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62. Noted: correlation between obscene language & your stress level
Mon Aug 3, 2015, 10:00 PM
Aug 2015

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That stress level you experience is not healthy. Concrete facts, such as numbers attending, venues, amounts charged to attend, etc., are just that - facts, not smears. If you were really comfortable with HRC's campaign style, you wouldn't get so upset, and you would be able to calmly, and without repeated use of the word "fucking" explain why you believe her campaign style is preferable to Bernie's. In fact, you would welcome the opportunity to do so.

You ask, further up thread, post 7, what the difference is between seeing Bernie "live" and seeing him on Youtube. Obviously, to many thousands of people, who go to his events with no expectation of actually talking with him, that difference is worth the effort for them to attend in person. Over the decades, I have gone to considerable effort to attend live performances/presentations/speeches of people who are politically/historically significant and/or whom I admire for their talents and accomplishments. I've been privileged to watch & hear, live & not recorded, Sam Rayburn, JFK, Bob Dole, Geraldine Ferarro, Bill Clinton, Walter Mondale, George W. Bush, Al Gore, Bob Casey, Tony Bennet, Luciano Pavorotti, Raul Julia, Bernadette Peters, Maggie Smith, Paul McCartney, James Galway, Liam Neeson, Yo-Yo Ma, Harry Belafonte, Barbra Streisand, Kenneth Branagh, Daniel Radcliffe, Juliette Moore, Bill Nighy, Antonio Banderas, Aidan Quinn, Brian Dennehy, David Strathairn, to name some.

I've seen photos of Mayan pyramids in central American jungles - and they in no way compared to the thrill of climbing several myself. I've seen videos of divers exploring sunken ships, but that is NOTHING compared to the thrill of wreck diving on the sunken WWII ships of Truk Lagoon. I've seen video of glaciers calving - but wow! the actual sound and sight of that phenomena at Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska. I was on the island of Montserrat for a week while its volcano was erupting - more than just seeing or hearing a video of it, there was the feel of the fine grit of ash covering every surface, and the acrid smell of sulphur. And living in Cocoa, Florida in the '60's, I got to watch many rocket launches, both daylight and at night from my back yard - plus one overwhelming experience watching a Saturn launch from the VIP guest section at Cape Kennedy.
And see, here's the thing (as Adrian Monk would say), once you've had one of these live, real life experiences, for the rest of your life, when you see a photo or video, or hear the recorded voice or musical performance of any one of those examples, you flash back to the excitement, the electric thrill of your actual, in person experience.

When it comes to really huge political rallies, there is a gestalt, a whole which is far more than the sum of its parts. The passion and excitement of such an evening can carry over to the rest of the campaign and beyond, and participants will treasure that.

Heheh... whatchamacallit Aug 2015 #1
I saw what you did there. :-) nt antigop Aug 2015 #2
Just a simple question to these events sadoldgirl Aug 2015 #3
The bigger question to me is why doesn't she meet onecaliberal Aug 2015 #33
Hollywood . orpupilofnature57 Aug 2015 #53
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2015 #4
it's too bad that David Cobb is speaking for Move to Amend at the same time... cascadiance Aug 2015 #5
NOTE: Move to Amend just moved David Cobb's speech to 2 PM!!! cascadiance Aug 2015 #20
I can't wait until after this happens and we can compare crowd diversities. nm rhett o rick Aug 2015 #6
I've seen quite a bit of concern over Bernie's crowd diversity here on DU. pa28 Aug 2015 #8
You can go to an arena of 13,000 and see a rock band too BainsBane Aug 2015 #7
I'd like to have a conversation with Hillary. Sadly, I don't have an extra $2700 right now. pa28 Aug 2015 #10
Me too. Don't think I'll celebrate becoming unemployed this Friday spending $2.7k... cascadiance Aug 2015 #13
She's been in Iowa and NH, other states as well BainsBane Aug 2015 #27
Listening is probably her best strategy going forward. pa28 Aug 2015 #29
. Motown_Johnny Aug 2015 #32
"Participants handpicked by HRC staff & fed topics dictated by HRC campaign". Divernan Aug 2015 #40
Really? "Spectator politics?" kenfrequed Aug 2015 #11
Why, in fact, bother to go? brooklynite Aug 2015 #14
I think we'd all like to CELEBRATE that others with money are the only ones... cascadiance Aug 2015 #17
If Clinton were drawing those crowds, they would understand it 100% arcane1 Aug 2015 #54
Hah... kenfrequed Aug 2015 #18
Well, I for one enjoy politics... brooklynite Aug 2015 #25
Well... kenfrequed Aug 2015 #26
Heh artislife Aug 2015 #57
All sniffy that the doors are open to the hoi polli, Brooklynite? Scootaloo Aug 2015 #55
Bahahahahaha! Fawke Em Aug 2015 #65
Don't pay it any attention, it is just more concern trolling. Rex Aug 2015 #16
"positively acknowledge them" BainsBane Aug 2015 #30
Wow. kenfrequed Aug 2015 #37
Noted: correlation between obscene language & your stress level Divernan Aug 2015 #62
This is vaguely familiar artislife Aug 2015 #47
Can't afford the Clinton entrance fee, huh BainsBane? Scootaloo Aug 2015 #52
It's different when you're encouraging small donors Ken Burch Aug 2015 #67
If there was any doubts which.... Fearless Aug 2015 #9
And is your issue the price of the event, or the notion that Clinton would attend a fundraiser? brooklynite Aug 2015 #12
Hmm.... I wonder how many people spending that kind of money work for Wall Street? cascadiance Aug 2015 #19
I don't... brooklynite Aug 2015 #22
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2015 #43
Yes, the market HAS done well under President Obama... brooklynite Aug 2015 #45
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2015 #48
Neither one. pa28 Aug 2015 #21
She doesn't have to, she chooses to. eom Qutzupalotl Aug 2015 #23
This is a big positive for Hillary. NCTraveler Aug 2015 #38
I will be feeling the Bern Pastiche423 Aug 2015 #15
It'll be fun. pa28 Aug 2015 #24
Oh fudgies. That's the day Buffy and I are having the toilet paper monogrammed. nt Buns_of_Fire Aug 2015 #28
As Old Money says about parvenues: "NOKD" Divernan Aug 2015 #36
Oh, that's the absolute pits. I'm having my Topsiders re-strung that day. Arugula Latte Aug 2015 #64
HRC's host: "trust fund baby born w/ platinum spoon in mouth." Divernan Aug 2015 #31
He also donated 50k to John Kitzhaber. The one who had to resign over corruption allegations. pa28 Aug 2015 #35
Kitzhaber's problems included deleting 1000s of emails.Sound familiar? Divernan Aug 2015 #39
To those who go... NCTraveler Aug 2015 #34
this dichotomy restorefreedom Aug 2015 #41
It's really just traditional party fundraising. Nothing new. pa28 Aug 2015 #44
i don't know if she can do anything restorefreedom Aug 2015 #61
I'm not sure if she ever knew how to connect with the rest of us Art_from_Ark Aug 2015 #68
I'm sorry I'll miss Bernie. LWolf Aug 2015 #42
I got this post from Seattle for Bernie about Portland artislife Aug 2015 #46
This is one time I'd be happy with Portland losing out. pa28 Aug 2015 #50
I don't think there is much of a "feud," in reality. Arugula Latte Aug 2015 #63
It is more good natured joshing artislife Aug 2015 #66
Now that the Sonics are the Thunder we can be freinds. Juicy_Bellows Aug 2015 #69
I think that's basketball (?) Arugula Latte Aug 2015 #72
Muffy & I play tennis with Win & Carol at the club olddots Aug 2015 #49
Win and Carol from Dunthorpe. pa28 Aug 2015 #56
Too bad the DNC doesn't use the oppurtunity for a Debate, I wonder if they'd Both be for that ? orpupilofnature57 Aug 2015 #51
Have you signed any of the petitions SamKnause Aug 2015 #58
If you've read my posts, it was rhetorical, but YES YES YES I have and do and will, I'm a Volunteer orpupilofnature57 Aug 2015 #59
I wasn't aware. SamKnause Aug 2015 #60
It takes money to win elections. Freddie Stubbs Aug 2015 #70
He obviously can't get too far away from her coattails since R B Garr Aug 2015 #71
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