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36. There was a spontaneous protest at a non-Sanders event and then there was a planned "protest"
Wed Aug 19, 2015, 08:58 PM
Aug 2015

at a Clinton event that was published in advance and for which the protestors were too late to clear security.

Call it dishonest or whatever name you want, but they are not the same.

It's harder to confront Hillary Cali_Democrat Aug 2015 #1
Once in her presence, their demeanor said it all whatchamacallit Aug 2015 #4
Not all black people are the same Cali_Democrat Aug 2015 #5
Well that explains it whatchamacallit Aug 2015 #8
Bernie was disrespected? Cali_Democrat Aug 2015 #10
and Hillary? if she is 'disrespected' it will not be face to face in what could be called a public azurnoir Aug 2015 #12
Kid gloves like Queen Hillary got whatchamacallit Aug 2015 #13
I think the point is 'where is the parity?" 99th_Monkey Aug 2015 #14
And given all that, delivered a condescending, snarky response. Nt. Juicy_Bellows Aug 2015 #16
Interesting her turgid performance hasn't created a firestorm on Twitter whatchamacallit Aug 2015 #17
Indeed, hypocrisy fries my ham. Nt. Juicy_Bellows Aug 2015 #18
It fries my eggs JackInGreen Aug 2015 #25
Sounds good. Juicy_Bellows Aug 2015 #26
Oops--Self-removed. Sorry. I posted this reply to the wrong thread! nt tblue37 Aug 2015 #62
Well said. I watched your link. She hasn't changed at all. Thanks for posting it! Nt. Juicy_Bellows Aug 2015 #63
I see that you found it where I finally posted it it on the right thread and tblue37 Aug 2015 #64
It didn't sound bitter to me. passiveporcupine Aug 2015 #33
so don't compare them Doctor_J Aug 2015 #15
I wouldn't say dishonest, but I do think circumstances matter. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Aug 2015 #2
Just as long as they point out that personal hand as loudly as they yelled at Bernie daybranch Aug 2015 #50
Dishonest? GitRDun Aug 2015 #3
Well ... I'm sure that was an honest poor choice of words ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2015 #6
I call comparisons of apples and oranges dishonest . . . markpkessinger Aug 2015 #7
Lol not if you are honest about it. GitRDun Aug 2015 #9
By which measure you place yourself as the arbiter of which aspects are comparable. sibelian Aug 2015 #20
Not true GitRDun Aug 2015 #22
Fair response! sibelian Aug 2015 #23
Well Done, GitRDun Cha Aug 2015 #61
moreover Senator Sanders never had a chance to address #BLM in Seattle azurnoir Aug 2015 #11
Bull. He was on stage with them. He could have invited them to meet with him. He has a mouth. nt SunSeeker Aug 2015 #28
ummm ya lets watch the video ummkay azurnoir Aug 2015 #29
As the video shows, Bernie makes no effort to invite them to meet with him. SunSeeker Aug 2015 #40
the 2 women that took over the mic were not there for a dialogue azurnoir Aug 2015 #47
They refused to shake his hand jfern Aug 2015 #30
You don't need to shake hands to speak. nt SunSeeker Aug 2015 #31
If you watched the video jfern Aug 2015 #34
I did watch the video, several times. It confirms what I'm saying. nt SunSeeker Aug 2015 #41
They wanted nothing but trouble jfern Aug 2015 #49
BLM wants to end institutional racist violence. Your insults of their goals is offensive.nt SunSeeker Aug 2015 #55
Sanders meets with BLM people interested in jfern Aug 2015 #56
Bernie has met with no "BLM people." SunSeeker Aug 2015 #59
He hasn't met his National Press Secretary? jfern Aug 2015 #60
Meeting with his own press secretary is not meeting with BLM. SunSeeker Aug 2015 #65
This was not a Sanders event, he rightfully and respectfully deferred to the organizers. n/t slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #38
The event organizers did not prevent him from speaking with the protesters. nt SunSeeker Aug 2015 #42
They showed no indication they wanted to hear from him. Period. Comrade Grumpy Aug 2015 #44
He made no effort. Period. SunSeeker Aug 2015 #46
He was respectful as invited speaker, not sure what you wanted him to do? He tried to reach out ... slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #51
Simple--ASK them to meet with him. He did not try. nt SunSeeker Aug 2015 #53
They did not tweet hours in advance that they planned to 'disrupt' him as they did with Clinton ... slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #57
I suggest you watch the NN video again. He had a short Q&A session jwirr Aug 2015 #43
"He is now working on setting up a meeting for a meeting with one of BLM's prominent leaders." SunSeeker Aug 2015 #45
The man has been associated with BLM since Ferguson MO - cannot jwirr Aug 2015 #48
Bernie has not met with BLM activists. SunSeeker Aug 2015 #54
You really need to look at his past before spouting current talking points ... slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #58
In some cases they are not valid; in others, they are dishonest. Zorra Aug 2015 #19
Exactly. Beginning with the assumption of guilt. sibelian Aug 2015 #21
Aren't Bernie supporters the only ones comparing though? SonderWoman Aug 2015 #24
Unless you count those saying Clinton was 'also' interrupted ... slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #37
No, she invited them to meet BainsBane Aug 2015 #27
Sanders has met with plenty of BLM activists jfern Aug 2015 #32
indeed, that's highly confusing stupidicus Aug 2015 #35
There was a spontaneous protest at a non-Sanders event and then there was a planned "protest" slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #36
Another comparison: At both NN and Seattle they screamed and yelled jwirr Aug 2015 #39
What would Clinton do if protestors had jumped on stage, moved closer to her while shouting ... slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #52
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