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Luminous Animal

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7. I do believe you've got that backwards.
Fri Oct 23, 2015, 06:25 PM
Oct 2015
Dylan Matthews: In 2007, you had some concerns about the immigration bill being weighed by the Senate, and voted against it. Now that the new Gang of Eight bill is out of committee, what do you make of it?

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Thanks for calling. Let me just say this. I'm a strong supporter of immigration reform, and of the need to provide a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants. I very strongly support the DREAM Act, and will continue to strongly support it. I very strongly believe, as someone who knows what's going on in the dairy industry in Vermont, that there's no question we need to create a status for immigrant workers in agriculture, and I think the committee is making good progress there.

My concerns are in regards to where we stand in terms of guest workers programs, made worse by amendments offered by Senator Hatch. What I do not support is, under the guise of immigrant reform, a process pushed by large corporations which results in more unemployment and lower wages for American workers.

Southern Poverty Law Conference - Close to Slavery: Guestworker Programs in the United States


Under the current H-2 program overseen by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), employers brought about 106,000 guestworkers into this country in 2011 — approximately 55,000 for agricultural work and another 51,000 for jobs in forestry, seafood processing, landscaping, construction and other non-agricultural industries.

But far from being treated like “guests,” these workers are systematically exploited and abused. Unlike U.S. citizens, guestworkers do not enjoy the most fundamental protection of a competitive labor market — the ability to change jobs if they are mistreated. Instead, they are bound to the employers who “import” them. If guestworkers complain about abuses, they face deportation, blacklisting or other retaliation.

Bound to a single employer and without access to legal resources, guestworkers are routinely:

Cheated out of wages

Forced to mortgage their futures to obtain low-wage, temporary jobs

Held virtually captive by employers or labor brokers who seize their documents

Subjected to human trafficking and debt servitude

Forced to live in squalid conditions

Denied medical benefits for on-the-job injuries.

Bernie seems to be getting the moniker azmom Oct 2015 #1
cute. nt artislife Oct 2015 #11
:) Bread and Circus Oct 2015 #2
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Oct 2015 #3
Didn't Bernie vote against immigration? JaneyVee Oct 2015 #4
Ask Vargus, ask him why he has joined Bernie's campaign. He certainly has been writing about his sabrina 1 Oct 2015 #5
He voted against a pathway to citizenship... NCTraveler Oct 2015 #6
I do believe you've got that backwards. Luminous Animal Oct 2015 #7
Thank you for that, I am SO tired of that idiotic meme. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #10
De nada. Luminous Animal Oct 2015 #13
I second that tblue Oct 2015 #22
Because they don't like the facts. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #25
There sure are lots of idiotic memes floating around, aren't there? Art_from_Ark Oct 2015 #24
Swift boating Bernie - it's all some HC supporters care about. beam me up scottie Oct 2015 #26
Thanks for that. People who care about the issues care about the truth, first. delrem Oct 2015 #15
Great response to utter nonsense. Thanks. n/t bvf Oct 2015 #20
Not entirely. IN 2007, Bernie did vote against comprehensive immigration reform, while Hillary still_one Oct 2015 #28
Did you just pick a random point bvf Oct 2015 #30
No. I went to the site "on the issues" to see how various representatives were on certain issues. still_one Oct 2015 #32
Here are the exact voting records for Bernie and Hillary still_one Oct 2015 #27
Yes. Because of the guest worker provions which SPLC definges as "close to slavery" Luminous Animal Oct 2015 #8
Isn't he the one who said they would send the border children back? artislife Oct 2015 #12
No big surprises, huh? Scootaloo Oct 2015 #18
No, he voted against a bill that provided for near-slave labor. Scootaloo Oct 2015 #17
Bernie Sanders contrata al ‘dreamer’ César Vargas como parte de su campaña Luminous Animal Oct 2015 #9
Kick. Luminous Animal Oct 2015 #14
For those that say Sanders voted against immigration, need to educate themselves Truprogressive85 Oct 2015 #16
And it was Hillary who favored deporting the child refugees from Central America. jfern Oct 2015 #19
Bingo Truprogressive85 Oct 2015 #21
Kick and R BeanMusical Oct 2015 #23
Kicked and recommended! Enthusiast Oct 2015 #29
My gawd, he must of been brainwashed davidpdx Oct 2015 #31
kick DianeK Oct 2015 #33
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