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My Good Babushka

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20. I suppose there might have been some value in Sanders
Wed Jul 6, 2016, 11:27 AM
Jul 2016

remaining a vocal representative of the progressive liberal faction of the party, after all.

Is Bernie Sanders a member of the Democratic party? stonecutter357 Jul 2016 #1
Bernie Sanders serves in Congress as an Independent but caucuses with the Democrats. NT Eric J in MN Jul 2016 #3
In my opinion, Hillary should give him NOTHING cosmicone Jul 2016 #2
Too late. He got something. NT Eric J in MN Jul 2016 #4
Proves my point -- he keeps wanting more cosmicone Jul 2016 #5
The Democratic Platform Committee is meeting on Friday and Saturday. Eric J in MN Jul 2016 #6
At this point, Clinton shouldn't care cosmicone Jul 2016 #8
In which case he'd speak outside Kentonio Jul 2016 #23
OWS had protests beamed everywhere cosmicone Jul 2016 #28
We're talking about millions of votes. Kentonio Jul 2016 #33
Not really cosmicone Jul 2016 #34
It's not extortion for goodness sake Kentonio Jul 2016 #37
He's obnoxious and he's not as self-important as he imagines but... randome Jul 2016 #14
Not if he wants the entire manifesto added to the platform cosmicone Jul 2016 #16
Yeah, I know, there's a fine line between agreement and 'giving in'. randome Jul 2016 #18
Please check the new TOS Kentonio Jul 2016 #24
Right, no more hand outs Tom Rinaldo Jul 2016 #21
Thats childish. phleshdef Jul 2016 #25
Give HIM nothing? elleng Jul 2016 #26
Someone loses, someone wins - the majority won cosmicone Jul 2016 #27
If this attitude prevails, we will ALL have lost. elleng Jul 2016 #29
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #30
Is free college something you are in support of or not? HarmonyRockets Jul 2016 #38
An easy compromise to make frazzled Jul 2016 #7
The basis of Sanders' 'College for All Act' is two-to-one federal matching funds. Eric J in MN Jul 2016 #9
That answers none of my questions frazzled Jul 2016 #11
The source of the federal funds in Sanders' College for All Act is a tax on Wall St transactions. NT Eric J in MN Jul 2016 #13
Yes, and taxes are levied by Congress frazzled Jul 2016 #15
Bernie Sanders' statement praising the tuition compromise. Eric J in MN Jul 2016 #10
Good news letter from Sanders. "The free tuition proposal covers 83% of our families." Sunlei Jul 2016 #19
Thank you Bernie for not conceding! jalan48 Jul 2016 #12
Good, both campaigns continue to work together. Sunlei Jul 2016 #17
I suppose there might have been some value in Sanders My Good Babushka Jul 2016 #20
Well good ismnotwasm Jul 2016 #22
Hah! Good! Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2016 #31
It appears that many here are in no way interested in promoting the general welfare. elleng Jul 2016 #32
If she means "propose increasing Pell grants" great! Orangepeel Jul 2016 #35
Asked - Why doesn't Bernie just quit already? demwing Jul 2016 #36
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