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51. The economic justice thing for BLACK men was what was not acceptable in Memphis
Wed Aug 5, 2015, 02:23 PM
Aug 2015

What were the names of the two sanitation workers in Memphis that were killed?

Why were they in the malfunctioning garbage truck?

What was on the 'sign' the black men (1000 black men in Memphis) held - what did it say?

These three things should accompany the video

It wasn't until King got real pissed off about how black workers - state employees - not corporate or business - were getting treated - that he got killed.

Loeb, the white mayor of Memphis who entered office in January 1968 - refused to recognize the rights these men had that white sanitation workers had around America.

Refused to take dilapidated trucks out of service (the malfunctioning garbage truck Echole and Walker were hiding from the elements in. ***Note - they were not allowed to say - stand on a porch of a white owned home to hide from a rain storm. The color line remained even for those who were employees of a government. That's why they were in the back of the truck.

Refused the men overtime who worked late into the night.

Hundreds of HARD WORKING BLACK MEN who were employed by the city in the state of TN in the country USA relied on welfare and food stamps because their wages were so low.

Then Echole and Walker are killed - and get this: Their families were not given the same kind of workers comp that say - a white male city employee would received when killed on the job due to unsafe working conditions. Because they were black men though -can we just go on ahead and point out how uppity and racist the white folks were in Memphis? Good enough to pick up their garbage - yet disposable when working in inclement weather. You can't make this shit up - this is America. *sigh*

And that's where it came from.

Had the white leadership - elected leaders - of government treated their TAX payers and citizens fairly without regard to the color of their skin . . . had they treated them like men -

MLK would never have been on that balcony and he never would have gotten shot.

This is basic knowledge that black Americans are given to them by their parents because the white owned/managed public school system doesn't want white kids learning the truth about their grandparents.

Heaven forbid people are taught that those 1000 workers up against 4K armed national guardsmen were black folks. We'd need a helluva lot of smelling salts if this information got out.

Excellent! wendylaroux Aug 2015 #1
Divide and conquer ruffburr Aug 2015 #2
I don't agree or I don't think that explains all of it el_bryanto Aug 2015 #3
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2015 #9
sanders supported the 1994 crime bill JI7 Aug 2015 #14
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2015 #16
Yes, he did because TM99 Aug 2015 #47
"he did because it also included the COPS program and a violence against women act"? George II Aug 2015 #89
I have explained this several times for you TM99 Aug 2015 #126
Hillary speaks to the minority community, not at them. SonderWoman Aug 2015 #15
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2015 #17
its not Sanders who is the problem JI7 Aug 2015 #19
No he isn't, but.... Adrahil Aug 2015 #58
Really? How many times have we heard "I marched with MLK in 1963"? George II Aug 2015 #129
I never get tired of hearing that because in 1963 not many * Americans wanted to march with MLK Sunlei Aug 2015 #134
That makes no sense to anything I posted. SonderWoman Aug 2015 #20
Hillary thinks what the focus group of the moment AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #25
And thats the perfect way to put it. 7962 Aug 2015 #29
Not at all true. She speaks and listens with passion. SonderWoman Aug 2015 #31
She robotically repeats whatever her handlers tell her to say AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #35
She's been speaking to minority communities since the 90's. SonderWoman Aug 2015 #39
She will not talk about economics AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #41
She doesn't speak about economics? SonderWoman Aug 2015 #46
Because her economics are crap AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #50
Again, perhaps brush up a bit? SonderWoman Aug 2015 #55
Welcome to DU, SonderWoman! calimary Aug 2015 #87
agreed Skittles Aug 2015 #137
Welcome to DU.... BooScout Aug 2015 #111
Exactly what does talking at mean? Does it mean that if I disagree with you I am talking at you? jwirr Aug 2015 #60
Talking AT someone is ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #125
Drop the Mic. sheshe2 Aug 2015 #130
I have to laugh that someone insists you explain it to them.... bettyellen Aug 2015 #143
"It's obvious you are biased against her and won't listen to reason." bobbobbins01 Aug 2015 #64
Actually, I agree with SonderWoman. sheshe2 Aug 2015 #95
I do know what it is. bobbobbins01 Aug 2015 #139
Probably even earlier.....good observation on the bias, though. George II Aug 2015 #108
Handlers? BooScout Aug 2015 #104
Well then a lot of us are not seeing that passion. jwirr Aug 2015 #42
How does someone listen with passion? tularetom Aug 2015 #106
That idea is getting a little worn out. George II Aug 2015 #48
Especially since that idea has no factual basis. SonderWoman Aug 2015 #57
Links? NanceGreggs Aug 2015 #90
Goddess forbid, a woman is to stupid to speak for herself? WTF? sheshe2 Aug 2015 #97
Well, if you're waiting ... NanceGreggs Aug 2015 #102
Ha! sheshe2 Aug 2015 #115
Totally false....sounds good to the "masses", but totally false. George II Aug 2015 #93
What is the purpose of focus groups and how are they pulled together ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #123
IDK what it said, but MIRT removed that poster. Welcome to DU. n/t freshwest Aug 2015 #77
Hillary speaks to the minority community, not at them. AlbertCat Aug 2015 #21
My comment wasn't intended to be nefarious and certainly not right wing. SonderWoman Aug 2015 #30
None of the other candidates have been running for president since their husband was president. jwirr Aug 2015 #43
Possibly because they're all male. okasha Aug 2015 #112
Then she will 'graciously and enthusiastically' invite BLM onstage with her... AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #53
Most likely she will. She has already started outreach. SonderWoman Aug 2015 #56
She certainly did ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #80
I keep trying to explain this to people. Nice to see someone else give it a try.nt bravenak Aug 2015 #101
Washington Times is a right wing rag, FYI AgingAmerican Aug 2015 #85
Welcome to DU. sheshe2 Aug 2015 #131
So does Bernie. Ken Burch Aug 2015 #88
How disingenous was that? Accusing you of using a rw talking points when you say.. "Hillary Cha Aug 2015 #135
Like Dubya for the white community... there's a guy you could have a beer with. fbc Aug 2015 #28
You are probably better off ignoring some of these folks ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #79
As a brown Poc artislife Aug 2015 #82
That's nice ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #92
That's nice artislife Aug 2015 #96
Thank you ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #98
+1 George II Aug 2015 #100
+1 George II Aug 2015 #99
I said nothing about you....heh artislife Aug 2015 #105
Just want to say... Bobbie Jo Aug 2015 #124
My dear ism. sheshe2 Aug 2015 #132
Welcome to DU, SonderWoman! SunSeeker Aug 2015 #122
Welcome to DU SonderWoman William769 Aug 2015 #140
In many cases she avoids speaking to or at them... cascadiance Aug 2015 #141
^^^this. artislife Aug 2015 #4
Oh brother. Another white person telling us all about racism. Can hardly wait. n/t jtuck004 Aug 2015 #5
Thanks! hootinholler Aug 2015 #7
Nothing wrong with him having an opinion. White folks have had opinions for several hundred jtuck004 Aug 2015 #13
I think, just maybe, black people are not the target audience of this piece. Ed Suspicious Aug 2015 #22
Well then you need to avoid all politicians not just Bernie. Hillary has much to gain in this jwirr Aug 2015 #32
"then you need to avoid all politicians not just Bernie" > That's some sage advice right there.n/t jtuck004 Aug 2015 #40
Well is was your advice. jwirr Aug 2015 #61
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2015 #10
white people can't talk about race. AlbertCat Aug 2015 #23
And she was married to the First Black President. jwirr Aug 2015 #33
I used to cringe everytime I read that azurnoir Aug 2015 #67
Me to - especailly after the crime bills that passed back then. I will take President Obama over jwirr Aug 2015 #70
LMAO romanic Aug 2015 #86
Why? Bobbie Jo Aug 2015 #138
Did you even watch this video? Because if you did, you seem to 1monster Aug 2015 #11
The History of Racial Economic Inequality Zorra Aug 2015 #63
So very true... Zorra Aug 2015 #6
That's an interesting theory. Metric System Aug 2015 #8
Howard Zinn documented that very clearly. silverweb Aug 2015 #12
and it goes on to this very day rurallib Aug 2015 #18
Exactly. silverweb Aug 2015 #59
I've read it several times ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #71
Having read both these books, it's important to note how things intersect DemocraticWing Aug 2015 #142
WOW ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #24
Please enlighten me then. hootinholler Aug 2015 #36
There have been a lot of rocks dropped. Juicy_Bellows Aug 2015 #54
Damn, you hit the nail RIGHT on the head! George II Aug 2015 #110
whitesplained moobu2 Aug 2015 #26
You left out... winter is coming Aug 2015 #37
How does it feel to be a pawn? Android3.14 Aug 2015 #44
Please note Exhibit A Bobbie Jo Aug 2015 #45
thx for this, but ellennelle Aug 2015 #27
It is one part,and it is clearly used by TPTB, sadoldgirl Aug 2015 #34
I believe the current attacks on Black Lives Matter BainsBane Aug 2015 #38
But what do you know ... Your a woman! ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #62
You're DisgustipatedinCA Aug 2015 #118
Thank you for that important contribution to this sub-thread ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #128
Another one out of the ballpark ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #66
A great deal of truth here! JustAnotherGen Aug 2015 #68
Perfect!!!nt bravenak Aug 2015 #91
Thank you for this. okasha Aug 2015 #107
Your post will be ignored because you are a Hillary supporter. And that's a shame because it is Number23 Aug 2015 #119
Hillary or Sanders are far less important than Black Lives Matter BainsBane Aug 2015 #127
"Americans who seek an egalitarian society do not tell black activists to keep their mouths shut Cha Aug 2015 #136
Yep... WillyT Aug 2015 #49
The economic justice thing for BLACK men was what was not acceptable in Memphis JustAnotherGen Aug 2015 #51
great post JI7 Aug 2015 #69
I recommend this post nt ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #73
Who's kidding who. 'Get Ready For The Pain.' n/t freshwest Aug 2015 #81
^^^this. artislife Aug 2015 #83
BIG HUGE KICK for this post. Raine1967 Aug 2015 #84
If I can get to NJ, will you marry me? Yeah, I'm married and you're married but I think we can make Number23 Aug 2015 #116
Marking this thread for this post. bravenak Aug 2015 #120
So you got tired of the stolen ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #121
Thank you - this information is very powerful 99th_Monkey Aug 2015 #133
Make no mistake, this is real Scalded Nun Aug 2015 #52
Yep and "no easy thing" may be an understatement -nt- 99th_Monkey Aug 2015 #65
Interesting Cooke feels republicans and Democrats are the same ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #72
You picked up on that too? JustAnotherGen Aug 2015 #74
Well it's on his website so I cheated ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #75
I hear he metabolizes glucose too. He might even be a mammal. n/t Scootaloo Aug 2015 #76
?? ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #78
Anyone who says that is flat out trying to suppress the Dem vote. And full of shit. bettyellen Aug 2015 #144
The obvious answer to this is for everyone to join together in speaking out against racism. gollygee Aug 2015 #94
There are definite hints of that that younger DU'ers might not be clued into. KoKo Aug 2015 #103
What I take away from this and other OPs replies artislife Aug 2015 #109
I know....I see so much ANGST...that has gone before... KoKo Aug 2015 #113
It feels completely like being managed artislife Aug 2015 #114
Good for you getting to go to Bernie Event..."Keep Your Eyes on the Prize"... KoKo Aug 2015 #117
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