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2016 Postmortem

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Alan Grayson

(485 posts)
Wed Nov 7, 2012, 04:50 PM Nov 2012

The Biggest Comeback in the History of the House [View all]

We won. And our victory last night was the biggest comeback in the history of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In 2010, we lost by 18 points. In 2012, last night, we won by 25 points, 62.5% to 37.5%. That’s a 43-point swing, back to victory.

No one has ever done that before. We made history.

Our polling shows that we won every county, every municipality, every race, every age group, every language group and each gender. We won it all.

So to every voter, thank you.

To the 100,000 supporters who contributed this campaign, whether it was a dollar or $5,000, thank you.

To the volunteers who made more than a quarter of a million live phone calls to get out our vote, thank you.

To our brilliant canvassing staff of fifty, who have knocked on doors every single day since March, thank you.

To the thousands of people who wrote to us to give your advice or express your support, or forwarded our e-mails to your friends, or followed our campaign on Facebook, thank you.

To everyone who marches behind the standards of justice, equality and peace, thank you.

If you helped in any way, large or small, then you can savor this sweet moment. You made it happen.

Congratulations to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, Sherrod Brown and Tammy Duckworth. Goodbye, Allen West.

I have a feeling that this won’t be the only time that we make history. In fact, if we all work together this way, you can count on it.


Alan Grayson

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Congratulations!!! So happy you will be back in the house! Beaverhausen Nov 2012 #1
Give 'em hell Alan HankyDub Nov 2012 #65
Is this really you? Happyhippychick Nov 2012 #2
Yes, it really is him Lochloosa Nov 2012 #18
YaBut is this really YOU? NM rhett o rick Nov 2012 #58
I'm not really me nxylas Nov 2012 #138
Then who are you really? nm rhett o rick Nov 2012 #147
A 10-year-old in Taiwan nxylas Nov 2012 #182
Your specialty should be...1 Angelonthesidelines Nov 2012 #207
Congratulations. I am so happy for you and GentryDixon Nov 2012 #3
Congratulations! CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2012 #4
Wait a minute. How many did we have in the house before? Tigress DEM Nov 2012 #5
Yes! bongbong Nov 2012 #6
Congratulations, Alan! Thank you for the inspiration you and fellow progressives gave all of us! Iceberg Louie Nov 2012 #7
Congratulations!!! sammytko Nov 2012 #8
Congratulations to you!!! Rosa Luxemburg Nov 2012 #9
Glad to have you back! tk2kewl Nov 2012 #10
Hell YES!!!! arcane1 Nov 2012 #11
Thany YOU! ProudProgressiveNow Nov 2012 #12
Congratulations, Alan! Doodler71 Nov 2012 #13
Congratulations! bigmonkey Nov 2012 #14
Thank you CONGRESSMAN Grayson. We've really missed your brand of fight on the floor the past 2 yrs. phleshdef Nov 2012 #15
Job well done Alan. Congrats! Lochloosa Nov 2012 #16
Your win must be extra sweet... mojitojoe Nov 2012 #17
Welcome back Alan! bunnies Nov 2012 #19
Congrats! RosedaleGuy Nov 2012 #20
Congratulations Alan Grayson! So glad you're in the House now.. Cha Nov 2012 #21
Congratulations and welcome back meow2u3 Nov 2012 #22
YEE HAW ALAN!!!! Skittles Nov 2012 #23
Glad you are going to working for us again. You are my straight talking kind of guy. lumpy Nov 2012 #24
Congratulations!!!! noiretextatique Nov 2012 #25
Congratulations! MyNameIsKhan Nov 2012 #26
Congratulations CONGRESSMAN Alan Grayson! ProfessionalLeftist Nov 2012 #27
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! cliffordu Nov 2012 #28
You're most welcome. Glad to help out. DFW Nov 2012 #29
Great Post as always! Melissa G Nov 2012 #30
You, sir, are the f***ing man. byronius Nov 2012 #31
Thumbs up Congressman kwolf68 Nov 2012 #32
Congratulations and THANK YOU Maven Nov 2012 #33
You're welcome for contributing...and thank YOU ejbr Nov 2012 #34
Alan is the man! adieu Nov 2012 #35
Welcome back, Congressman Grayson Dont call me Shirley Nov 2012 #36
Bravo Alan. Worth every dollar I sent you. bemildred Nov 2012 #37
Congratulations...Welcome back, Congressman Grayson. libdem4life Nov 2012 #38
It's good to have you back! Lugnut Nov 2012 #39
Give 'em hell Alan! Snarkoleptic Nov 2012 #40
Congratulations Congressman! JNelson6563 Nov 2012 #41
Congrats! Tommy_Carcetti Nov 2012 #42
Congratulations - and, many happy returns to Congress NewJeffCT Nov 2012 #43
It's great to have you back Alan!!!!! samsingh Nov 2012 #44
Sorry I didn't take your calls. But I gave money. Congratulations to us all!! SleeplessinSoCal Nov 2012 #45
Fantastic win, Alan! DemoTex Nov 2012 #46
Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! Roland99 Nov 2012 #47
Congratulations... truebrit71 Nov 2012 #48
Congratulations Alan! wysi Nov 2012 #49
Good to have you back, Rep. Grayson! Canuckistanian Nov 2012 #50
Thank you for pushing all of the other progressive candidates at the same time. freshwest Nov 2012 #51
Alan is a CHAMPION for the struggling and less fortunate..HE'S BACK..YEAHHHHH!!!!! tokenlib Nov 2012 #52
Mazel Tov! garthranzz Nov 2012 #53
Salutations! ReRe Nov 2012 #54
Congratulations and well done! peace frog Nov 2012 #55
Congratulations! Thank you for your passion and championing everyday people. VespertineIconoclast Nov 2012 #56
Congrats. I hope it isnt so difficult in 2 years. nm rhett o rick Nov 2012 #57
Heard you on Stephanie Miller, you are a funny guy Iliyah Nov 2012 #59
Never let go!!! Never give up!!! tomm2thumbs Nov 2012 #60
I was SO HAPPY TO see you WON!!! beachgirl2365 Nov 2012 #61
Congratulations! Tanta Nov 2012 #62
Congratulations Congressman Grayson! mountain grammy Nov 2012 #63
Shalom, Mr. Grayson Harry_Scrote Nov 2012 #64
Glad to see you back Alan. You were sorely missed over the last two years. Monk06 Nov 2012 #66
How wonderful to see you back in the House-- Jackpine Radical Nov 2012 #67
So happy to have you back ornotna Nov 2012 #68
Super! I was so glad you won. Now...get to work! Ha! snappyturtle Nov 2012 #69
Great rtracey Nov 2012 #70
Congrats Congressman! BDavinciNY Nov 2012 #71
Back in Florida and SOOOOOO happy for your win! JCMach1 Nov 2012 #72
Wow, you're posting here? CONGRATULATIONS!!! How about some anti R ammo... rwsanders Nov 2012 #73
Congratulations!! Thrilled that you are back!! nt emmadoggy Nov 2012 #74
Thank You! Glad that you are back! Now go give them hell... april Nov 2012 #75
Your victory was the most exciting of the night! proud2BlibKansan Nov 2012 #76
Si glad that you made it, Alan! blondie58 Nov 2012 #77
Pleased to have helped, Congressman! bluedigger Nov 2012 #78
Give 'em hell, Congressman... awoke_in_2003 Nov 2012 #79
Can't wait to see you making Republican lives miserable in the House, Alan... Old and In the Way Nov 2012 #80
Proof real progressives texshelters Nov 2012 #81
Congratulations congressman Grayson! defacto7 Nov 2012 #82
Welcome back Congressman Grayson navarth Nov 2012 #83
congratulations, Congressman Grayson Alamuti Lotus Nov 2012 #84
Thank you ismnotwasm Nov 2012 #85
Congratulations!!! mrsadm Nov 2012 #86
Congrats! lyingsackofmitt Nov 2012 #87
Alan, you should get ready for a bigger run in 2016... kentuck Nov 2012 #88
Congratulations! We need you back and lots more like you! n/t Blaukraut Nov 2012 #89
Glad to see you back! Shankapotomus Nov 2012 #90
I really look forward to watching you represent us in the House. SalviaBlue Nov 2012 #91
Congratulations Congressman Grayson! It's GREAT to see you back!!! cal04 Nov 2012 #92
Awesome! blackspade Nov 2012 #93
Welcome back! rosesaylavee Nov 2012 #94
Congratulations, and welcome back. You are much appreciated. nolabear Nov 2012 #95
Congratulations on winning and making history!!! -Steph- Nov 2012 #96
I am soooooo looking forward to Grayson being back in the saddle! nt valerief Nov 2012 #97
Thank you for fighting back... zentrum Nov 2012 #98
So happy you are back! ca3799 Nov 2012 #99
Congratulations Alan The Wizard Nov 2012 #100
Mr. Grayson - You are my hero !! flying-skeleton Nov 2012 #101
Welcome Back to Our House!!!! Pachamama Nov 2012 #102
So happy for you -- and even more happy for us! Arugula Latte Nov 2012 #103
Congratulations Sir! Caeser67 Nov 2012 #104
The SIMPLE answer to the bogus debt crisis: Return to the tax rates of the Greatest Generation! grahamhgreen Nov 2012 #105
Bravo! TheAmbivalante Nov 2012 #106
Way to go, Mr. Grayson ProfessorPlum Nov 2012 #107
Congratulations! Owl Nov 2012 #108
Tweety just showed a clip of you siligut Nov 2012 #109
Congratulations, Congressman! DirkGently Nov 2012 #110
Grayson rso Nov 2012 #111
Awesome Alan! You remind of Truman's famous line: denverbill Nov 2012 #112
Champion of all true liberals! Lasher Nov 2012 #113
This is what happens when out-of-state SuperPACs aren't pouring $$$$ into your opponent's campaign KamaAina Nov 2012 #114
Love it! ellie Nov 2012 #115
Wheeeeeeeeeeee ! Grayson is in the HOUSE ! proud patriot Nov 2012 #116
Thank you Congressman Grayson. Cursive Nov 2012 #117
Good luck to you, sir Jack Rabbit Nov 2012 #118
No,no,no,no,no. Thank YOU!!!! tosh Nov 2012 #119
Look up Donnely before he gets corrupted by the DLC hootinholler Nov 2012 #120
that's friggin' nuts, who does that? trailmonkee Nov 2012 #121
Amazing! Congrats Congressman Grayson! Keep posting and reading on DU! Amonester Nov 2012 #122
Congressman Grayson chknltl Nov 2012 #123
Oh, I will recommend this, I will. Hissyspit Nov 2012 #124
Congrats man, knock em dead! ;) nt cecilfirefox Nov 2012 #125
You Jack Sprat Nov 2012 #126
You won, we'll have you over for dinner and drinks. DCKit Nov 2012 #127
Glad You're Back Congressman Grayson ffr Nov 2012 #128
Glad you won! Congrats! Little Star Nov 2012 #129
Whut I said in the other thread. DCKit Nov 2012 #130
No GOP rep will be able to sleep soundly for the next two years Danascot Nov 2012 #131
Woohooooo!!!! Sparkly Nov 2012 #132
You got one of the loudest whoops of the night here in western NC! tpsbmam Nov 2012 #133
Congrats on getting back to where you are needed, Congressman Grayson. Have you seen this poll? Turborama Nov 2012 #134
Sorry i only sent you $5 titaniumsalute Nov 2012 #135
Congratulations, Alan Spirochete Nov 2012 #136
Congratulations Alan! virgdem Nov 2012 #137
Happy to help Paulie Nov 2012 #139
Congratulations, Congressman. And welcome back MrScorpio Nov 2012 #140
Welcome back.nt Misskittycat Nov 2012 #141
Congratulations, Alan! Odin2005 Nov 2012 #142
The one good thing about the redistricting in Florida put me in Alan Grayson's new district. lovelyrita Nov 2012 #143
Great to have you back! Kick some ass on the floor please!!! n/t Digital Puppy Nov 2012 #144
Congrats! jzodda Nov 2012 #145
Willkommen zurück alan! !!!!!!! crunch60 Nov 2012 #146
Congratulations Representative Grayson Timbuk3 Nov 2012 #148
You were great on salinen Nov 2012 #149
Congratulations Congressman. GoneOffShore Nov 2012 #150
way to go Alan!!! politicaljack78 Nov 2012 #151
I was so excited to hear about this. Congratulations Rep. Grayson. Wonderful to have you back! juajen Nov 2012 #152
It's good to have you back! FourScore Nov 2012 #153
K&R!!! Congratulations, Congressman!!! Rhiannon12866 Nov 2012 #154
Congratulations Mr. Grayson Komiko Nov 2012 #155
So Happy to have you back Bluegene Nov 2012 #156
Congratulations on never giving up. You're uniquely honest and I can't wait to see you back on Stardust Nov 2012 #157
I am so glad you are back clydefrand Nov 2012 #158
You're welcome Alan, and thanks, for all you've done. AverageJoe90 Nov 2012 #159
Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled! October Nov 2012 #160
The time for a thing is when it happens. WheelWalker Nov 2012 #161
Good one for the history books !!!!! back where you belong!! lunasun Nov 2012 #162
You are an inspiration and a model for what all Dems should be Congressman Grayson ButterflyBlood Nov 2012 #163
If We Could Just Clone You Alan .. Wish You were my Rep YOHABLO Nov 2012 #164
I feel the same way and am counting it klebean Nov 2012 #165
I'm grateful to see you back in the House, Rep. Grayson! pacalo Nov 2012 #166
Welcome back, Alan Grayson! Brigid Nov 2012 #167
Speaking of "Courage." BobTheSubgenius Nov 2012 #168
Congrats to you!!! GetTheRightVote Nov 2012 #169
Alan Grayson Diclotican Nov 2012 #170
Can't wait to see a can of Grayson whoopass opened up on those House teabaggers! SunSeeker Nov 2012 #171
If anything makes me even more happy than Obama's victory, it's yours. Bette Noir Nov 2012 #172
Go get'um Alan! SoapBox Nov 2012 #173
They better fire up that O-machine for the next mid-term. NCLefty Nov 2012 #174
Congratulations! Outstanding News! 2banon Nov 2012 #175
Alan Grayson rocks!... JohnnyRingo Nov 2012 #176
I live in CA but have already declared myself an honorary LibDemAlways Nov 2012 #177
Congrats so happy to see you heading back Shilo Nov 2012 #178
Welcome back Alan outsideworld Nov 2012 #179
I feel so privileged that I got to see this. susanna Nov 2012 #180
Welcome back, Rep. Grayson! Surya Gayatri Nov 2012 #181
My saddest upset in 2010 - welcome back! flygal Nov 2012 #183
Show no quarter, Show No Mercy, Mr Grayson! Katashi_itto Nov 2012 #184
Your pals need to campaign on who wants to end Medicaid/Medicare etc. RedCloud Nov 2012 #185
Congratulations Congressman Grayson. tclambert Nov 2012 #186
I'm grinning and pleased as punch to have you back! lunatica Nov 2012 #187
Welcome back 90-percent Nov 2012 #188
I am sooooooo glad that you're back! Stellar Nov 2012 #189
Yes, as someone else said, give 'em hell, Mr. Grayson! closeupready Nov 2012 #190
Congratulations! myrna minx Nov 2012 #191
And only you could do it! RoccoR5955 Nov 2012 #192
Congratulations on your return to the House, Rep. Grayson!...nt SidDithers Nov 2012 #193
Congratulations Congressman Grayson NEOhiodemocrat Nov 2012 #194
I for one was Madmiddle Nov 2012 #195
Congratulations! ybbor Nov 2012 #196
Congratulations! And welcome back! highplainsdem Nov 2012 #197
Congratulations! nt msanthrope Nov 2012 #198
OH HELL YEAH!!! The People's Voice is back in the People's House!!!!!!!!!!!! paparush Nov 2012 #199
Congrats and so glad you are back in the House! nadine_mn Nov 2012 #200
GREAT BIG HONKIN' CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! MotherPetrie Nov 2012 #201
Alan, this is as big a deal as the presidency as far as I'm concerned Plucketeer Nov 2012 #202
A 21-donkey salute to you, Mr. Grayson! DinahMoeHum Nov 2012 #203
Congratulations Congressman , great to have your voice booming back !!! Historic NY Nov 2012 #204
Alan Grayson SamKnause Nov 2012 #205
Please don't ignore your DU account now that you're a big shot Doctor_J Nov 2012 #206
Fantastic matt819 Nov 2012 #208
Welcome back, Congressman! n/t LadyHawkAZ Nov 2012 #209
Congratulations! sickwidit Nov 2012 #210
To the saving grace of Florida and national politics, congratulations! ancianita Nov 2012 #211
KEEP THE FIRE BURNING! cynzke Nov 2012 #212
Congrats ceeRoy Nov 2012 #213
Welcome to texpatriot2004 Nov 2012 #228
Congratulations Glaisne Nov 2012 #214
Alan is "da man" SmittynMo Nov 2012 #215
Cheers, mate Blue_Tires Nov 2012 #216
Representative Grayson, we are thrilled to have you back in the Congress.....go get 'em! n/t Fla Dem Nov 2012 #217
Give them HELL Mr. Grayson. Hubert Flottz Nov 2012 #219
Congrats and many thanks! (nt) Kurovski Nov 2012 #220
You and Elizabeth Warren were the best news of the night! Progressives FTW harun Nov 2012 #221
Welcome back from California! R B Garr Nov 2012 #222
Former/Future, Congrats!!!! n/t davidwparker Nov 2012 #223
Welcome back, and I think you will find the Dems have grown a little backbone BlueStreak Nov 2012 #224
Thank you CONGRESSMAN Grayson!!! Laf.La.Dem. Nov 2012 #225
Welcome back to the fight Congressman JPK Nov 2012 #226
Glad to have you back Sivart Nov 2012 #227
Welcome back Congressman!!!!!!!!! mstinamotorcity2 Nov 2012 #229
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