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Lil Missy

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7. Yes, lets let DU Consensus determine future Presidents and Major Policy decisions.
Sat May 14, 2016, 07:16 PM
May 2016

After all, we have so many highly educated political and policy experts here that can tap away their pearls of wisdom at the keyboard. Not to mention the experts in World History and Foreign Affairs.

Let's abolish elections altogether KingFlorez May 2016 #1
or pick the person who holds the biggest rallies? woolldog May 2016 #2
How about we clean house and get rid of all these corrupt party hacks??? reformist2 May 2016 #3
Since the parties are picking who they want anyway... scscholar May 2016 #4
Oh yeah, the GOP is just pissing themselves with happiness about tRump. CLEARLY Maru Kitteh May 2016 #19
We could go back to the old smoke-filled-room method The Velveteen Ocelot May 2016 #5
Smoking is bad for people's health. MineralMan May 2016 #6
The D in DNC stands for Democratic; she should be supporting the Democrat. Lil Missy May 2016 #9
Yes, lets let DU Consensus determine future Presidents and Major Policy decisions. Lil Missy May 2016 #7
Well, DU is too small a sample. MineralMan May 2016 #10
I'm With Her Donors pmorlan1 May 2016 #8
Let's exclude millionaires and billionaires from holding office aspirant May 2016 #11
Hey, we could just have a lottery. MineralMan May 2016 #13
The millionaires and billionaires would buy up too many tickets aspirant May 2016 #17
One $2 ticket per person. MineralMan May 2016 #18
The 7-11 coffee-cup poll might be useful too. NurseJackie May 2016 #12
Sure...average that in, too. MineralMan May 2016 #14
We will also factor in how much birds like the prospectives on Good Fridays. Maru Kitteh May 2016 #15
Hmm...perhaps. MineralMan May 2016 #16
You're getting kinda creepy pmorlan1 May 2016 #20
It's Saturday evening during silly season. MineralMan May 2016 #21
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