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44. I am not arguing about that at all. But there are other ways to
Mon Jan 2, 2017, 05:29 PM
Jan 2017

To fight climate change that will give us more bang for our buck. I just think we need to have louder voices in this matter if we want to see any lasting changes. And one of the best ways is to be visible with our wallets and what we give credence to (ratings DO matter).

Got it... will do! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2017 #1
We have the International Channels GP6971 Jan 2017 #2
Interesting idea. We have 4 TVs. 3catwoman3 Jan 2017 #3
What? Are you serious? SCantiGOP Jan 2017 #4
If you have a cable box or a smart TV then "they" know what you are watching. jg10003 Jan 2017 #11
That's not how ratings and viewership are determined. Goblinmonger Jan 2017 #49
Nowadays, DVR viewing, TV on demand, and online /app viewing is included in ratings. ecstatic Jan 2017 #58
Are you part of the Neilson ratings family? progressoid Jan 2017 #5
Personally..... Jacob Boehme Jan 2017 #6
oh boy Afromania Jan 2017 #7
Me too. But don't forget the "We the People" Concert in Miami on Jan 20th... iluvtennis Jan 2017 #17
Isn't that the one act Trump was able to book for the inaugural gala? lapucelle Jan 2017 #29
Actually, i think that they are one of the acts at the inaugural CentralMass Jan 2017 #53
I recommend a comedy binge-watch. Ken Burch Jan 2017 #8
TCM - Turner Classic Movies is a good stop for your remote too. nt TeamPooka Jan 2017 #9
TCM is the best thing on TV, IMHO jg10003 Jan 2017 #12
I'm with you Ghost of Tom Joad Jan 2017 #60
Just for the sake of truthiness, it's not an inauguration. madamesilverspurs Jan 2017 #10
ewwww trc Jan 2017 #13
Someone suggested "inorguration" for "ignore the inaguration' csziggy Jan 2017 #16
Are there any Obama shows that day? Doreen Jan 2017 #14
I don't have American television in Asia. So it wouldn't matter what I did. Feeling the Bern Jan 2017 #15
well its not much I know but think of it as one small step for man...one giant step for..peoplekind msongs Jan 2017 #18
i'll be in DC for the womens march the next day. barbtries Jan 2017 #19
So jealous. Would love to be a part of this history, but sadly, I am working. AgadorSparticus Jan 2017 #40
i'll try barbtries Jan 2017 #43
Have fun, stay safe, and represent! AgadorSparticus Jan 2017 #45
thanks AgadorSparticus! barbtries Jan 2017 #47
I'm in!! C Moon Jan 2017 #20
Mine's always on ID, PBS, or the Food Channel anyway. sinkingfeeling Jan 2017 #21
So watching Animal Planet is a protest but turning your tv off is not? HoneyBadger Jan 2017 #22
Exaggerate much?? It's only for a couple hours. Don't turn that box on for another week if it makes AgadorSparticus Jan 2017 #41
Every little bit matters HoneyBadger Jan 2017 #42
I am not arguing about that at all. But there are other ways to AgadorSparticus Jan 2017 #44
Great idea. He will definitely check the ratings. Vinca Jan 2017 #23
Right. Some mysterious "they" is monitoring every tv in the US. cwydro Jan 2017 #24
That's not how ratings work. nt B2G Jan 2017 #25
Forget it, they're rolling. progressoid Jan 2017 #32
Tennis Channel--Aus Open should be on around then. spooky3 Jan 2017 #26
Watch it, take notes of any sponsors, retaliate. randr Jan 2017 #27
Nobody cares, unless... Mike Nelson Jan 2017 #28
I don't have cable so I can't do this. old guy Jan 2017 #30
KNR AgadorSparticus Jan 2017 #31
I predict... teezy Jan 2017 #33
Exhibit A in the case of "Misunderstanding how ratings work." FSogol Jan 2017 #34
I know. This is just silly. cwydro Jan 2017 #38
hallmark movies, and hallmark moves and mysteries is my choice. niyad Jan 2017 #35
If I watch my TV, it is streaming on my ROKU LeftInTX Jan 2017 #36
While tuning your channel away from the inorgaration (love that!) won't affect Nielsen numbers SticksnStones Jan 2017 #37
I want to hear the boos and hecklers, there will be some at this republicans 'day' Sunlei Jan 2017 #39
just leave the TV off Takket Jan 2017 #46
Any little thing to cheer us up. LAS14 Jan 2017 #48
That's not how any of this works - Snopes Hudba Jan 2017 #50
I plan on watching any channel.... chillfactor Jan 2017 #51
No problem here doing that. I cut them off on November 9th still_one Jan 2017 #52
Leave your TV off entirely. PoindexterOglethorpe Jan 2017 #54
Me too. tazkcmo Jan 2017 #56
If it sounds like bullshit it usually is.... Historic NY Jan 2017 #55
Thank you. cwydro Jan 2017 #61
Got it! blue cat Jan 2017 #57
I want to flip back and watch the demonstrations though. Vinca Jan 2017 #59
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