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2016 Postmortem

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Thu Jul 28, 2016, 05:42 PM Jul 2016

I hate protestors. it's so....unAmerican [View all]

Jeezus. This is looking like the bashfests that went on about those "anti-Americans" protesting the Iraq War.

Look, I think some of the protesters have gone too far. Acted inappropriately according to my own compass of productive/unacceptable. (We all have one of those compasses that has its own set point.)...Some of them even piss me off.

But Jeezus, all this talk about the "awful left" and the "left is dead" and the "Bernie movement has destroyed itself."

This authoritarian "let's lock the doors to the Democratic Party unless someone passes a litmus test."

Sounds distressingly like Free Republic or Faux news.

Let's just jettison the goal of universal healthcare, just because some people are misbehaving.


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Thank you! Raster Jul 2016 #1
Lordy is right. pangaia Jul 2016 #2
Comparing them to war protesters treestar Jul 2016 #3
What part of "No more war" is not anti war? think Jul 2016 #4
If that was their only protest, but it wasn't CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #24
are they really protesting a war? treestar Jul 2016 #66
They didn't get the antiwar candidate they wanted. Orsino Jul 2016 #150
Did none of them know that Sanders said he would continue to use drones? bettyellen Jul 2016 #160
"Less war" isn't as pithy, but is a fine stance. n/t Orsino Jul 2016 #162
I agree, but it's not what I heard from people. No blood on Sanders hands.... bettyellen Jul 2016 #169
"No more war" as a call to end the longest wars ever is a good thing. Orsino Aug 2016 #177
If they are shouting it over a speaker making the case for Hilllary or against Trump, anamandujano Jul 2016 #95
According to your definitions its trivial Armstead Jul 2016 #7
I would expect hecklers to get their asses tossed out of a Republican convention. geek tragedy Jul 2016 #11
Of course it does. Free speech rights are protected against GOVERNMENTAL interference........ socialist_n_TN Jul 2016 #137
No, it really doesn't. The Democratic party has a first amendment right to geek tragedy Jul 2016 #139
Of course not treestar Jul 2016 #67
Why on earth not? Is there a better place? truebluegreen Jul 2016 #93
Why the hell not? TDale313 Jul 2016 #108
Exactly SirBrockington Jul 2016 #80
No, we were elected pledged delegates k8conant Jul 2016 #164
Who decides what's "terrible"? nt MadDAsHell Jul 2016 #114
Tactics matter. JoePhilly Jul 2016 #5
I agree it's not terribly smart. I'd even say it's stupid. Armstead Jul 2016 #9
dissent is voting for Sanders in the roll call or contesting platform planks. geek tragedy Jul 2016 #12
Exactly. Andy823 Jul 2016 #70
I agree with you. Lifelong Protester Jul 2016 #112
Yet even that was sneered and ridiculed by many at DU. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #128
there was ... dissent on that subject. geek tragedy Jul 2016 #129
I am fully on-board with that. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #130
cheers nt geek tragedy Jul 2016 #131
Well said! It all boils down to that. NurseJackie Jul 2016 #170
Others would like to be allowed to celebrate ... JoePhilly Jul 2016 #18
Could you please explain to me Demobrat Jul 2016 #61
They've already said the have no plan to do so and that they will never change their minds. JoePhilly Jul 2016 #68
Frankly not only are these hecklers' voters not needed they're not attainable. Lord Magus Jul 2016 #69
We heard them yelling at Bernie for selling out and at Elizabeth Warren..... Historic NY Jul 2016 #101
Weren't you the same person who was defending them using the free speech argument? CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #74
No, I wasn't. JoePhilly Jul 2016 #77
Different "Joe". The other ones a Bernie supporter , but not a BoB-er. nt pkdu Jul 2016 #85
The reactions you're seeing ... NanceGreggs Jul 2016 #54
+1 tallahasseedem Jul 2016 #63
+ 1 JoePhilly Jul 2016 #72
|+1,000 CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #91
Well, that and their 15 minutes of fame. SharonClark Jul 2016 #146
I'm sure if they were booing and heckling Bernie if he had won sufrommich Jul 2016 #6
No I wouldn't....I'd be pissed. But I wouldn't be right wing about it. Armstead Jul 2016 #13
Do you think mimicking right wingers by chanting "lock her up" sufrommich Jul 2016 #23
+1 RonniePudding Jul 2016 #46
MOST of them! John Poet Jul 2016 #47
I am tired to the Freedom of Speach argument - it bogus CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #94
Well stated. anamandujano Jul 2016 #96
Who is being "rightwing"? procon Jul 2016 #78
there's protests and then there's attempts to disrupt others' expression of their free speech geek tragedy Jul 2016 #8
The hard core will leave the party anyway. Armstead Jul 2016 #14
they were never part of the party, they just pretended to be Democrats geek tragedy Jul 2016 #17
How in the fuck did they get convention credentials in the first place? - nt KingCharlemagne Jul 2016 #115
they registered at caucuses, etc, showed up at county conventions, etc. geek tragedy Jul 2016 #116
Hmm. Going to a convention takes some serious do-re-mi. Wonder how KingCharlemagne Jul 2016 #119
The GOP has engaged in a lot of funding for Greens. Random efforts to fund adamant opponents of Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #143
I have been a Democrat for 45+ years... k8conant Jul 2016 #165
Exactly!! They are shutting down very speech that will best defend them. unitedwethrive Jul 2016 #15
There is a time and place, IMO Adrahil Jul 2016 #10
I actually kind of agree with you. Armstead Jul 2016 #19
Dissent is one thing... Adrahil Jul 2016 #22
I am ashamed of you for even defending them in half hearted manner. CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #89
Protesting the war when Elijah Cummings is talking about Civil Rights makes a lot of sense still_one Jul 2016 #16
Interesting. Starry Messenger Jul 2016 #20
Naw, I'll admit I was adament about BLM disrupting Bernie... Armstead Jul 2016 #26
That's called getting owned Loki Liesmith Jul 2016 #30
Naw...You think I forgot what I wrote? Armstead Jul 2016 #33
+1 RonniePudding Jul 2016 #49
Many of the protesters are declaring they are voting Green according to their social media posts. Starry Messenger Jul 2016 #35
Yep. Me too. nt sufrommich Jul 2016 #38
Yep- and veiled sexism because women noticed Hillary would help them.... bettyellen Jul 2016 #161
Except they did protest Hillary, and they protested O'Malley too. forjusticethunders Jul 2016 #86
Thread over stevil Jul 2016 #87
Be honest. You objected to him being shouted down by BLM, and BLM "overshadowing" his supporters Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #145
hahaha obamanut2012 Jul 2016 #28
Yes, very interesting. LOL grossproffit Jul 2016 #32
Not all protests are bad according to some people who are up in arms now Armstead Jul 2016 #39
Equally interesting Armstead Jul 2016 #36
Very interesting. Lisa D Jul 2016 #37
So? melman Jul 2016 #40
Owned. Maven Jul 2016 #55
Good catch! johnp3907 Jul 2016 #59
Ouch. Bobbie Jo Jul 2016 #71
HA! That's the exact type hypocrisy I just commented on. Double standards R B Garr Jul 2016 #134
These aren't protesters. Bobbie Jo Jul 2016 #21
It's a thinly disguised chance to keep bashing without getting a hide Arazi Jul 2016 #25
Agreed. kstewart33 Jul 2016 #27
There is a time and a place for everything. I want to hear Clinton's message. Tatiana Jul 2016 #29
Well I'm far away from Philly...and if I were there I wouldn't be protesting her speech Armstead Jul 2016 #44
I agree with you there. This country was founded on dissent. Tatiana Jul 2016 #65
ALL protest is being demonized? I think you're being little hyperbolic there... Moonwalk Jul 2016 #99
Are you just baiting people? SharonClark Jul 2016 #147
I agree. It's as if some of our leaders have become Gods. This isn't ancient Rome. jalan48 Jul 2016 #31
that's what is really creeping me out Locrian Jul 2016 #107
Like Bernie? SharonClark Jul 2016 #148
Like any of them. Seems like a lot of "Thou shalt not disagree and How Dare You!" jalan48 Jul 2016 #149
What's funny is that you would love to lock the doors on the Democratic Party unless someone DanTex Jul 2016 #34
The far left litmus test? Sure anyone more conservative than Abbie Hoffman shouldn;t be allowed in Armstead Jul 2016 #41
Yup. How do you feel about pro-TPP Dems? How do you feel about Dems who don't want DanTex Jul 2016 #50
There is no "far left" operative in this country you are referring to New Dealers and 2nd Bill TheKentuckian Jul 2016 #122
Sure there is. The assclowns booing at the convention. DanTex Jul 2016 #123
No, but when people are misbehaving... hurple Jul 2016 #42
I was an avid anti-war protestor... liberalmuse Jul 2016 #43
I agree with you...This response it totally reasonable. Armstead Jul 2016 #52
Sorry, but NO. auntpurl Jul 2016 #45
Yes!!!! mcar Jul 2016 #58
May suggest reading our Constituion Cryptoad Jul 2016 #48
Geez Armstead, don't you know that impolite protests are soooo 2015? Vattel Jul 2016 #51
Nang? I guess my current cultural literacy is somewhere around 2005. Armstead Jul 2016 #56
I just came across it. Vattel Jul 2016 #124
Using popular sentiment for the purpose of disruption is not protesting, it's concern trolling (nt) LongtimeAZDem Jul 2016 #53
If only these folks would have had the same energy maxrandb Jul 2016 #57
protesting is one thing Skittles Jul 2016 #60
I know, right? Cant we just relegate them to a Free Speech Zone? demwing Jul 2016 #62
I think most of the busters are plants Politicub Jul 2016 #64
Dirty hippies. B Calm Jul 2016 #73
No, they're not even that. Bobbie Jo Jul 2016 #79
Woosh B Calm Jul 2016 #81
Yeah, exactly. Bobbie Jo Jul 2016 #83
There's a lot of anger/angst that's not being adequately addressed. Dems ignore @ their peril. OKDem08 Jul 2016 #75
There is a time and a place SirBrockington Jul 2016 #76
yep, some look long and hard for the enemy stupidicus Jul 2016 #82
Recced Chitown Kev Jul 2016 #84
They're petulant spoiled children. NurseJackie Jul 2016 #88
I think the contingent who want to stifle dissent are un-American riderinthestorm Jul 2016 #90
+ 1000 LiberalLovinLug Jul 2016 #104
I am ashamed of you for even defending them in half hearted manner. CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #92
What a nasty and highly personal attack lacking in content, heavy on insult and adjectives. Bluenorthwest Jul 2016 #172
I sno't think it is a personal attack to say that I am very highly disagree with anyone... CajunBlazer Jul 2016 #175
Actually sounds most like the Republican Teaparty Whimsey Jul 2016 #97
I love a good protest. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #98
A breath of fresh air. reflection Jul 2016 #100
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #102
Criticism will not be tolerated or appreciated. ozone_man Jul 2016 #103
Agreed deathrind Jul 2016 #105
How about we throw an election s RandySF Jul 2016 #106
Exactly Gore1FL Jul 2016 #109
I've never seen anyone at DU say 'I hate protesters lovemydog Jul 2016 #110
I don' hate protesters. I hate censorship and people who try to shut others up by shouting them down Moonwalk Jul 2016 #111
Fabulously well done. zentrum Jul 2016 #113
Hi Armstead! salin Jul 2016 #117
as one who remembers '68 G_j Jul 2016 #118
TRUMP: Every t-shirt, sign & shout should be against HIM... VOX Jul 2016 #120
Tea for two or two for tea... Lottie5 Jul 2016 #121
In general, I think there are better, more productive... BigBoss26 Jul 2016 #125
It's not anti-American BainsBane Jul 2016 #126
Standard argy-bargy that's an inescapable part of any healthy political process . . . MrModerate Jul 2016 #127
Thanks! some comments I have read of late here on DU... Javaman Jul 2016 #132
The atmosphere here seems very authoritarian in nature. Any reasonable disagreement is seen as xocet Jul 2016 #136
Even slight non-complimentary comments about Sanders were not tolerated, so I doubt R B Garr Jul 2016 #133
Stop it. You're being ridiculous TalkingDog Jul 2016 #135
Good point. K & R. n/t xocet Jul 2016 #138
And why doesn't the mainstream Dem Party . . FairWinds Jul 2016 #140
Is it possible for us to have ONE FREAKING DAY to ENJOY HISTORY? Apparently not. Hekate Jul 2016 #141
Where did you hear that, seriously curious? lark Jul 2016 #142
I wrote this yesterday before the evening Armstead Jul 2016 #144
They are not protesting, their purpose is to disrupt. n/t Lil Missy Jul 2016 #151
Now Democratic delegates are being called "unAmerican" right here on DU. stone space Jul 2016 #152
It's interesting that folks who participated in the process and became delegates bigbrother05 Jul 2016 #154
Thank you! k8conant Jul 2016 #167
Some people feel they are superior because they are loyal subjects. Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #153
And look what their "protests" accomplished frazzled Jul 2016 #155
ACT UP frequently disrupted events and speeches, so if you are going to invoke that Bluenorthwest Jul 2016 #171
I think you misunderstood me frazzled Jul 2016 #174
If these same protests happened last week we'd all be cheering. Capt. Obvious Jul 2016 #156
Let's just jettison the goal of universal healthcare Omaha Steve Jul 2016 #157
Nice to see you around again, Armstead. PoliticalMalcontent Jul 2016 #158
Thank You for posting this much-needed message nikto Jul 2016 #159
When you are at Democratic Convention and supposed to be a Democrat, you don't "protest." RBInMaine Jul 2016 #163
???? What does that mean ???? k8conant Jul 2016 #168
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #166
I hate sore losers who sell their delegate credentials and do nothing worthwhile bettyellen Jul 2016 #173
I think you err on the side of too conservative. Jefferson was all for revolutions. George Eliot Jul 2016 #176
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