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Any good businessperson knows C_U_L8R Nov 2016 #1
Indeed-- I can't see any serious business or stock market person wanting Trump Fast Walker 52 Nov 2016 #20
Exactly. Remember the mini recession when * ascended the throne through the SCOTUS. Markets tanked Hestia Nov 2016 #57
I work in the financial industry. I can confirm. Raster Nov 2016 #2
And yet... maddiemom Nov 2016 #14
The financial markets crave consistency and a touch of well-founded promise... Raster Nov 2016 #28
Enemies will spin, but stability is crucial to a healthy nation. Hortensis Nov 2016 #52
Trump Is Also A Paid Speaker erpowers Nov 2016 #78
Businesses worldwide are watching. Trump could possible bring a collapse of every market. tonyt53 Nov 2016 #3
I travel a lot for business... getagrip_already Nov 2016 #4
YEP Cosmocat Nov 2016 #19
I find in many groups Dems keep their thoughts to themselves. Trumpsters and Tea Baggers are Fla Dem Nov 2016 #38
I share your feelings about a lady I know as well. Divine Discontent Nov 2016 #48
Exactly. Political discrimination and partisan acting out Hortensis Nov 2016 #54
Living in one of the most liberal areas of CA, I'm not exposed to this, so moonscape Nov 2016 #66
The fact is Wall Street is very concerned about a trump presidency. The vast still_one Nov 2016 #5
this to me makes sense. barbtries Nov 2016 #6
it's not the educated, rational conservatives that are voting for Trump geek tragedy Nov 2016 #7
I'm sorry, but.... WillParkinson Nov 2016 #26
some smart people are dumbasses nt geek tragedy Nov 2016 #27
Trump's campaign is run by educated, rational people; LuvLoogie Nov 2016 #30
Went to high school with one of Trump's biggest backers. Lucky Luciano Nov 2016 #40
yep, they're educated, no disputing their ability to learn and recite lessons. I just think there Divine Discontent Nov 2016 #49
My financial advisor agrees Maeve Nov 2016 #8
I've been in contact with my financial guy about it. Paladin Nov 2016 #9
Would you like to share??? I have a 403b, a few homes. I'm sick over this. nt adigal Nov 2016 #11
I can't comment on your 403b, I can comment on your homes. SouthernProgressive Nov 2016 #21
I wanted to retire this year, but still work, just a different profession adigal Nov 2016 #23
Many of my investors are selling their homes this year. SouthernProgressive Nov 2016 #31
yeah, I've been thinking about that, but haven't since a Trump win is still unlikely Fast Walker 52 Nov 2016 #22
Figure on the markets crashing by Veterans Day if Trump wins jmowreader Nov 2016 #41
this is my best guess if Trump is elected elmac Nov 2016 #51
I for one will have sell orders in to convert everything to cash the next day if Trump wins mnhtnbb Nov 2016 #77
NO ONE knows what this nutjob would do!!! Not even his top "advisors" adigal Nov 2016 #10
drumph is simply ignorant and puerile BSdetect Nov 2016 #12
I am catching a distinct split between reality and what the news media is telling us. world wide wally Nov 2016 #13
It's not so much that they're in trump's pocket... Johnyawl Nov 2016 #18
Actually, they want to sell ads. That's why they want the eyeballs watching/listening. SharonAnn Nov 2016 #70
Trump, the GrOPers, and the M$M are in the same plutocratic pocket. Coyotl Nov 2016 #24
Recall 1992.... Wounded Bear Nov 2016 #15
If we jack up the top tax rate like we need to, and leave it there for a decent while Volaris Nov 2016 #42
The owner of my wife's company is conservative but anti-Trump. Ace Rothstein Nov 2016 #16
I work in finance. Trump is mostly loathed here. Lucky Luciano Nov 2016 #17
There is a reason corporate execs refuse to endorse Trump dalton99 Nov 2016 #25
Yep. We know a multi-millionaire family who are Repubs through and through. They use those very BlueCaliDem Nov 2016 #33
Hypocrisy is the GOP's Middle Name shopgirl Nov 2016 #43
All these money people STILL only have one vote each.. annabanana Nov 2016 #32
Corporate "people" are paralyzed InkAddict Nov 2016 #34
Markets hate unknowns and instability CajunBlazer Nov 2016 #36
I have heard this again and again through the years. Corporate America doesn't like uncertainty. calimary Nov 2016 #37
The status quo looks quite good compared to Trump's Fourth Reich./nt DemocratSinceBirth Nov 2016 #39
He's the KAOS candidate, and chaos isn't good for business Hekate Nov 2016 #45
they can say what they want but how will they vote dembotoz Nov 2016 #46
I wonder who they will end up voting for...or against. TrekLuver Nov 2016 #47
I posted a couple days ago that gold will shoot up 15% if he's elected on Tuesday. He will terrify Divine Discontent Nov 2016 #50
If Trump really made good on clamping down on free trade it would hurt big businesses a lot. hollowdweller Nov 2016 #53
Interesting. Just spoke with my planner this AM about the same topic.... northoftheborder Nov 2016 #56
I used to work on Wall St. Uncertainty is ... jg10003 Nov 2016 #58
Trump is bad for everyone IronLionZion Nov 2016 #59
About the Mexican Peso -- yes, a tight correlation with Hillary's poll numbers progree Nov 2016 #61
7 straight days of stock market losses - investors fear a Trump election. However, spooky3 Nov 2016 #62
Trump will do to the whirled economy what he did to Atlantic City gambling ChairmanAgnostic Nov 2016 #65
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