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71. Bravo. Couldn't have been said better. I'll kick this OP until GE Day.
Fri Jul 24, 2015, 11:19 PM
Jul 2015

The "dynasty" issue is the bad penny that keeps coming back.

It must be hard for some people to see the Clintons got an education, worked hard to get where Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #1
Drive, ambition and knowledge, used to be good qualities Sheepshank Jul 2015 #61
Yes, she isn't a one trick pony show. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #62
If a Kennedy or Clinton were running on LWolf Jul 2015 #2
And the last Kennedy to run for POTUS was Ted. 35 years ago. hifiguy Jul 2015 #91
Sanders has positions, true, but a sparse record of achievement George II Jul 2015 #95
His record of achievements LWolf Jul 2015 #103
The last Clinton elected president was in 1996 LordGlenconner Jul 2015 #3
And, besides that, LG.. It's sexist and demagogical. Hillary is her own person.. she's not Cha Jul 2015 #74
And has her own impressive list of achievements George II Jul 2015 #96
Yes, very much so.. thank you, George. Cha Jul 2015 #99
Not only all that which is all true, but she could divorce Bill OKNancy Jul 2015 #4
Sorry. Not a valid comparison. She would always be know as the Cleita Jul 2015 #7
so, she is not related. I true dynasty means a relation OKNancy Jul 2015 #20
She will never be Madam President. She has too much baggage Cleita Jul 2015 #23
bookmarking OKNancy Jul 2015 #24
"Facts are stubborn things..." DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #40
Dynasties are passed on parent to child Sheepshank Jul 2015 #63
He would not be President treestar Jul 2015 #112
that's a good comeback restorefreedom Jul 2015 #11
If she hadn't been married to a president artislife Jul 2015 #54
If Bill hadn't been married to Hillary he may never have been President. We will never know. Metric System Jul 2015 #57
We didn't elect her first. artislife Jul 2015 #58
lol! Really? HappyMe Jul 2015 #59
You have no idea the extent to which she made him a better poltician dsc Jul 2015 #68
It's a wonder how progressives are so dismissive LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #73
another desperate attempt spqr78 Jul 2015 #82
Not that their policies are similar dsc Jul 2015 #85
I don't doubt that. spqr78 Jul 2015 #86
When he lost his first bid for Governor, it was Hillary who convinced him to run again and was his Metric System Jul 2015 #79
But if Michelle ran for senator artislife Jul 2015 #97
So what do you think of kids of famous people getting jobs over Cleita Jul 2015 #5
Jackie hated public life with the intensity of a million suns especially after her husband was dsc Jul 2015 #9
My point is that she wouldn't be a public figure except for Bill. Cleita Jul 2015 #14
frankly if you take out the sexism of the 70's dsc Jul 2015 #16
In the times when we had royalty, the queen had to be as well Cleita Jul 2015 #22
running the state department isn't executive experience? dsc Jul 2015 #25
True. spqr78 Jul 2015 #83
Sometimes they had to marry their brothers but I'm not suggesting that either. Cleita Jul 2015 #84
If a sister marries her brother... spqr78 Jul 2015 #88
Such bull LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #30
that's bs JI7 Jul 2015 #37
I agree with the OP Martin Eden Jul 2015 #6
well said. daybranch Jul 2015 #19
Thanks Martin Eden Jul 2015 #26
My feelings exactly! Thank You...nt abakan Jul 2015 #50
well said. spqr78 Jul 2015 #94
Teddy Roosevelt was FDR's 5th cousin (once or twice removed); he was Eleanor's uncle. dflprincess Jul 2015 #102
You are correct Martin Eden Jul 2015 #110
Your first assumption is false and the rest is immaterial whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #8
So was FDR. LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #32
I don't see privilege as whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #36
Can America become a kibbutz? Adopt the Amish model? LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #72
you've got it backwards spqr78 Jul 2015 #98
So the President is like a Porterhouse? LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #101
no, but the last several presidents have been liars and thieves. spqr78 Jul 2015 #108
We all hear about how congress has a single-digit approval rating. LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #116
Some struggle to see a woman doing the same job her husband did ... and not ... JoePhilly Jul 2015 #10
This.The double standard is practically slapping the sufrommich Jul 2015 #12
Dynasty would apply to the Bush family whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #13
So a former Senator and SecState is unqualified to be President? JoePhilly Jul 2015 #18
Sure, she's qualified whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #33
But that is not nepotisim. JoePhilly Jul 2015 #38
Well... whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #41
those who see trouble with her '.. being able to be her own person. ' HFRN Jul 2015 #31
None of that has anything to do with "Dynasty". JoePhilly Jul 2015 #34
it was a direct response, to a direct quote of yours HFRN Jul 2015 #35
LOL ... lame. JoePhilly Jul 2015 #39
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service Tarheel_Dem Jul 2015 #44
'This is abuse of the system. ' HFRN Jul 2015 #70
.. Cha Jul 2015 #75
While I agree it's not germaine to the dynasty subject tazkcmo Jul 2015 #49
Good Post. bvar22 Jul 2015 #42
Did you even bother to see how each of those dollar amounts panned out? of course not.. Sheepshank Jul 2015 #66
At least some people were concerned SheilaT Jul 2015 #46
some of us are worried... spqr78 Jul 2015 #92
It's a dog whistle. It's exactly the same as the petty rumor sufrommich Jul 2015 #15
The dynasties that really need PATRICK Jul 2015 #17
I don't particularly care who the candidates are married to DemocraticWing Jul 2015 #21
Wal-Mart and Kissinger. spqr78 Jul 2015 #93
a·pol·o·gist HFRN Jul 2015 #27
... SidDithers Jul 2015 #113
... HFRN Jul 2015 #114
A simple dictionary.... quickesst Jul 2015 #28
Nice comparison of Jeb and Hillary. But those are not our only choices. djean111 Jul 2015 #29
"coronation" is also bullshit Lil Missy Jul 2015 #43
Good, accurate points made aintitfunny Jul 2015 #45
"Hillary's bona fides are unquestioned" oasis Jul 2015 #76
Dynasty or not. tazkcmo Jul 2015 #47
timing. spqr78 Jul 2015 #48
Does Bill Clinton become President without having met Hillary Rodham? LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #78
sexist? spqr78 Jul 2015 #87
Admit what(?) is true? LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #89
So much... spqr78 Jul 2015 #100
"Google: DLC, third way, centrist, New Democrat or Al From" LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #104
The subject, then... spqr78 Jul 2015 #106
Okay, I can deal with that. LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #107
Little ones in the morning!?!? spqr78 Jul 2015 #109
The Clintons as a Brand... LuvLoogie Jul 2015 #115
100% correct. Hillary Clinton is not a "dynasty" candidate... Mike Nelson Jul 2015 #51
Good post. Popcorn 51 Jul 2015 #52
I certainly can't speak for others but I don't care what or who the relatives of a person running... BlueJazz Jul 2015 #53
I don't consider the Clintons as a dynasty... however... MerryBlooms Jul 2015 #55
None of that means shit to me. HappyMe Jul 2015 #56
I am with LWolf on this ... A fine Oregonian is he .. Trajan Jul 2015 #60
Post removed Post removed Jul 2015 #64
wow calling a gay poster sissypants dsc Jul 2015 #65
Jury Results on the hidden post StevieM Jul 2015 #67
A couple of jurors (one who voted to hide it and one who voted to leave it) tblue37 Jul 2015 #69
Bravo. Couldn't have been said better. I'll kick this OP until GE Day. oasis Jul 2015 #71
... Scuba Jul 2015 #77
Yes how dare that bastard dsc Jul 2015 #80
regardless, I've had enough of Clintons and Bushes.... mike_c Jul 2015 #81
*this* Cleita Jul 2015 #90
She'd have plenty of her own baggage even if she'd never met Bill Clinton tularetom Jul 2015 #105
I agree, plus it is not a blood tie treestar Jul 2015 #111
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