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arely staircase

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42. yeah the conservatives made liberal a bad word in the 80s
Mon Nov 7, 2016, 07:52 PM
Nov 2016

now they have done the same for 'conservative'. and now liberal and progessive are respectable.

You're describing the Democratic Party. We need something to challenge it from the left. nt Xipe Totec Nov 2016 #1
Rockefeller repulicans zipplewrath Nov 2016 #3
All they have to do is join the Democratic Party Xipe Totec Nov 2016 #7
There is? When only 11% think Obama, hardly the most liberal Dem, is too far to the right? whatthehey Nov 2016 #16
Mmmm ah... Xipe Totec Nov 2016 #18
On what grounds? whatthehey Nov 2016 #19
You first. Support your position. nt Xipe Totec Nov 2016 #20
OK. It's the average of the times the question has ben asked on this poll. Your turn. whatthehey Nov 2016 #24
Here's a specific example: health care Jim Lane Nov 2016 #47
Oh, I agree zipplewrath Nov 2016 #27
lol. nt arely staircase Nov 2016 #4
Yep. stopbush Nov 2016 #12
There are no sane conservatives. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #2
There are in other countries and we used to have them here. arely staircase Nov 2016 #5
He also signed the bill creating OSHA. Imagine a repubican doing something like madinmaryland Nov 2016 #37
+1 nt arely staircase Nov 2016 #41
Well, the word has been tainted, that's for sure jberryhill Nov 2016 #11
yeah the conservatives made liberal a bad word in the 80s arely staircase Nov 2016 #42
OTOH, if the Republican party got more sane and moderate... thesquanderer Nov 2016 #15
well sure arely staircase Nov 2016 #22
Talk to the Republicans. Tell them to get sane and moderate, pronto. (n/t) Iggo Nov 2016 #25
There will more than likely never be another Repulican president ever again inwiththenew Nov 2016 #28
I don't see how they elect another president in their current ideological form. arely staircase Nov 2016 #31
Suits me. Let us know if one ever shows up. (nt) Paladin Nov 2016 #29
Might not be in our lifetimes. nt arely staircase Nov 2016 #33
I doubt it, as well. Paladin Nov 2016 #36
Sounds like a "Third Way". nt JustABozoOnThisBus Nov 2016 #30
I doubt the right wing of the Democratic Party is sufficiently conservative arely staircase Nov 2016 #32
Maybe the Third Way, Libertarians and Greens can get together and form their own party. Rex Nov 2016 #34
I don't see Humpty Dumpty being reasembled ever. nt arely staircase Nov 2016 #39
As I see it, with an unstable GOP or a GOP that moves to the right, those who are conservative... yawnmaster Nov 2016 #35
I agree. All democracies need a SANE LOYAL opposition. LAS14 Nov 2016 #38
and that is my point. not that I would ever vote for even the sane, science accepting GOPers arely staircase Nov 2016 #40
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