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Of course she did - and I started as a Bernie supporter. The media owns much of the outcome NRaleighLiberal Jan 2017 #1
Thanks for saying that! BlueMTexpat Jan 2017 #15
K & R ......agreed....nt Wounded Bear Jan 2017 #2
Yep. n/t Lucinda Jan 2017 #3
Hillary had to overcome numerous formidable obstacles Martin Eden Jan 2017 #4
Agree with each point. nt. NCTraveler Jan 2017 #5
Good analysis. nt. andym Jan 2017 #25
Money is essential as air HRC2020 Jan 2017 #47
Are you referring to Hillary's secret speeches to Wall Street bigwigs? Martin Eden Jan 2017 #48
Agreed-the Comey act of treason really hurt Gothmog Jan 2017 #6
Agreed. SharonAnn Jan 2017 #7
Yes she did mcar Jan 2017 #8
A great one, I think. Orsino Jan 2017 #9
I agree. yardwork Jan 2017 #10
Whenever you lose anything by a tiny bit Yupster Jan 2017 #11
Exactly. More people were given reason to vote than did. NCTraveler Jan 2017 #12
Post removed Post removed Jan 2017 #13
This is, without a doubt, the fault of RUSSIAN HACKING. 3 million does not lie. LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #14
It was a very close race zipplewrath Jan 2017 #16
I don't buy it. We should have been able to run a moldy ham dionysus Jan 2017 #17
Republicans had control of every level of government before and after November 8th Cosmocat Jan 2017 #18
Your numbers are right, but in presidential races at least, the last several dionysus Jan 2017 #19
Her "negatives" are the result of her running for POTUS Cosmocat Jan 2017 #22
I admit i don't really like hillary... but i don't have to. I didn't dionysus Jan 2017 #38
Your last point is a pet peeve of mine... Yurovsky Jan 2017 #42
he's an asshole and a bad businessman, but he knows how to appeal to people Fast Walker 52 Jan 2017 #28
Well, yes and no... he does appeal to people, certain people, by dionysus Jan 2017 #37
It may have been solid NobodyHere Jan 2017 #20
We should have worked outside influences harder like Trump. NCTraveler Jan 2017 #23
K&R betsuni Jan 2017 #21
It definitely was solid. She clearly learned from 2008. Tatiana Jan 2017 #24
Recommended. And also: guillaumeb Jan 2017 #26
She ran a solid campaign and so did Trump. andym Jan 2017 #27
I think the biggest mistake her campaign made--that we all made-- was believing the polls Fast Walker 52 Jan 2017 #29
Completely agree. Nt NCTraveler Jan 2017 #31
Trump is very good at what he does. HassleCat Jan 2017 #30
I still don't understand the math behind the EC votes. Rex Jan 2017 #32
All campaigns make mistakes, but IMO they handled the email "issue" very poorly MichMan Jan 2017 #33
Agreed. I suspect part of the reason for the poor response on that Lee-Lee Jan 2017 #36
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2017 #34
Not sure where I argued anything about Trump not being President Elect. NCTraveler Jan 2017 #35
I don't think she did at all Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2017 #39
Solid campaign vs popular perception hurl Jan 2017 #40
she would have won, with ease, on a level playing field. Takket Jan 2017 #41
If there was a weakness is was complacency after the Access Hollywood video. aikoaiko Jan 2017 #43
I am not of the opinion she ran a flawless campaign. NCTraveler Jan 2017 #45
She lost to someone who had worse favorable ratings than Goldwater jfern Jan 2017 #44
Pretty shocking. NCTraveler Jan 2017 #46
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