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29. It was like an open orchid on the internet
Thu May 5, 2016, 12:03 AM
May 2016

Isn't that lovely? An open orchid for all hackers to admire. I bet they had some great laughs around the world. Goddamn. The stupid. It really hurts.

About Guccifer's new hacking claim [View all] paulthompson May 2016 OP
Thanks, Paul. K&R. nt antigop May 2016 #1
You need at least a 3-tier server construct with multiple firewalls to semi-secure the backend. TheBlackAdder May 2016 #65
thanks for the review, Paul. grasswire May 2016 #2
a big thank you, Paul! bbgrunt May 2016 #3
Thank you!!! K&R!!!! haikugal May 2016 #4
Good info Bob41213 May 2016 #5
For what it is worth, before Guccifer came over, he said in an interview he shared the emails Samantha May 2016 #6
Where did you hear that? paulthompson May 2016 #18
This is not the article but is something else I read earlier I found very interesting Samantha May 2016 #40
Postscript: "Breaking: Hillary Clinton Put Spies' Lives At Risk" from Observer/News and Politics" Samantha May 2016 #45
Key words: emulatorloo May 2016 #53
key words. the content. it is out there. check Sunday for his interview on nbc. she really screwed roguevalley May 2016 #70
Do you want to make this an OP? grasswire May 2016 #92
This is one of the most explosive things I have read on this subject Samantha May 2016 #103
I have had some loss of sleep lately, too. grasswire May 2016 #104
and I will try to back you up Samantha May 2016 #105
Samantha, I went at it sort of obliquely. grasswire May 2016 #106
You did good, kid. I already posted an entry and I am fired up and ready to go Samantha May 2016 #107
Paul, this article mentions that Guccifer shared emails with Russia 2cannan May 2016 #48
I read that, too. Wish 840high May 2016 #20
The technical ignorance of the Hillbots is astounding. BillZBubb May 2016 #7
Indeed In_The_Wind May 2016 #57
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service Reter May 2016 #117
This is worse than I understood before. JudyM May 2016 #8
Failure to turn over classified info when she left State violated her security agreement and leveymg May 2016 #11
Not just classified info - she was supposed to turn over all her emails, as I recall. JudyM May 2016 #12
That's the Federal Records Act. A lesser charge. leveymg May 2016 #15
Ah, ok, thanks, leveymg. JudyM May 2016 #17
You're welcome. ;-) leveymg May 2016 #19
She asked other COLGATE4 May 2016 #14
Thank you. 840high May 2016 #21
You do know that she did not fail to do any such thing right? synergie May 2016 #41
Much of the most highly classified material was abstracted from classified documents originating leveymg May 2016 #46
may i ask for your source please? synergie May 2016 #49
Of course, here's an excerpt of the CBS News report. It was also reported in NYT leveymg May 2016 #50
Can we stop with the retroactive claim Bob41213 May 2016 #69
Classification is a red herring. Fawke Em May 2016 #75
Yes. It's even more serious than I believed. HooptieWagon May 2016 #32
June to October 2013 vulnerability! Rosa Luxemburg May 2016 #9
State Dept didn't know about it. HooptieWagon May 2016 #27
how could anyone endorse this individual for the presidency? she also took it upon herself amborin May 2016 #37
Not only were some of the deleted emails work-related,... HooptieWagon May 2016 #43
so some random computer company had access to classified information? Rosa Luxemburg May 2016 #110
They weren't exactly random, but apparently yes. HooptieWagon May 2016 #111
I don't think people know Rosa Luxemburg May 2016 #109
OMG Rosa Luxemburg May 2016 #108
Do you know if the Clinton Foundation used the same server? I remember Land of Enchantment May 2016 #10
There was a previous server used for Foundation work. HooptieWagon May 2016 #28
Yep paulthompson May 2016 #33
Hold on...you're saying that the... tex-wyo-dem May 2016 #36
Yep paulthompson May 2016 #39
That's information about the housing of the server at the Foundation I never saw before, Paul. leveymg May 2016 #47
Wow...thanks for the new info. tex-wyo-dem May 2016 #55
note: I believe the address was clintonmail, not clintonemail. grasswire May 2016 #93
This is all so desperate. nolawarlock May 2016 #13
On the internet BlindTiresias May 2016 #25
You're going to be real sick of it soon. Fawke Em May 2016 #82
We shall see. nt nolawarlock May 2016 #99
Paul Thompson, I am so glad that you are here CoffeeCat May 2016 #16
Thanks! paulthompson May 2016 #31
+1 After meeting Paul in NYC in 2003 and studying his 9/11 timeline GreatGazoo May 2016 #81
THANK YOU Fairgo May 2016 #22
Wouldn't the official servers be in every bit as much danger? n/t eridani May 2016 #23
Your question was preemptively answered in the OP. w4rma May 2016 #24
Indeed paulthompson May 2016 #30
Good analysis. HooptieWagon May 2016 #26
It was like an open orchid on the internet Oilwellian May 2016 #29
thanks for this excellent work! amborin May 2016 #34
this does not look good for billary hopemountain May 2016 #35
But we KNOW that hundreds of thousands of State Department .gov emails were hacked. pnwmom May 2016 #38
What "separate secure system" did Clinton end up using? jmg257 May 2016 #61
Ugh. Fawke Em May 2016 #87
Frankly Nancy Regan's astrologer has more credibility. ucrdem May 2016 #42
you need to put your support for her aside and really roguevalley May 2016 #72
No worries, I'll just reread the Starr report and change the names. nt ucrdem May 2016 #74
Ostrich Fawke Em May 2016 #88
Nancy Reagan's astrologer also wasn't an asstroll. cui bono May 2016 #101
Thank you! I read thru the timeline you put together - the 'short' one Dems to Win May 2016 #44
This is pure fantasy. Do you know anything about computer security? YouDig May 2016 #51
No, it was wide open to attack. Fawke Em May 2016 #97
No one claims Bryan Pagliano gave the FBI the server's security logs FreakinDJ May 2016 #52
What's this then? SO the logs were NOT turned over? Confused... jmg257 May 2016 #59
"people close to a federal investigation" - wiped the server FreakinDJ May 2016 #62
Yes - It is all VERY strange...note this tap-dancing statement: jmg257 May 2016 #71
so much bull bigtree May 2016 #54
Way too kind. This crap belongs over at Rim Job's pathetic COLGATE4 May 2016 #56
I'm amazed that some don't think this is important. polly7 May 2016 #68
The president she was supposedly "disloyal" to disagrees with you. YouDig May 2016 #78
What the fuck is he supposed to say??? polly7 May 2016 #79
Exactly what he thinks, which is that she was a great SoS. YouDig May 2016 #80
A great SoS ........... yeah, the ME and NA show just how good she was. nt. polly7 May 2016 #83
Take it up with Obama. I agree with him. YouDig May 2016 #85
Good for you. polly7 May 2016 #89
keep it up. the fbi will settle the question roguevalley May 2016 #73
LOL. They're good at stings but the Clintons are way too smart for their tricks. nt ucrdem May 2016 #76
so much bull bigtree Jul 2016 #118
Successful hacks do not show up in logs lagomorph777 May 2016 #58
The investigation is a partisan sham. This story is ridiculous but the VRWC is shameless. nt ucrdem May 2016 #60
Can you tell me which part of this investigation is a partisan sham? riderinthestorm May 2016 #64
All of it, and yes the FBI is partisan: ucrdem May 2016 #67
don't let the Clinton operatives here hijack the thread grasswire May 2016 #94
Something simple to consider: Fawke Em May 2016 #63
People tend not to think simple. mmonk May 2016 #66
I can go into my google settings right now and see the IP of EVERY computer Dr Hobbitstein May 2016 #77
The statement from her camp is this: Fawke Em May 2016 #90
I was addressing the poster's claim of someone logging into her account via Dr Hobbitstein May 2016 #91
Well, I found this. Fawke Em May 2016 #96
But you weren't talking about the FBI, and my response was not about the FBI. Dr Hobbitstein May 2016 #98
gotta parse every Clinton word grasswire May 2016 #95
Somehow sites do know when you are using a proxy server. cui bono May 2016 #100
For a period of time in 2013, there doesn't appear to be any security logs. HooptieWagon May 2016 #112
And if you only accessed it by your smartphone? Barack_America May 2016 #113
They would all have the same MAC address. nt Dr Hobbitstein May 2016 #114
Thanks. Then, if Guccifer is to be believed.... Barack_America May 2016 #115
Not true. If she didn't have a static IP on her phone, Dr Hobbitstein May 2016 #116
Yes, the logs would show it, because they show the client IP address. YouDig May 2016 #84
Aren't the Clinton's, like most of America's high-rollers, considered above the law though? nt NorthCarolina May 2016 #86
I'm pretty sure she believes she's above EVERYHING & EVERYONE... Yurovsky May 2016 #102
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