 28, 2016, 07:55 PM Apr 2016

Is a war with Iran imminent under Hillary Clinton as president [View all]

Hillary has threatened to nuke Iran(and South Asia). And, she threatened to attack Iran many other times - as late as October 2015. She said if she were president we would go to war with Iran. Do you believe that if Hillary Clinton is president, a war with Iran is imminent?

"In 2008, she promised if elected president to “obliterate” Iran if it attacked Israel—even if the United States was unthreatened and Congress had not authorized war: “I want the Iranians to know, if I am the president, we will attack Iran... And I want them to understand that... we would be able to totally obliterate them [to retaliate for an attack on Israel].”


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A war with Iran is imminent if Hillary is president.
37 (80%)
A war with Iran is not imminent if Hillary is president - could happen but who knows?
7 (15%)
I don't know either way
2 (4%)
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A war with *someone* is imminent. Smarmie Doofus Apr 2016 #1
She seems to enjoy war on a visceral level.[n/t] Maedhros Apr 2016 #26
It's a business opportunity dflprincess Apr 2016 #29
Lots of dead bodies, torn body parts, wrecked minds and broken families. Smarmie Doofus Apr 2016 #32
Nothing like loading the potato with all sorts of crapola. That's a real meal.... nt MADem Apr 2016 #2
Agreed. Also, those that believe the loaded push poll with the links, their predictions have not still_one Apr 2016 #27
The bottom line is this, though--all the angry, dire flailing ain't gonna change the result. MADem Apr 2016 #34
Yes. She's on record saying she'd prioritize Israel's needs (war with Iran) riderinthestorm Apr 2016 #3
She helped create the Iran Nuke Treaty. JaneyVee Apr 2016 #4
She demanded to break it two week later and threated to attack Iran. That was in Oct 2015. Unicorn Apr 2016 #7
Don't forget her vote also helped create Isis. timmymoff Apr 2016 #35
Imminent? Maybe/maybe not. But, certainly more likely than now. Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2016 #5
No but Trump will abrogate the Iran nuclear agreement. Military action will be his go-to response. pampango Apr 2016 #6
Is a new outbreak of Ebola imminent Control-Z Apr 2016 #8
Another deflection by using a deflection. artislife Apr 2016 #10
War... Carolina Apr 2016 #9
She has stated that the Iranians are our enemy. Soooo, that would be a yes. War is... ChisolmTrailDem Apr 2016 #11
You really need a logic 101 refresher. Focus on "if , then statements" nt pkdu Apr 2016 #12
When she was SOS I used to listen to her argue for going to war with Iran and that wasn't an if. Unicorn Apr 2016 #13
From your own OP..."if they attack Israel".... pkdu Apr 2016 #14
I'm trying to tell you the history of it. Unicorn Apr 2016 #17
She's a war monger. Splinter Cell Apr 2016 #15
Yes, if Iran fired nukes at Israel, as your link says Onlooker Apr 2016 #16
She said she would attack Iran if she even thought they were making nukes. Unicorn Apr 2016 #18
Links Unicorn Apr 2016 #36
Here it is: Clinton says she would not hesitate to attack Iran if it breaks nuclear deal Unicorn Apr 2016 #39
Oh FFS... SidDithers Apr 2016 #19
The same people on DU who think Hillary would start that war ... JoePhilly Apr 2016 #20
she's too much of a hawk for my tastes.. i think because she is a woman she wants to appear tough... dionysus Apr 2016 #30
I never for a second thought Obama was going to war with Iran. TheFarseer Apr 2016 #31
The IQ of DU will triple once the primaries are over hack89 Apr 2016 #21
I don't think I've seen a better snapshot of how far DU has fallen into idiocy than this thread. TekGryphon Apr 2016 #22
I know what you mean RobertEarl Apr 2016 #38
Well said... SidDithers Apr 2016 #45
I don't have the feeling about Hillary and Iran i had about Bush and Iraq. However, she seems to Baobab Apr 2016 #23
Warplanes would be in the air within 30 seconds of Netanyahu's order. / FlatBaroque Apr 2016 #24
And just in time, we have the draft ready for that woman card Kittycat Apr 2016 #25
She will advocate for ketchup on hotdogs and gin martinis. LuvLoogie Apr 2016 #28
bernie's been voting for all those MIC loving spending bills. if she does she will have his full msongs Apr 2016 #33
No, because we can't afford it, not along with 10 Billion more for the drug war. Warren DeMontague Apr 2016 #37
I wouldn't put it past her buddy Netanyahu to false flag us into that one. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2016 #40
I've lost count of how many times someone on DU has predicted war with Iran is imminent onenote Apr 2016 #41
Would Bernie Sanders let Iran get the nuclear bomb BlueStateLib Apr 2016 #42
Better OP title: "Iran out of Hillary Clinton smears!!!!1111" betsuni Apr 2016 #43
She will placate detractors on the Right with a lot of sabre-rattling... Orsino Apr 2016 #44
Who's left in the Axis of Evil? n/t Holly_Hobby Apr 2016 #46
When someone wants to start a fight, they'll invent an enemy and then beat the drums of war. nt TheBlackAdder Apr 2016 #47
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