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Mc Mike

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57. Alternatively to your 'preserving confidence' idea
Sat Nov 19, 2016, 09:11 AM
Nov 2016

In this system we live under, the President who we elect is not the top power in the land, but is instead at the top of the servant class for the actual power groups. The top power is the 8 financial groups laid out in James Stewart Martin's book All Honorable Men. They are: Mellon, Morgan, DuPont, Rockefeller, Kuhn-Loeb, the Cleveland group, the Chicago group, and the Boston group.

Those people own all the mass media outlets in the country via the media ownership consolidation laid out by FAIR and Project Censored. They own all the opinion polling companies, which are chock full of repug connections. They're the actual owners behind the repug owned and controlled electronic voting machine companies.

We won in '06, '08, '12 because the virulent repug elements in that big 8 saw the extremely high level of revulsion Americans felt towards them -- a revulsion that their fascistic and corrupt repug party servant class created -- and knew they couldn't get away with a steal. So they settled for a shave in Dem support numbers. We win when our candidates can overcome the lying propagandic messages from the media controlled by the power groups, and those groups monitor actual public opinion and see 80-90% actual public displeasure with their repug party servants and goals.

The winning candidates staff up their administrations with appointees who represent the different members of the big 8's interests, represent the coalition of certain elements within that big 8 who backed the winner. The 8 aren't monolithic, they operate against each other, and each individual one of the big 8 has factions within them that disagree internally.

Occasionally, you'll see a cabinet level shake up in a presidential admin, where someone resigns or gets forced out. Li'l bush's Treasury Sec Paul O'Neill came from Alcoa (a Mellon man), was forced out and wrote a tell-all book about li'l bush. He was replaced by John Snow from the railway industry (a Rockefeller man). That was a loss for the Mellon faction, but a few weeks after O'Neill's last day, Tom Ridge was named as first Cabinet Level Sec of Homeland Security. Ridge came from the Mellon's hometown, and had run the Mellon's home state as gov.

Huey Long ran as a Depression-era populist, since his assassination he's been slammed as a dangerous proto-fascist demagogue. But in his stump speeches he regularly named Morgan, Mellon, and Rockefeller as the main enemies of the people who's votes he was trying to get. After he was murdered, a bunch of right wing liars tried to pin the assassination on 'FDR bumping off the competition'. But one of Huey's aides, Sidney Songy, made open claims that a group from Standard Oil (Rockefeller) was actually behind Long's murder.

Thanks for your post, big m. I enjoyed reading it.

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