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2016 Postmortem

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Fri Nov 25, 2016, 07:04 PM Nov 2016

First OP since the election..."Fool me once, shame on you... [View all]

"...Fool me twice..."

I am still shell shocked over the election. I'm having trouble speaking to and forgiving people I know who likely voted for Trump. I doubt many of those relationships can be salvaged. I can't even hear these people out, "I voted for him, but I am certainly NOT a racist/bigot/sex abuser..." Whatever, you are what you vote for. Own THAT, sit with THAT, and then maybe we can talk.

But, as an early Obama primary supporter in 2008 and a fervent Sanders supporter this year, there's a particular pain in realizing the slow-motion train wreck I've been dreading for more than 8 years has finally happened. And it was just as brutal and horrific as I was fearing.

You are more than welcome to check my posts from 8 years ago, but I supported Obama early in 2008 because I witnessed, and understood first-hand, the visceral hatred of Hillary Clinton amongst the white working class of Michigan. I never felt comfortable in her ability to win this region in a general election, which is a big reason I again supported her rival this year.

Therein lies the frustration and anger...if I could see it, then how in the hell could the Democratic Party not have? And if they did realize Hillary's weakness in the rust belt, then why on God's green earth did they work so hard to sabotage a candidate that was compelling here? To secure their own influence and futures is the answer I'm left with.

And how does Hillary not campaign in WI once in the general election after being so soundly beaten there in the primaries? The arrogance of that decision in particular is astounding.

We can complain about Putin and Comey, and sure, their influence in this election is bullshit, and I am utterly baffled that Washington is not (metaphorically) burning over it.

But, if we cannot reconcile the fatal mistakes that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party brazenly committed not once, but twice, and with intent, then this party will never achieve a majority again.

Enthusiasm matters, the Midwest matters, populism matters, distance from Wall Street matters. Recognize this now, finally, or fade into obscurity.

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Thank you for articulating many of my same thoughts. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2016 #1
THANK YOU! 'I supported Obama early in 2008 because I witnessed, and understood first-hand, elleng Nov 2016 #2
Why didn't the super delegates see it as well? Punkingal Nov 2016 #3
Because they are their own electorates. Barack_America Nov 2016 #7
When some of them voted opposite their states... TCJ70 Nov 2016 #25
The superdelegates KNEW that Bernie would NEVER win a general election NoGoodNamesLeft Nov 2016 #35
They also KNEW Hillary would win...how'd that work out? /nt TCJ70 Nov 2016 #40
This election is a death wish come true for me... MyNameIsKhan Nov 2016 #4
A question: guillaumeb Nov 2016 #5
It's not something that is easily explained... Barack_America Nov 2016 #6
So does "it" reduce to misogyny? guillaumeb Nov 2016 #9
It certain reduces to that, but there is something else there too... Barack_America Nov 2016 #11
Nicely put. And agreed. eom guillaumeb Nov 2016 #13
Exactly, it has nothing to do with policy. Garrett78 Nov 2016 #29
Let me try. Obama had none of her baggage, was way more likable, and was a much better campaigner mtnsnake Nov 2016 #8
All about the messenger rather than the message? guillaumeb Nov 2016 #10
It must be pointed out that Obama ran prior to the Shelby County v. Holder decision. Garrett78 Nov 2016 #30
I agree, to some people, Hillary was fatally flawed Fast Walker 52 Nov 2016 #12
I disagree that Hillary was our best shot. I think she was the most vulnerable of all our candidates mtnsnake Nov 2016 #14
Bernie vs Trump would have been really interesting Fast Walker 52 Nov 2016 #15
Yes, for sure the GOP would have labeled him a Commie immediately mtnsnake Nov 2016 #16
Republicans were ready to go after Bernie. LisaL Nov 2016 #17
I am grateful for the opportunity to respond to your post. Barack_America Nov 2016 #18
It's certainly possible! I think it would have been a great and better debate than what we had... Fast Walker 52 Nov 2016 #23
Yet another liquid diamond Nov 2016 #19
He won Michigan and Wisconsin. Barack_America Nov 2016 #20
Yet he lost PA, VA, OH, NC, FL, NV. SaschaHM Nov 2016 #22
"Did you expect the millions of more people that went for Hillary to just fall in line" TCJ70 Nov 2016 #24
I love how they assume that everyone that supported Hillary during the primary would have come out.. SaschaHM Nov 2016 #21
Spot on Lotusflower70 Nov 2016 #26
No Visits To Wisconsin SoCalMusicLover Nov 2016 #32
Mind boggling Lotusflower70 Nov 2016 #34
I brought up that exact same thing here today SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2016 #37
It may sound like ageism on my part but I think we need to rid ourselves of the oldsters. randome Nov 2016 #27
While Hillary had her issues with appealing to some voters, Bernie had far bigger issues... NoGoodNamesLeft Nov 2016 #28
You are spot on! Enthusiasm, populist economics, rural America, and fighting the oligarchy WINS!!! RBInMaine Nov 2016 #31
Nothing Clinton ever did was good enough. joshcryer Nov 2016 #33
I think so too, I think they were unwinable for her... Barack_America Nov 2016 #36
She won four million more votes in the primary. joshcryer Nov 2016 #38
Bullshit, if she had been campaigning in the area the whole time instead of a last ditch reaction TheKentuckian Nov 2016 #39
Why do you think the "white working class" doesn't like Hillary? DanTex Nov 2016 #41
See post #11. Barack_America Nov 2016 #43
Agreed 100%. Wisconsin resident here and it was obvious to me as well Arazi Nov 2016 #42
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