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233. As compared to Bill's 11 trips on the Lolita Express
Tue May 3, 2016, 05:26 AM
May 2016

The taxpayer watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Tuesday that it filed suit for the costs of U.S. Secret Service protection of former President Bill Clinton when he rode on convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's private jet, dubbed the "Lolita Express."

The group filed suit after the Department of Homeland Security failed to comply with a prior Freedom of Information Act request from earlier this year.

According to news reports, the former president took several flights on the jet to the Epstein's island, and at least on one was accompanied by "4 secret service," according to a flight logbook first reported on by Gawker.com.


“Flight logs on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet puts Bill Clinton sharing a ride with a pornstar, as well as a woman who procured underage hookers for the billionaire.”

Bill Clinton has been snared in the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile sex scandal. Flight logs from Epstein’s private jet, dubbed the “Lolita Express,” showed Clinton to be a frequent flyer along with a madame who allegedly hooked up Epstein with underage girls.

Clinton allegedly was on board at least a dozen flights with a woman whom federal prosecutors believe procured underage girls to sexually service Epstein and his friends, according to Gawker, which unearthed the flight logs.

Among other names unearthed in the flight logs are former Treasury Secretary and Harvard president Larry Summers, supermodel Naomi Campbell and scientist Stephen Pinker, according to Gawker.

If Clinton had sexual relations with an underage girl he could face severe penalties, even if the sex act took place outside the United States.

Photo caption: Former President Bill Clinton spent five days with Chantae Davies (inset) flying on the ‘Lolita Express,’ Epstein’s private plane. She was described as a masseuse. (Photos: Getty/Facebook)

I'm sorry, you were saying something about trolling the other day? n/t lumberjack_jeff May 2016 #1
Probably, but that image sort of caught my eye, you know. MineralMan May 2016 #5
What's creepy is you reading something out of nothing. pacalo May 2016 #68
Not the first time at this rodeo. Hassin Bin Sober May 2016 #111
You pull up a THREE year old post to make a very weak point against someone? George II May 2016 #128
They've proven time and time again that this is how they roll. stevenleser May 2016 #187
No, sport-o, it is to identify hypocritical creeps who troll the internet FlatBaroque May 2016 #275
Nope, my original comment is accurate. nt stevenleser May 2016 #282
Creepy to the max. pacalo May 2016 #170
Ewwwwwwww!!! nt Bonobo May 2016 #185
That's all they got. Chasstev365 May 2016 #177
Absolutely! pacalo May 2016 #183
This message was self-deleted by its author shadowandblossom May 2016 #221
Would these people be equally accepting if that was Bill Clinton? It would be all over LBN! George II May 2016 #131
I'd have picked the cloth-covered part too. n/t lumberjack_jeff May 2016 #7
Not me. My arm would be at my side, MineralMan May 2016 #25
If she cozied up to you like she did here & your arm was by your side it would actually be touching JudyM May 2016 #96
Yeah, you'd be elbowing her breast that way from the side jberryhill May 2016 #155
Not a lot to choose from. CincyDem May 2016 #217
Yes, that is creepy. Agnosticsherbet May 2016 #2
Really? Beauty is in the eye of the holder. Eleanors38 May 2016 #103
I didn't realize there were so many provincial thinkers here. The 60s-80s died. This OP = Envy! TheBlackAdder May 2016 #255
What utter bullshit. dchill May 2016 #3
Rather hilarious, coming from the camp that made Hotsaucegate into a thing Tarc May 2016 #17
Given his history with his three wives... scscholar May 2016 #99
Oh please go there please TM99 May 2016 #133
nice gop talking points MariaThinks May 2016 #157
My ass. TM99 May 2016 #165
his writings? sheshe2 May 2016 #216
He's only had 2, the mother of his child wasn't married to him. synergie May 2016 #136
Looks like it was a choice between hip/ass and bare flesh BeyondGeography May 2016 #4
Not really. HIs arm could just hang down. MineralMan May 2016 #8
She is the one leaning into him! peace13 May 2016 #54
This thread is going to go from bad to worse BeyondGeography May 2016 #60
Consider the source passiveporcupine May 2016 #192
You've been flirting with the ignore button for a long time. Fuddnik May 2016 #92
PLUS ONE! nuff said. chknltl May 2016 #302
I get that you may not pose for many pictures with strangers... Chan790 May 2016 #142
MM would be "hover handing" Bonobo May 2016 #186
He could always not touch her at all Renew Deal May 2016 #152
Um, that's her hip. FSogol May 2016 #6
Yah, that's what my mother used to call a butt, too. MineralMan May 2016 #11
My grandma had a much repeated saying about "not knowing your ass from a..." , you probably know the FSogol May 2016 #62
You should be ashamed of yourself for this OP. PufPuf23 May 2016 #173
What century were you born in? passiveporcupine May 2016 #194
Oh I dunno. Puglover May 2016 #299
I never saw that one passiveporcupine May 2016 #304
Because it's there! immoderate May 2016 #9
Where would yours be? TheCowsCameHome May 2016 #10
Though the OP does speak volumes to the level of "discourse" here. nt villager May 2016 #14
Mine would be at my side. MineralMan May 2016 #15
That would be the safe way to do it. Algernon Moncrieff May 2016 #116
Where would his be? I don't know but I know where it should be. A Simple Game May 2016 #280
Why is his hand on fabric instead of skin? RadiationTherapy May 2016 #12
Precisely! ozone_man May 2016 #207
He's compensating for not getting to ride on AF1 The Velveteen Ocelot May 2016 #13
Some people are gonna see what they want to see but she looks happier than he does lol nt NWCorona May 2016 #16
MineralMan--you've really fallen a long ways. panader0 May 2016 #18
+10 99th_Monkey May 2016 #36
Given the starting point, not sure he had all that far to fall. Karmadillo May 2016 #84
He used to be even-handed. Now he's gone completely-- panader0 May 2016 #94
+100 Locrian May 2016 #89
You should see the stuff he posted before he came here. n/t QC May 2016 #112
Yep. Most of the new people have no idea. nt ChisolmTrailDem May 2016 #196
Most of the Puglover May 2016 #285
True. n/t QC May 2016 #295
Some was after. The one where he posted Hillary was too stupid to be president was in 07 Autumn May 2016 #208
+1 G_j May 2016 #149
he really has sunk to the bottom questionseverything May 2016 #168
Well, he didn't start from very high up... ChisolmTrailDem May 2016 #195
+1000 FreakinDJ May 2016 #239
This says more about you SalviaBlue May 2016 #19
Stupid Bull Shit. He was trying to not put his hand on her skin. You will go after any thing. bkkyosemite May 2016 #20
You can't blame Bernie for this. The REAL question is where was Hillary to stop this?!?! wyldwolf May 2016 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author Armstead May 2016 #22
I declaredthis to be "HIPGATE" and request...nay, DEMAND...an immediate FBI inquiry! Tarc May 2016 #23
WHY is the FBI dragging their feet on the Hipgate investigation? IamMab May 2016 #53
Lol shadowandblossom May 2016 #224
Why is your mind in the gutter? Tierra_y_Libertad May 2016 #24
no kidding....it is the post that is creepy virtualobserver May 2016 #87
"See how long my fingers are?" OilemFirchen May 2016 #26
Not surprising KingFlorez May 2016 #27
Bernard has the hands of a saint, and cannot actually feel the ass. Maru Kitteh May 2016 #28
LOL! MineralMan May 2016 #32
OMG Tarc May 2016 #61
THANK YOU :) Maru Kitteh May 2016 #64
He only put his blessed hand there to heal her hemorroids NastyRiffraff May 2016 #138
Hip hemorrhoids? polly7 May 2016 #141
I just laughed so hard I cried a little shadowandblossom May 2016 #228
Devine has declared the Pope agrees with this post uponit7771 May 2016 #180
hahaha! Thanks for the laugh. :-) nt BreakfastClub May 2016 #205
This photo is even creepier! imagine2015 May 2016 #29
Ewwwwwww lagomorph777 May 2016 #91
Yeah, who knows where her hands are? passiveporcupine May 2016 #199
Mineral Man sinks to new low. Bluenorthwest May 2016 #30
Isn't it creepy. If he molested her with a cigar, that would be one thing, but posing for a photo? Attorney in Texas May 2016 #40
Good point about cigars Urchin May 2016 #113
Bill's got a new humidor ready for the oval office! Divernan May 2016 #235
In his defense, the primaries are over. onehandle May 2016 #31
Hmm...maybe you're right... MineralMan May 2016 #34
There are slim choices for a side hug there.... jberryhill May 2016 #33
Arm and hand at his side. MineralMan May 2016 #37
Yeah right jberryhill May 2016 #45
How narcissistic of you TM99 May 2016 #134
Great point! passiveporcupine May 2016 #200
Well healthy people don't do this TM99 May 2016 #203
Is he wearing CORPORATE tennis shoes?? R B Garr May 2016 #160
New Balance ... American made. corporate, yes ,,,, but probably the most PC tennis shoe out there Hiraeth May 2016 #212
lol, I recognized the New Balance logo. p.s., I think this thread R B Garr May 2016 #248
Did I ever tell you I was going to do such? Forgive me for forgetting to do so. My bad. I will Hiraeth May 2016 #258
LMAO! I did like your other name better.... R B Garr May 2016 #264
seriously? shireen May 2016 #35
I'm thinking that the Clinton supporters might not want to start any "grab ass" discussions. Attorney in Texas May 2016 #38
+1 Punkingal May 2016 #47
Because he can! I seriously doubt he gave her a squeeze or anything. If he's just barely if at all brewens May 2016 #39
Well, it is a still photo, of course, so who can say. MineralMan May 2016 #48
this thread is a joke? passiveporcupine May 2016 #202
Personally, having had a little life experience with "grab-ass"... CincyDem May 2016 #41
Still a humorous image, though, isn't it? MineralMan May 2016 #42
You ain't lived until it's with strangers in evening wear ! CincyDem May 2016 #70
Really?? lol disillusioned73 May 2016 #43
No doubt because he is a dirty old man, right? Punkingal May 2016 #44
Tom Brady sez "keep your hands off my sister" Dem2 May 2016 #46
That was her hip Sky Masterson May 2016 #49
MM, I really thought you higher than this stuff. nt TheBlackAdder May 2016 #50
Jeezus H. Krist you guys are desperate. Scuba May 2016 #51
Its not Bernie or the photo that is creepy. Look where your mind went MineralMan. tsk. tsk. aikoaiko May 2016 #52
As gropes go, that's pretty lame. Bill Clinton was so much better The Velveteen Ocelot May 2016 #55
What would you have posted if his hand was on her bare skin? cherokeeprogressive May 2016 #56
LOL Bernie wins... Brilliant Blue_Tires May 2016 #57
It's the whole creepy old man image it gives... fun n serious May 2016 #58
Get a life. tabasco May 2016 #59
A-men farleftlib May 2016 #303
His hand isn't on her behind and had it been higher it would have been on her bare midriff azurnoir May 2016 #63
I used to think you were ok... Now I think you need help. berni_mccoy May 2016 #65
What Happened to you, MM? I used to... mcranor May 2016 #66
I checked the photo we had with President Obama... brooklynite May 2016 #67
One of these days hippos are going to learn to do parkour Fumesucker May 2016 #69
you guys have no decency Vattel May 2016 #71
Looks to me like Bernie's helping support her.. jack_krass May 2016 #72
This is the worst OP I've ever seen from you. femmedem May 2016 #73
Bernie has HUGE hands. nt NorthCarolina May 2016 #74
And we all know what HUGE hands mean don't we... cherokeeprogressive May 2016 #125
God, I hope someone is at least getting paid for this RufusTFirefly May 2016 #75
It's NOT! elleng May 2016 #76
Because neither one of them probably wanted his hand on her bare skin. polly7 May 2016 #77
GMTA.... opiate69 May 2016 #184
Keep your eyes open ........ it's a new day! polly7 May 2016 #253
It took a while but..... opiate69 May 2016 #289
Ewwwwwwwwww, CorkySt.Clair May 2016 #78
You'd prefer it was Hillary in that rig? TheCowsCameHome May 2016 #82
And here I thought you were one of the serious people around here, above this petty garbage Jackie Wilson Said May 2016 #79
Bernie could have easily reached his hand around her upper arm. oasis May 2016 #80
Why is Anne V's hand on Bernie's shoulder? TheCowsCameHome May 2016 #81
This thread is silly. tammywammy May 2016 #83
Seriously? zappaman May 2016 #85
Why is Hillary's hand on this ass? Warren DeMontague May 2016 #86
Thread is won whatchamacallit May 2016 #90
Totally agree. LOL libdem4life May 2016 #105
LMFHO! Laughing my f'ing hip off! DebDoo May 2016 #132
Ha! opiate69 May 2016 #139
You wins the internets azmom May 2016 #189
+1 (NT) Eric J in MN May 2016 #214
Ha! DefenseLawyer May 2016 #262
One MEELYUN LIKES!!!! bullwinkle428 May 2016 #267
Your post...is number one. Dr. Strange May 2016 #269
MineralMan, you need to find a hobby. TheCowsCameHome May 2016 #88
Apparently his hobby... tonedevil May 2016 #130
Doozy of the year!!!!! Divernan May 2016 #231
He's not the only one. passiveporcupine May 2016 #206
This post is ass whatchamacallit May 2016 #93
Hey it's troll light central... HumanityExperiment May 2016 #95
How would that perv-buster eye of yours describe this whatchamacallit May 2016 #97
Ewwwwwww...from any physical or psychological angle. n/t libdem4life May 2016 #108
I'd describe it as Buzz cook May 2016 #123
Yeah whatchamacallit May 2016 #135
Still dancing. Buzz cook May 2016 #150
I don't whatchamacallit May 2016 #171
I'm betting you suffer from the same complaint. Buzz cook May 2016 #172
I'm a musician whatchamacallit May 2016 #175
pffft. Miley does it better. nt. polly7 May 2016 #137
come on, that is not her ass. anyway his hand is relaxed. no squeezing going on. Bill USA May 2016 #98
Oh, FFS, look at the dress. Had his hand been any higher, it would have libdem4life May 2016 #100
MM, you just lost my respect Kelvin Mace May 2016 #101
That's David Brock's hand .... nt salinsky May 2016 #102
There seems to be a few asses around here lately. JonathanRackham May 2016 #104
He didn't want to touch her bare skin... kentuck May 2016 #106
Pathetic right wing Hill-speak AgingAmerican May 2016 #107
No grabbing, just physical contact. Probably because he respectfully was trying not to put it on her highprincipleswork May 2016 #109
Because any higher and he'd be touching her skin. Urchin May 2016 #110
This message was self-deleted by its author Algernon Moncrieff May 2016 #114
Did you forget the sarcasm thingy? NV Whino May 2016 #115
He's touching fabric instead of a bare back tymorial May 2016 #117
Lame. n/t ljm2002 May 2016 #118
Maybe Bernie can learn from Trump how to touch a woman. Karmadillo May 2016 #119
sure. Cheese Sandwich May 2016 #120
The options appear somewhat scanty to me. stone space May 2016 #121
Post removed Post removed May 2016 #122
What a creep op. Vote2016 May 2016 #124
Pretty offensive of him if you ask me. George II May 2016 #126
Because libodem May 2016 #127
Somebody else put his hand on her ass? MoonRiver May 2016 #261
It's not her *ss, & he's put it in the only polite place she's left him to put it snot May 2016 #129
Post removed Post removed May 2016 #140
Wow! you recommended your own post. How gauche. panader0 May 2016 #143
Because running for president has its perks? (nt) Nye Bevan May 2016 #144
Not as many as being President does. frylock May 2016 #181
Yep. Nye Bevan May 2016 #182
Ok. Not a Sanders supporter, but he had to find some clothes to rest his hand, not bare skin. Nt seabeyond May 2016 #145
You've demonstrated that one doesn't have to be a Sanders supporter to have some good sense. Jim Lane May 2016 #218
I know!!!! I know!!! JoePhilly May 2016 #146
He's doing his Bill Clinton imitation. nt Live and Learn May 2016 #147
Who invited Bernie's hand to her ass? How did it get there? How much did it cost? frylock May 2016 #148
He's leading from behind. Renew Deal May 2016 #151
It is the only place he can reasonably rest his hand Bettie May 2016 #153
Nice muckraking there. Jester Messiah May 2016 #154
Your thoughta are creepy. 840high May 2016 #156
You win! This is the silliest thread so far today. Congratulations! eom mikehiggins May 2016 #158
that's too familiar. At the very least, he needs to be smarter than that. MariaThinks May 2016 #159
Absolutely creepy OP. BlindTiresias May 2016 #161
Creepy post from a guy KPN May 2016 #162
Rec for a quiet Monday night. riversedge May 2016 #163
Is This Your Brock Audition? pmorlan1 May 2016 #164
shows me where your mind is. sadoldgirl May 2016 #166
Whoa. kstewart33 May 2016 #167
Hillary supporters minds are in the sewer AgingAmerican May 2016 #169
My guess. There is cloth where his hand is... NCTraveler May 2016 #174
So much fail. And you're not even gonna delete it? vintx May 2016 #176
Bill Clinton. Enough said! Chasstev365 May 2016 #178
I would guess that he wasn't comfortable touching her skin gollygee May 2016 #179
I bet someone slept on the couch last night Tarc May 2016 #188
It's not on her ass. It's more on her hip. passiveporcupine May 2016 #190
that's not her ass, it's the area just above and he was trying to avoid touching her skin JI7 May 2016 #191
Why do DU posters entertain you on here? This post of yours is sick and twisted. Eventually the akbacchus_BC May 2016 #193
This primary has changed my perspective on many DUers I used to like and respect riderinthestorm May 2016 #197
I have to agree with you Bodhi BloodWave May 2016 #210
Yep. Warren DeMontague May 2016 #281
No, what's creepy is that you are envious of him while accusing him of being creepy. nt ChisolmTrailDem May 2016 #198
Joking right? basselope May 2016 #201
OP has never touched a woman before. ForgoTheConsequence May 2016 #204
I think we found out what's really creepy, and it's not a man with his hand resting on a womans hip Autumn May 2016 #209
Lighten up, people tirebiter May 2016 #211
It gave me a laugh, that's for sure. shadowandblossom May 2016 #226
You've made yourself look pretty damn awful with this OP. Its time to retract. phleshdef May 2016 #213
Because there's no material anywhere else. ibegurpard May 2016 #215
Brah, where else? You want him to hover hand? the fuck lol Joob May 2016 #219
Wow old man. Hands off. shadowandblossom May 2016 #220
This message was self-deleted by its author shadowandblossom May 2016 #222
In that dress, where the hell else you want him to put his hand? pat_k May 2016 #223
On her arm. shadowandblossom May 2016 #225
Here's a crazy thought; on his own wife? Tarc May 2016 #245
What a tempest in a teapot. Pacifist Patriot May 2016 #251
Good question Gothmog May 2016 #227
Hey MM! Check out Bibi's hand versus HRC's "chest area" Divernan May 2016 #229
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #230
As compared to Bill's 11 trips on the Lolita Express Divernan May 2016 #233
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #234
Welcome to DU. You missed the Golden Days/early years of this site. Divernan May 2016 #238
all Bill wanted was a nice rubdown from an underage girl TheSarcastinator May 2016 #242
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2016 #309
Anne V was obviously very happy to meet him melman May 2016 #232
Likely because he wasn't comfortable with his hand on her bare skin, so shifted it. Chemisse May 2016 #236
As a Hillary supporter, I think this OP is ridiculous auntpurl May 2016 #237
MM your posts just get creepier and creepier. Katashi_itto May 2016 #240
the moral calculus of morons TheSarcastinator May 2016 #241
And if he had had his hand on her bare skin notadmblnd May 2016 #243
It's resting on her side. I imagine he was uncomfortable latching on to flesh and, Vinca May 2016 #244
Welcome to ignore. How diappointing... Lizzie Poppet May 2016 #246
Bernie's hand is on her lower back. It's called anatomy. Skwmom May 2016 #247
I rarely look at names of posters. roody May 2016 #249
Me too Pacifist Patriot May 2016 #250
grasping at straws roody May 2016 #260
Not as creepy as this post. Smarmie Doofus May 2016 #252
Well, it's your fanfic. You tell us. n/t Orsino May 2016 #254
I don't see it and I think this OP is nonsense Nonhlanhla May 2016 #256
Get a life. DefenseLawyer May 2016 #257
Lucky for her, Bernie got there before Bill Clinton did! John Poet May 2016 #259
Let your freep flag fly. SixString May 2016 #263
His hand is almost exactly where her hand is on her hip in the lower photo. intheflow May 2016 #265
Uh, gee, his hand is where it is because he didn't want to put his hand on her bare skin bjo59 May 2016 #266
Kick. SixString May 2016 #268
Kick. SixString May 2016 #292
Kick. SixString May 2016 #300
. SixString May 2016 #305
. SixString May 2016 #307
. SixString May 2016 #306
Desperate much? Logical May 2016 #308
Once a freeper always a freeper BlindTiresias May 2016 #270
Why is MineralMan's mind on model Anne V's ass? demwing May 2016 #271
Uff da. SixString May 2016 #272
Why is MineralMan typing with one hand? whatchamacallit May 2016 #273
Now I truly need Puglover May 2016 #286
Is it okay to talk 'blow jobs' now too? beedle May 2016 #274
Why not n/t doc03 May 2016 #276
Beings as how is hand is not on her ASS madokie May 2016 #277
DU wRECk. SixString May 2016 #278
Pretty disappointing to watch you do this. Always thought you were above this crap. DFab420 May 2016 #279
Somebody is jealous n/t lancer78 May 2016 #283
I LOVE that when you do a site search for creepy MineralMan and his gross OP is gaining on Ted Cruz! Attorney in Texas May 2016 #284
Kick. SixString May 2016 #287
Bernie's new ad stone space May 2016 #288
Creepy MineralMan must be hiding somewhere, hasn't bothered to show his face in his own... ChisolmTrailDem May 2016 #290
I am certain that there are creepier men on the internet than MineralMan/ FlatBaroque May 2016 #297
And your point is? We're not talking about other creepy men on the internet. We're talking about.. ChisolmTrailDem May 2016 #298
Kick. SixString May 2016 #291
Wow, for someone who has spent the whole campaign claiming to be respectful about both candidates Kentonio May 2016 #293
IDK Why is your head up your's? n/t leeroysphitz May 2016 #294
And to think I had some respect for you as a Hillary supporter, coyote May 2016 #296
How often has his hand rested on bare flesh TexasMommaWithAHat May 2016 #301
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