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27. Agree with this
Mon Jun 27, 2016, 05:18 PM
Jun 2016

There wasn't any real substance. She said people don't trust her and that she has to work on it, but only alluded to having everything in the book thrown at her, rather that citing examples. She said she's made mistakes but didn't cite examples, only said nobody's perfect. That doesn't show she's learned from her mistakes. She also said the reason she's careful with her words is because she's careful with her words. Logically, that makes "is careful with her words" both the cause and effect and is unlikely to instill confidence in people.

Many people will see this as thoroughly empty.

A good response! mcar Jun 2016 #1
I respectfully disagree, and invoke the new TOS to not to have to explain myself. insta8er Jun 2016 #2
2nd that sentiment HumanityExperiment Jun 2016 #3
3rd that sentiment Vattel Jun 2016 #13
4th that sentiment dirtydickcheney Jun 2016 #48
I disagree with your disagreement mcar Jun 2016 #6
And I 2nd that! tonyt53 Jun 2016 #76
What would you have her say? Maven Jun 2016 #10
I can't say, it would go against the TOS. insta8er Jun 2016 #12
You should trying actually reading the TOS. TwilightZone Jun 2016 #20
That would mean you know what I have on my mind....nice.. insta8er Jun 2016 #22
I had a post hidden for simply pointing out a problem Hillary has. Motown_Johnny Jun 2016 #25
Yep...I want to say more, but technically you are in violation of the TOS by even mentioning this. insta8er Jun 2016 #28
insulating their bubble... HumanityExperiment Jun 2016 #40
One must remember the golden rule...and who it helps most. R. Daneel Olivaw Jun 2016 #41
Agreed. Even in a thread about her trust issues..... Motown_Johnny Jun 2016 #24
I have to agree, but going into details would be against the TOS. So I won't do that. insta8er Jun 2016 #26
even if its factual?! tia... The issue is most of them aren't, they're made up shit people stopped uponit7771 Jun 2016 #55
Agree with this mindwalker_i Jun 2016 #27
Nope, not at all. leftofcool Jun 2016 #33
So your "constructive criticism" is she should list her fuck ups and go into detail repeating the bettyellen Jun 2016 #37
Something like that, without the curse words..you know, it is demeaning. But yes lets start with insta8er Jun 2016 #43
And too think that would help her? I don't but it.... But I'm not the one who keeps bettyellen Jun 2016 #50
it probably would do her no good bonemachine Jun 2016 #52
It would be a mistake to veer into mistake territory when the question was about trust. bettyellen Jun 2016 #54
she was the one who brought up her mistakes bonemachine Jun 2016 #60
I think she did fine explaining that she had rethought issues she was mistaken on prior.... bettyellen Jun 2016 #61
What a delicious wine. Darb Jun 2016 #63
Posting privledges before principles! zappaman Jun 2016 #66
Just what I was thinking. Lyric Jun 2016 #80
I respectfully agree, okasha Jun 2016 #4
Yes, good statement, Hillary has been vetted for twenty five years and yet she Thinkingabout Jun 2016 #5
Those who's thinking is programmed by the GOP will, of course, disagree... Bill USA Jun 2016 #7
I wish more people would be thinking. :) insta8er Jun 2016 #9
Thinking Hiraeth Jun 2016 #30
;) LOL insta8er Jun 2016 #36
Massive K & R. Thanks for posting. Good for Hillary. Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #8
Nice answer! Her Sister Jun 2016 #11
Hillary just tweeted this about trust. I will put in OP also.... riversedge Jun 2016 #14
I once read a statement by her that was very interesting. Squinch Jun 2016 #15
I remember her saying that. Hope it bodes well for the riversedge Jun 2016 #17
That's a good point democrattotheend Jun 2016 #18
That would suggest that the negative press and sentiment is ginned up. 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #29
Cooties. Boys always say we girls have them. Especially if we have beat them on the playground. Squinch Jun 2016 #31
+1 uponit7771 Jun 2016 #56
That's a pretty good explanation democrattotheend Jun 2016 #16
We Dems have permitted the Republicans to direct the Dem conversation far way too long Sheepshank Jun 2016 #19
Very well said DesertRat Jun 2016 #21
Excellent response. JoePhilly Jun 2016 #23
I know what would help me trust her..... ciaobaby Jun 2016 #32
Yes, am sure you would! Her Sister Jun 2016 #34
Write to Goldman Sachs and ask for them leftofcool Jun 2016 #35
Brilliant - I will get right on it. ciaobaby Jun 2016 #39
.. mcar Jun 2016 #46
I trust her after seeing her tax returns and tons of other speeches bettyellen Jun 2016 #38
Ciao Dem2 Jun 2016 #42
Winger bullshit to focus on non binding statements when biding tax returns from tRhmp uponit7771 Jun 2016 #58
No candidate should be able to hide anything since they are R. Daneel Olivaw Jun 2016 #65
This is false, I don't want know her shoe sizes... uponit7771 Jun 2016 #68
Nobody is asking for her shoe size or for straw men arguments. R. Daneel Olivaw Jun 2016 #73
I have spent decades paying attention to her career MaggieD Jun 2016 #44
Yup. ismnotwasm Jun 2016 #51
Introvert KK9 Jun 2016 #45
This introvert agrees mcar Jun 2016 #47
I think you are correct MaggieD Jun 2016 #57
Haven't thought about that in years...that was my result. libdem4life Jun 2016 #62
Interesting take. Darb Jun 2016 #64
No wonder she really needs jrandom421 Jun 2016 #78
Those are all good points DemonGoddess Jun 2016 #49
Very good response. apcalc Jun 2016 #53
K & R Iliyah Jun 2016 #59
I wonder what it will be like to be bushed for last 25 years straight. hertopos Jun 2016 #67
This right here JSup Jun 2016 #77
I trust Hillary Clinton to be true to her record Martin Eden Jun 2016 #69
My issue comes from how active I am in the tech sector, and prepping for a job there. VulgarPoet Jun 2016 #70
They don't contradict one another. randome Jun 2016 #71
In this case, unfortunately, I fear it does VulgarPoet Jun 2016 #72
I don't see how it can be helped, though. randome Jun 2016 #75
I don't have a problem with her concern about the words she uses. LiberalFighter Jun 2016 #74
KnR Hekate Jun 2016 #79
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