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Waiting For Everyman

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23. I'm old, white, liberal, female and disgusted too.
Wed Jun 8, 2016, 02:13 PM
Jun 2016

We have discovered some shocking and disappointing things about the Dem party via this Primary. I don't think they would've ever come to light if a challenger from outside the party, and a very good one at that, had not decided to run against a very bad establishment candidate. That contrast made it crystal clear.

What we found out: that the vote stealing apparatus of the Repubs works for the Dems too, apparently that's why it's never fixed. Also, it's not as we always heard in the past, that Dems hate having to constantly raise money, gee we wish we didn't have to... no, they're all-in for the corrupt money, love it, and wouldn't have it any other way. As a corollary to that, we also learned that big, corrupt financing isn't necessary after all as we always thought, that grassroots funding does in fact work.

Also that the voters don't decide who to elect, the party insiders get their way, and it's always someone who will protect the graft gravy train -- that must be done at all costs.. And we always thought that we were the fact-based party, until we saw how that any meme that benefits the elites will beat down the truth in a second, quickly entrenched by the complicit and bought mass media. If real events aren't convenient, stage some that fit the talking points better!

Deny your opponent's admirable qualities, and attribute your own depravity to them, gee, that's so clever! Operate by "the Big Lie" at all times. Nobody cares about what is actually true (that's CT), we only care about what people think is true... and that is so malleable.

And most disappointing of all, the year of the fallen icons. We found that the icons who we thought were advocating for us in the halls of power, were doing anything but that, and were willing to step forward and blatantly lie about the best man among them to protect the gravy train that we now know they are all about. We don't matter in the least, it was all an image.

But Bernie proved to be for real. And most of us will want to be part of whatever he decides will help us all (although I don't think that anything or anyone could make voting for all of the above seem like a good idea. A line has to be drawn somewhere). God bless the man.

Just his presence in the race showed us a lot, and I hope we don't forget it or deny it.

there were plenty of valid reasons to support Sanders over Clinton. geek tragedy Jun 2016 #1
K&R PJMcK Jun 2016 #27
It would be nice to have some progressives to ... Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2016 #86
Congress will almost certainly be more conservative than Clinton. geek tragedy Jun 2016 #88
Liberal in some cases, not so liberal in others. Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2016 #90
the measure was usually e 60th more liberal Senator and 218th most liberal geek tragedy Jun 2016 #91
We actually had a filibuster proof majority at the beginning of Obama's first term. Warren DeMontague Jun 2016 #105
Not until June 7, when Franken was finally sworn in. geek tragedy Jun 2016 #107
7 months, they couldnt do anything. Warren DeMontague Jun 2016 #109
Yes, autocorrect. geek tragedy Jun 2016 #111
Interesting that you talk about how we had these difficult votes- Nelson, Lieberman, Lincoln etc Warren DeMontague Jun 2016 #113
Lieberman was not a Democrat anymore, and withheld his vote pnwmom Jun 2016 #160
Kennedy died August 25th. So it was only 79 days. And how often was Kennedy well enough to vote? n/t ieoeja Jun 2016 #151
The Democrats could have fixed the filibuster rules fasttense Jun 2016 #132
Democrats are using the filibuster these days. geek tragedy Jun 2016 #134
Kennedy died August 25th. So it was only 79 days. And how often was Kennedy well enough to vote? n/t ieoeja Jun 2016 #150
Joe Lieberman was part of that majority, and he was then an independent, pnwmom Jun 2016 #159
Yeah, and a lot of people are still rightly pissed about the non-stop shit that was thrown at us for Warren DeMontague Jun 2016 #104
I have to smile every time I read Sanders supporters complaining geek tragedy Jun 2016 #106
Sure, because according to the all powerful narrative, we're the bad ones. Warren DeMontague Jun 2016 #108
Hey, the group of people who polluted this place geek tragedy Jun 2016 #110
Right, the constant conflation of vocal criticism with abuse. Warren DeMontague Jun 2016 #112
you know that Sanders fans made up the "Brock hiring trolls" stuff, right? geek tragedy Jun 2016 #123
Yeah, okay. And how about all the craptasticly offensive posts from Hill folk? Warren DeMontague Jun 2016 #127
primary season turns people into feral assholes. dog bites man nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #128
Yeah, I managed to make it through w/o calling people cute nasty names or accusing them of being Warren DeMontague Jun 2016 #129
Some of us had our identity denied nadinbrzezinski Jun 2016 #145
Fer Christ's sake, give it up. Major Hogwash Jun 2016 #124
I don't even know what that means. Warren DeMontague Jun 2016 #131
Says the person with 10 hides. bvar22 Jun 2016 #157
You might find this article of interest.... Land of Enchantment Jun 2016 #2
The system is clearly rigged to support the Establishment and not the People. rhett o rick Jun 2016 #8
Thank you! At least some of the media is taking notice. senz Jun 2016 #9
You do realize how hurtful the picture of Buzz cook Jun 2016 #14
Hurtful to whom? It states a political/economic reality. senz Jun 2016 #16
I too pretend my opinions are reality. Bias suits us well LanternWaste Jun 2016 #30
There is no parallels MFM008 Jun 2016 #49
That is so true as to not have to be stated. 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #79
Weren't you the one just yesterday racing around DU screaming that she couldn't be the Number23 Jun 2016 #83
Thank you nt Buzz cook Jun 2016 #96
No it does not. They are nowhere close in any way shape or form. apcalc Jun 2016 #135
Here. Read this in the spirit of self-understanding. senz Jun 2016 #19
toughen up buttercup elehhhhna Jun 2016 #26
You and your supporters have been disrespecting Bernie for Lord knows how long, desmiller Jun 2016 #34
Well reasoned article. JudyM Jun 2016 #31
^^^ This ^^^ senz Jun 2016 #47
This is patently false vdogg Jun 2016 #56
... She would not have had that margin without the complicity of AP. JudyM Jun 2016 #57
Lol vdogg Jun 2016 #60
But that is not what the poster is "telling" you. Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2016 #89
Nice straw men, but the band wagon effect is well known nadinbrzezinski Jun 2016 #148
Oh, FFS! Will you people JUST ONCE do some math? This is ridiculous. Those 107 SD's weren't Squinch Jun 2016 #62
Already answered before you posted your FFS. JudyM Jun 2016 #66
SMH. So much ridiculous. Squinch Jun 2016 #139
Nothing but a Sanders lancer78 Jun 2016 #120
Sanders is bringing a lot of people like us to the convention. Orsino Jun 2016 #3
They will not ignore them. RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #33
What? Not a funny joke in a democracy at an open convention. The Wielding Truth Jun 2016 #141
Does not matter BlindTiresias Jun 2016 #37
Hope so!!! n/t BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2016 #97
I old, white, liberal, female and disgusted Faux pas Jun 2016 #4
I hope you'll join us in helping to defeat Trump . NurseJackie Jun 2016 #5
I'm with you, sister. senz Jun 2016 #6
Agree except that Hillary did NOT win fair and square. Not by a long shot. cui bono Jun 2016 #7
Thanks! Was so happy to see the OP that I overlooked this crucial point. senz Jun 2016 #10
Amen. My point exactly.....nt Land of Enchantment Jun 2016 #17
Still delusional. And you wonder why that word used! upaloopa Jun 2016 #20
Another Hill fan personal insult? Try arguing your case, upaloopa. senz Jun 2016 #21
Another Hill fan with 11 hides, bvar22 Jun 2016 #158
Completely agree. It was outrageous. Waiting For Everyman Jun 2016 #44
Thanks - well put - couldn't agree more. ciaobaby Jun 2016 #12
That's just a silly post. The Dems have and are moving left, but just because it isn't at the pace OnDoutside Jun 2016 #50
You clearly haven't been paying attention. cui bono Jun 2016 #85
Anyone objecting to the TPP is no better than Trump OnDoutside Jun 2016 #138
Anybody objecting to the attacks on labor, world wide mind you, nadinbrzezinski Jun 2016 #149
Moving "to the Left" you say? bvar22 Jun 2016 #162
Right now, the Democratic Party stands for war, fracking, Third Way slashing of social djean111 Jun 2016 #137
You have no proof of this so called election rigging. apcalc Jun 2016 #136
The drama is just amazing leftofcool Jun 2016 #11
kinda just proved the point she made. ciaobaby Jun 2016 #13
Drama Drama Drama jzodda Jun 2016 #15
After everything that has been said and everything you have heard, there is nothing more to say. Seeinghope Jun 2016 #42
Her lies are documented, have you not paid attention? cui bono Jun 2016 #43
Always Crickets. Does not pass through the frontal cortex of The Bubble. libdem4life Jun 2016 #71
You mean this? cui bono Jun 2016 #84
That's the one that came to mind. Thanks for the chuckle. He's such a libdem4life Jun 2016 #163
Because she's dishonest and deceitful. Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2016 #92
No, it's not. Hissyspit Jun 2016 #121
So go vote for the other side then. leftofcool Jun 2016 #125
Why would I vote for the other side? Hissyspit Jun 2016 #140
Who are you talking to? Is this a way to put some finality on something. upaloopa Jun 2016 #18
If you don't care and have nothing to say then Waiting For Everyman Jun 2016 #24
the purpose of DU is to support the party nominee. your call whether you do or not. nt msongs Jun 2016 #22
the purpose is to help get Democrats elected. highprincipleswork Jun 2016 #35
I'm old, white, liberal, female and disgusted too. Waiting For Everyman Jun 2016 #23
God Bless the Man and 840high Jun 2016 #36
Most certainly, 840. Waiting For Everyman Jun 2016 #40
Fallen icons. So many of them. Wednesdays Jun 2016 #41
Barbara Boxer ... Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2016 #95
John Lewis beltanefauve Jun 2016 #99
This primary pulled back the curtain - I no longer see us as a Democracy adigal Jun 2016 #75
Agreed. Very well said. Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2016 #94
Great post ! beltanefauve Jun 2016 #98
This is how I feel as well. While 2008 was far uglier, 2016 has been myrna minx Jun 2016 #122
i am with you. they do not see the potential land mines after summer. pansypoo53219 Jun 2016 #25
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #28
Have fun rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #29
The future is persistent ... It never stops coming Trajan Jun 2016 #32
Sigh BlindTiresias Jun 2016 #39
Bernie was 'this close', without much preparation before jumping headlong into the breach Trajan Jun 2016 #55
He wasn't really that close BlindTiresias Jun 2016 #64
The Democratic party is too entrenched with corporate welfare, and they have convinced adigal Jun 2016 #76
Superdelegates votes are worth more than citizens felix_numinous Jun 2016 #38
Hang in there Time for change Jun 2016 #45
I'm your same demographic lanlady Jun 2016 #46
Me too Happyhippychick Jun 2016 #51
This is a strong indictment of Bernie's candidacy auntpurl Jun 2016 #58
As soon as you called him "sanctimonious" I stopped reading adigal Jun 2016 #77
Oh, that was totally believable, LOL. Ino Jun 2016 #93
Well, I imagine you will be just ecstatic and thrilled with Hillary's penchant for djean111 Jun 2016 #142
The People jamese777 Jun 2016 #48
I'm old, white, female and liberal too dem in texas Jun 2016 #52
That's the spirit! Thank you! n/t VOX Jun 2016 #65
The Party Failed its duty RobertEarl Jun 2016 #53
K&R Zippyzagnut Jun 2016 #54
I am hoping that... coco77 Jun 2016 #59
That would just be the worst thing in the world, wouldn't it. boston bean Jun 2016 #61
If she is so ... coco77 Jun 2016 #63
I said that on Skinner's thread...will every legitimate concern about her be called Sexist? As it is adigal Jun 2016 #78
They are already running it in the ground... coco77 Jun 2016 #164
"I'm sick of being ostracized, criticized, belittled because of my position." ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #67
There has always been tension between those who vote lovemydog Jun 2016 #118
It's been going on for much longer than this election cycle. Nice try though. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #143
You must be new nadinbrzezinski Jun 2016 #146
This message was self-deleted by its author The empressof all Jun 2016 #68
I agree with you Paper Roses. Worried senior Jun 2016 #69
I'm old, white, liberal, female and disgusted and I supported Hillary Whimsey Jun 2016 #70
Except athena Jun 2016 #144
I'm as old as I feel, white and so what, as liberal as I want, and I'm voting out the men. Period. MichiganVote Jun 2016 #72
I'm 54, white, liberal, female and also disgusted adigal Jun 2016 #73
Middle-aged, white, female, socialist... Lizzie Poppet Jun 2016 #74
Same. nt ncliberal Jun 2016 #81
Excellent article. Me, too. n/t Peregrine Took Jun 2016 #80
Their aversion to discuss policy and the insistence on arguing the inevitability of Hillary from day GoneFishin Jun 2016 #82
What do your age, race and gender have to do with anything? Corporate666 Jun 2016 #87
You are certainly not alone :) nt slipslidingaway Jun 2016 #100
response to Paper Roses 3hummingbirds Jun 2016 #101
Perhaps we can to to brunch on the 8th of November!!! Silver_Witch Jun 2016 #102
That makes two of us, PaperRoses! Glad to know you! George Eliot Jun 2016 #103
I'm middle-aged, white, male, and disgusted by your post. sentenza607 Jun 2016 #114
You must be from the Clinton unifying party ... slipslidingaway Jun 2016 #117
Those poor poor white males. They have it so bad leftofcool Jun 2016 #126
Don't know what you're talking about, don't really care sentenza607 Jun 2016 #153
You are expressing just what I was talking about in my original post. Paper Roses Jun 2016 #165
kickie, bumpie tomm2thumbs Jun 2016 #115
I have nothing against voting for Bernie in the primary. lovemydog Jun 2016 #116
You might "sleep in" in November? oberliner Jun 2016 #119
I do hope you will take some time off and reflect on the good of the country by November. riversedge Jun 2016 #130
We got close this time voteearlyvoteoften Jun 2016 #133
I am younger than you nadinbrzezinski Jun 2016 #147
+100 nt Duval Jun 2016 #155
too bad you can't see the hatred in your own post. and then there is the 'If Hillary won fair' MariaThinks Jun 2016 #152
I'll continue to support Bernie until then, also. Duval Jun 2016 #154
I'm a Hillary supporter and tired of the same thing treestar Jun 2016 #156
"Sleeping in' in Novemeber is supporting Trump. I do not respect that choice. nt TeamPooka Jun 2016 #161
Locking. Very sorry but meta discussion is not allowed in GDP. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #166
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