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Capt. Obvious

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51. I just did a little digging on this youth caucus
Fri Nov 20, 2015, 10:11 AM
Nov 2015

It actually has surprisingly accurate predictions for the following caucuses and elections.

Mock results

2014 results

Feel good about this Sanders supporters.

"Youth Caucus is open to all middle and high school students ..." NurseJackie Nov 2015 #1
Hillary was a youth activist for Goldwater before she could vote. Are you dismissing the political Luminous Animal Nov 2015 #5
What did that poster say to make you think they're dismissing the engagement of youth? nt Cali_Democrat Nov 2015 #27
Oh (*blink *blink) nothing. Luminous Animal Nov 2015 #29
Check's in the mail AgingAmerican Nov 2015 #36
I like these votes because they also reflect parents roguevalley Nov 2015 #9
Ditto elleng Nov 2015 #12
That's often what is forgotten rpannier Nov 2015 #24
How ironc for me. Fawke Em Nov 2015 #67
Young people in that age group usually vote as their parents would vote. This suggests JDPriestly Nov 2015 #35
Apparently not all counties participated, and adults NurseJackie Nov 2015 #41
LOL. JaneyVee Nov 2015 #2
So, Hillary's political activism as a youth is laughable? Luminous Animal Nov 2015 #6
as a Goldwater girl? probably roguevalley Nov 2015 #10
This arrogance by Hillary supporters is exactly what we saw in the run-up to Iowa in 2007. askew Nov 2015 #3
Shush RobertEarl Nov 2015 #4
You're right about that. elleng Nov 2015 #7
Indeed Trajan Nov 2015 #58
Remember run-up to 2004 In iowa Robbins Nov 2015 #8
Yes; I remember. elleng Nov 2015 #11
I was one of the people who came to Iowa and wore the orange hat and knocked on doors askew Nov 2015 #15
I live in a swing state, and I've got some interesting info here Ouray Nov 2015 #45
... SidDithers Nov 2015 #46
... Ouray Nov 2015 #47
That's what happened in 2008. They started late because they arrogantly thought they had askew Nov 2015 #60
...but what about her listening tour.....? nt artislife Nov 2015 #23
My kids took part in this tonight! emmadoggy Nov 2015 #13
I like that. I like how excited they are. rusty quoin Nov 2015 #14
Good for them. So jealous of all the fun political things Iowans get to do. We don't get any askew Nov 2015 #16
Yeah, we are pretty lucky. emmadoggy Nov 2015 #20
Thanks for the additional info. askew Nov 2015 #61
I figure it will be about March.... philosslayer Nov 2015 #17
!! Jack Rabbit Nov 2015 #18
Hillary supporters = who cares? They can't vote anyway Feeling the Bern Nov 2015 #19
Kick and R BeanMusical Nov 2015 #21
Thats it Baby!!!!! Duckfan Nov 2015 #22
Even in Iowa, haven't given the middle school demographic Skidmore Nov 2015 #57
Most of them wont be eligible to vote in 2016 or 2020 moobu2 Nov 2015 #25
Hillary wasn't able to vote for Goldwater. Didn't stop her from being an activist. Luminous Animal Nov 2015 #30
President Goldwater, I dont recall that one. moobu2 Nov 2015 #32
Actually most of them will be eligible in 2020 and only a few of the youngest will still be under Bluenorthwest Nov 2015 #53
Bernie is finally leading in a recent poll. Cali_Democrat Nov 2015 #26
NICE!!! LovingA2andMI Nov 2015 #28
I love our Yutes lovemydog Nov 2015 #31
What did you say, counselor??? elleng Nov 2015 #34
Interesting. blackspade Nov 2015 #33
My daughter is a junior and a lot of her older friends are also voting for Sanders. Luciferous Nov 2015 #43
Bernie's got it made if he was running for class president! DCBob Nov 2015 #37
To hear our "experts" speak Aerows Nov 2015 #38
MOM's showing here encourages me Recursion Nov 2015 #39
+1000 bigtree Nov 2015 #44
Contrary to what Hillary supporters are saying here, many of these kids will be old enough askew Nov 2015 #62
Something about a myth being busted hootinholler Nov 2015 #40
K&R for Bernie Sanders CountAllVotes Nov 2015 #42
Yeah...I "voted" for Carter in the 1980 election.... all us kids did..nt msanthrope Nov 2015 #48
Rand Paul claims victory! Capt. Obvious Nov 2015 #49
WHOA!!! 3rd place? Just like the 2008 caucus (falling behind Obama AND John Edwards)! bullwinkle428 Nov 2015 #50
I just did a little digging on this youth caucus Capt. Obvious Nov 2015 #51
Looks like the winners of the Iowa Caucuses will be Bernie and Rand Paul book_worm Nov 2015 #52
O'rly? Capt. Obvious Nov 2015 #55
K & R !!! WillyT Nov 2015 #54
If only middle school and high school students MineralMan Nov 2015 #56
Many of those kids will be old enough to vote in the caucuses. askew Nov 2015 #63
Actually NurseJackie Nov 2015 #66
I posted it Capt. Obvious Nov 2015 #72
Saw that. THIS is what Hillary's campaign knows, the people who are not being polled sabrina 1 Nov 2015 #59
Nice to see he has the middle school and HS vote locked up MaggieD Nov 2015 #64
In 1972, my grade school voted for George McGovern BainsBane Nov 2015 #65
Why are Hillary supporters youth shaming? pinebox Nov 2015 #68
Who is more likely to vote? Young or older people? caprichoso Nov 2015 #69
Hillary's campaign disregarded the youth vote in 2008 thinking they would never turn out for askew Nov 2015 #70
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Nov 2015 #71
Young wolves, show us your teeth. John Steinbeck Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2015 #73
K UglyGreed Nov 2015 #74
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